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  1. Ah_Yea says:

    Now’s that the middle east is going to burn, it’s the perfect time to buy defense industries stocks.
    Here are your top pics!

  2. noname says:

    McCullough instead of giving one historical timeline snippet, why not give a full historical timeline?

    Here is a good chronology and overview of U.S.-North Korean Nuclear and Missile Diplomacy.

    Here is a good chronology and overview of U.S-IRAN Nuclear Diplomacy.

  3. ± says:

    Totally awesome post. 21 years and nothing has changed.

    Actually I would have given the North Korea deal a better chance for success since they don’t follow a religion where it is codified (in the Qur’an) that you should actively seek to lie to the infidel. In the future when all the lies of the Iranians become clear, it was just them following the dictates of their holy book.

    Fuck all you R/D voting assholes¹. When it all comes falling down, you did it. You are the responsible ones. Don’t blame the ones you hired. You are the bosses and could have made a difference.

    ¹ young people are excused

  4. ± says:

    They can’t wait until it is clear that they lied to the infidel to get this deal (will be revealed after it is too late).

    Another potential angle is that it was always known (by our insiders) that this deal will be shot down and everyone is playing out their part magnificently.

    Whichever, there is no good ending to this. The Iranians already got their $11.9 B bribe and access to over $100B in sanctioned funds.

  5. Peppeddu says:

    Deja Vu? not really.

    Obama made it clear that if something looks fishy every sanction snaps back in place the way it is now.

    Looks like a no brainer to me.

    The only people who would be against to it are the ones who may benefit from the status quo or even another war.

    • Phil A. Minion says:

      “The only people who would be against to it are the ones who may benefit from the status quo or even another war.”

      Or maybe people who are not fond of having “Death to America” screamed into their face.

      • Peppeddu says:

        As long as they are not building any nuclear weapon who cares what they scream.
        If I wanna hear some good anti America propaganda I turn to North Korea, they are way funnier than the Iranians.

  6. bobbo, in point of fact says:

    Since atleast the Greeks fighting the Persians, the purpose of a peace treaty (without actually paying annual tribute or “taxation”) was to give time for the combatants to rearm and train another army.

    Yes, indeedy…nothing changes in the habit of man.

    Note— how WW4 will be fought.

    Note—I don’t believe Iran is a military challenge. They fought to a standstill many times over a 20 year period with Iraq. We beat Iraq in 3 days.

    Note—snap back doesn’t exist outside of homoerotic shower games.
    Note: Snap Back is for h

  7. ECA says:

    Yes its Jessie..
    but, get a hint here…

    Im sorry, but we didnt elect SMART people as our Representatives..
    Or for president..
    WE elected people who know how to Write stuff in such a way as to COVER their own butts, and show blame belongs to someone ELSE, because it would hurt the children..

  8. ± says:

    When this video was posted last Thursday there were 75,000+ views on youtube. Now there are 83,000+. I totally don’t get why there aren’t millions of views by now. It’s like no one cares anymore. This video more than any other method I can think of should convey the folly of this non-agreement.

  9. bobbo, as Captain Not So Obvious, but its there if you read enough says:

    War should be the last resort….not the first, second, or third.

    Treaties of this sort are worthwhile efforts all based on the inspection regime put in place. I haven’t bothered to look, but I’ll assume the North Korean effort to avoid war had an inspection regime of “Any time, any where” and it failed to stop “the best” Korea. Should USA have Nuked Best Korea the moment we discovered they had Nukes….ie..before they had delivery vehicles? A close judgement call made without the 30 year history of N Korea vowing to wipe S Korea or Japan from the map (or did they?==ha, ha==hard to stop rolling when one is “making an argument”)

    But here: in effect/reality there will be no inspection program and Iran has vowed to wipe Israel from the map AND they don’t even need a delivery vehicle (which they have) beyond a white Toyota truck.

    So…..the question is….. flush with having won a debate with USA and the Big 5 …. will Iran nuke Israel? I don’t know, but I have no strong reason to thing they won’t. Same with Korea.

    Anybody know: how many Nukes of the average size Korea and Iran have/will have does it take to trigger a nuclear winter? You know…one of those events so large that mere human beings can’t affect??

    So many routes to civilizations fall…… and we keep betting against the house. ……….. We came so close.

  10. GregAllen says:

    Clinton’s North Korea agreement worked.

    Then Bush abandoned it and North Korea got nukes.


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