A lawmaker in Huntington Park, California, has prompted outrage in the community after tapping two illegal immigrants to serve as commissioners on city advisory boards.

CBS Los Angeles reported that first-year City Councilman Jhonny Pineda, himself a documented immigrant to the United States, has appointed Francisco Medina to join the city’s health and education commission and Julian Zatarain to sit on the parks and recreation commission. The move makes Huntington Park the first city in the state to appoint illegal immigrants to city commissions.

indexPineda, who promised when running for his seat to create more opportunities for illegals, championed the city as one of “opportunity” and “hope.” The appointments were announced at a city council meeting Monday night, after which residents expressed outrage at the decision. “You only want to appoint these specific individuals, only two, because they’re your personal friends that worked on your campaign,” one individual said of Pineda. “Shame on you.”

Sandra Orozco, an activist in the community, explained that the move sends “the wrong message to other cities that you can be illegal, and you can come and work for a city.”

However, Pineda insisted that a city attorney approved the appointments and that a commissioner does not need to be a registered voter.

“We need to make sure that we bring everyone together to the table here in Huntington Park so that we can make sure we’re sharing the same vision,” the city councilman explained. California has become increasingly friendly to illegal immigrants in recent months. A law went into effect in January allowing the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to issue licenses to undocumented immigrant workers.

Fifty-two percent of all new driver’s licenses issued in the state of California thus far this year have been awarded to illegal immigrants.

  1. NewFormatSux says:

    What is loony about it? They are just undocumented Americans, to be corrected once amnesty is issued. It is you who are not welcome.

  2. bobbo, in point of fact says:

    Ha, ha. What a dismal state of affairs.

    I hope you don’t go all technical on me McCullough….but this looks like a real goat f*ck to me.

    In theory….. I can see appointing illegals to a commission on illegals, like appointing ex-cons to a commission on criminal reform. But in practical application, it breaks down.

    I’ll say this again: I think the evidence is clear that Republicans/Employers want the cheap labor of illegal immigrants and this is opposed by the Teaparty Faction and Social Conservatives (good on them!).

    I see the “argument” but not the facts that Dumbo’s support illegals for their votes. THEY don’t vote and many if not most voting Latinos are against illegal immigration.

    Anyone have any links?===Not to the argument, but to the supporting VOTING facts?

  3. Marc Pugner says:

    How does appointing foreign nationals to public office not qualify as “treason”?

    • Dumb Shit says:


      n. Violation of allegiance toward one’s country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one’s country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.

      n. A betrayal of trust or confidence.

      … Now that you know the definition of treason, can you see WHY no one is prosecuted? Because if anyone DID prosecute guilty people of treason we’d have to throw jerks like Hillary Clinton in jail RIGHT NOW!

  4. We really need a fence says:

    Any chance we could just throw California out of the Union?

    Or elect Trump and have him make Mexico build the fence and extend it up the coast to Oregon, Washington, or better yet, Canada?

  5. Dumb Shit says:

    I can just hear the leftists rational here AGAIN: “they’re (illegal aliens) only taking jobs that AMERICAN’S don’t want.”

    • bobbo, in point of fact says:

      You’ve never picked fruit or row crops.

      I am against immigration because it lowers wage rates to the point that only illegals will do it. Without illegals and immigration work status fraud….employers would have to pay enough to attract the natives…or build more robots which is only a timing issue.

      Illegals come here for jobs…………….FOR JOBS. Figure it out from there.

      • McCullough says:

        I have. Picked apples for 2 seasons in Virginia, paid by the bushel. In fact I have worked many jobs that only “illegals” will take.

        • bobbo, in point of fact says:

          There you go again. Acting as if the 1% exception obviates the 99% rule.

          …………..and after all that character building experience ((which I did specifically for that fact)) what did you go on to as a career and why?

          Did the hard work not being worth the low pay have anything to do with it?

          Did having other options have anything to do with it?

          McCullough…… I believe you. Now… what does your own unique personal experience got to do with the issue?

          Balance and context. What a concept…good to keep you grounded.

          ……………..Say McCullough………..what do you bet we basically agree on issues and their resolutions about 90% of the time but disagree on the why’s and wherefores to even greater degree?

          Or am I just spasmodically cheery?

          • McCullough says:

            During the Carter administration, we did what we had to do to eat. Welfare wasn’t in my vocabulary.

            “McCullough…… I believe you.”

            I’m so glad, me and my white privilege will sleep better tonight.

          • bobbo, in point of fact says:

            McCullough says:
            8/8/2015 at 5:41 pm

            During the Carter administration, we did what we had to do to eat. Welfare wasn’t in my vocabulary. //// So…you and/or your parents/family had choices? Seems to me if welfare was available to you, you should have taken it. Life is hard. No reason to wear sack cloth when an alternative is available.

            “McCullough…… I believe you.”

            I’m so glad, me and my white privilege will sleep better tonight. //// White Privilege. Still walking on that stone? Hmmm. …WP is about options available to you whether you choose them or not. So Yes….. sweet Prince, sleep soundly.

            To REcap: the issue was whether or not illegals are allowed as a matter of p ower because they will do jobs that legals will not. By inference, you are taking the position that is not true. Seems to me, that is a factual question? Saw a show a while back regarding row farmers in Georgia and they were going out of business because illegal farm workers were avoiding Georgia because of a new law, or new enforcement of the law against using them. The farmers said they couldn’t get any other workers.

            Much like your work history and mine, that could be an exception, or it could be representative.

            Exercise more than White Privilege. Does common sense speak to you at all? Most illegals are engaged in below minimum wage laws (eg==mostly exempt from MW laws as said floor is not universally applied) and those jobs go vacant when illegals do not fill them.

            Logic says…………………………

  6. ECA says:

    1. This happens all over the USA, esp in smaller towns..
    They hire friends and family..

    2. City of Wendell, didnt file state paper work for over 10 years.. State didnt notice.. Whose responsible? Bookkeepers found that 2/3 of the city money went into pockets, and not into maintenance..

    3. Checks and balance, where have they gone?? WHO are the City and state hiring, that jobs DONT get done, but THEY GET PAID.. I know TONS of poor people that would LOVE a job at 2/3 the wages they get, and would do a better job…Probably..

    The Gov USED to hire allot of people…but over the years and Comments(Gov is to LARGE) everything has been cut…but as with Corps…CUT TO BOTTOM not the top..Federal inspections of many things, have been CUT…FDA/USDA cant inspect food processing facilities more then 8% per year.. Import inspections 6-8%…(wouldnt a terrorist love to know that??)
    The IRS just had a 30% CUT.. Who do you think they look at as EASY prey?? you or the CORP..

    WHO does this favor?? not you or me.. When the gov looses control over the corps…WHO wins?

    • bobbo, in point of fact says:

      ECA—let me edit for you?: “This happens all over the USA, esp in smaller towns..” /// All over the World, throughout Time, in every town…..

      Its a dither.

  7. ± says:

    The shit will really hit the fan if/when there is ever an audit of QE1, QE2, QE3, QEtc. There won’t be. So the rest of the country won’t ever find out that they bailed out and thereby facilitated this nonsense.

  8. ± says:

    The solution to getting rid of illegal scum is obvious.

    1st, fortify the borders so that it can never happen again.

    2nd, enact a constitutional amendment which retroactively revokes citizenship for all people born on American soil to illegal parents.

    3rd, privatize the retrieval of all illegals using existing bounty hunting laws. A rough outline would be $5000 for each illegal, $5000 to house them safely until exportation, $5000 bribe for the destination port. In less than 2 years, 90+% will have been collected.

    Smarter people than me can work out the details and the actual costs, but if the numbers are low by a factor of 10, we are still better off getting them all out of our country. Do the math.

    That said. All former illegal scum are welcome to re-apply for legal citizenship, just like most all of Americans ancestors have done.

    • bobbo, in point of fact says:

      PM==thats a new low for you.


      The Republican Jag of getting off by persecuting other people: women, gays, foreigners, illegals, non-wasps, atheists, wrong religion.

      Your program which is basically what we are already doing is proven failure.


      Stop being a jackbooted thug….in your fantasy world.

      Note: the effect of Quantitative Easing is already known…its why it was done in the first place and has given us a better recovery than the austerity programs used elsewhere. Been hiding in your stupid hole?

      ((bobbonote: My key board of 10 years blew up tonight causing computer to constantly restart. Easy to diagnose as it stopped typing too. Interesting that a keyboard would do anything other than simply not type? So this older board sticks causing extra spaces. I think I got most of them …but likely not all. C omputers… the more you live with them….. the more y ou want a y ounger model…..Ha, h a.)

      • McCullough says:

        Highly unlikely your keyboard is causing your computer to restart. Unless its a laptop and you’re drooling on it again.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist over invested in word play says:

        Thanks for the tech support. I have the same UNinformed opinion. I accept then that i t was just a coincidence: computer shut down when I was plugging in a different set of speakers. WTF? While I was futzing around with the speaker data cords, the computer shut down and I restarted it 2-3 times. Then once speaker data cord sorted, I restarted but at password entry there was no typing and the computer shut down. I restarted, same result. So I replaced the keyboard with this old sticky one, and I’m back in business.

        I am also impressed this all happened when I tried a different powered speaker to get louder sounds from Youtube. None of this has happened to me before….so, its still all a mystery….. but I take on the world based on what works and what doesn’t work. Philosophies are adopted and rejected for their predictive ability.

        ……… seems to me I got some weird computer interactions when my mouse was going bad as well, but I forget exactly what they were.

        ………..a week ago I got an electrical arcing sound and the computer turned off when I inserted a hard drive into my caddy. Scared me shitless, but the computer restarted seemingly without carry on issues. NOW—-I turn off my hard drive caddy before inserting my hard drives (s). Once firmly seated, then I turn on the caddy.

        In my ignorance….I adopt shamanic protocols.

        Life ………… might be like that too?

        • MikeN says:

          There are viruses that will send data out through the speakers.

          • ± says:

            Once upon a time, I did a one time visit to someone I met online with common interests in Jacksonsville FL. He had awesome tesla coils. He demonstrated them all to me. Then he showed me his coin shrinker. My quarter was shrunk to less than the diameter of a dime. (to all deniers, it got fatter, the volume didn’t change). It was a simple 500 joule pulse through a sacrificial heavy copper coil with the coin located properly within it. The entire set up was housed in 1 inch thick walled pipe with similar base and lid.

            He lives in a tight neighborhood of 1/8th acre lots. His neighbors were used to his tesla coils and had no idea that if he unshielded his pulse thingy that he would fry all of the thousands of electronic gizmos within 100s of yards of him. When the right time comes, he and others like him will do it.

  9. outta it says:

    Hall’s Laws of Politics:

    The voters want fewer taxes and more spending.
    Citizens want honest politicians until they want something fixed.
    Constituency drives out consistency (i.e., liberals defend military spending, and conservatives social spending in their own districts).

    Lots of broke stuff and no money.


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