Billionaire climate philanthropist George Soros invested more than $2m (£1.3m) in struggling coal giants Peabody Energy and Arch Coal in recent months, despite having once called the fuel “lethal” to the climate.

Filings with the Securities and Exchange commission show that between April and June this year Soros Fund Management (SFM) bought more than 1m shares in Peabody ($2.25m), the world’s largest private coal company, and 500,000 shares in Arch ($188,000).

The firm, which Soros chairs, bought the large stakes for bargain prices. Peabody and Arch are giants of the US coal sector but have suffered massive declines in recent years, losing more than 98% of their value. SFM made a similar move in 2014 by investing $234.4m in coal and gas company Consol. Those shares were sold off after a few months as gas prices continued to fall.

The Hungarian trading titan is the 29th richest person on earth; according to Forbes he is worth $24.2bn. In 2009, after being convinced by Al Gore of the urgency of the climate challenge, he pledged to spend $1bn of his own money on renewable energy and funded the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) thinktank.

Hmmm, kinda makes you wonder what he knows, or is it who he knows?

  1. Ah_Yea says:

    Even if coal and gas is not longer used for heat and electricity, we still need plastics.
    Buy now while the prices are cheap.

  2. Sombody says:

    It might be even more devious than that. The SCOTUS might discover that the EPA was never granted the authority to regulate CO2 by congress and can’t actually help themselves to the mandate. (Which I understand to be the facts of the matter.) Soros’s investment will then be enormously profitable and amazingly foresighted.

  3. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Maybe he knows the EPA has figured out the methane release levels from fracking is much higher than reported and that regulations of these emission will make natural gas more expensive and thereby increase the value of coal….. for the 15-20 years of transition we have to get to a green energy base.

    Does make one wonder about all the drilling development in the Arctic which isn’t even “meant” to be in full production for 30 years. Dead ideas have a certain momentum.

    ALL KINDS of new ideas/inventions regarding solar cells and storage coming along….. one/a few of them will have to be a breakthrough?

    If we had any brains, the US gubment would launch a moon shot for Green Energy Independence. That will have to include technology to recapture carbon and sequester it. THEN… USA would have the moral authority and leadership to lean on/convince other nations to do what they can/should.

    Ha, Ha…………….here’s an idea SPRINGING from National Security concerns: once USA is Green Based, NUKE all the coal and oil reserves making them unusable for 50K years.

    The alternative is worse.

    • ± says:

      [re your green weenie stuff]

      Don’t reply. You’ve replied to similar posts before the same way every time.

      Too bad your weltanschauung is just someone elses dogma. And we’re way past someone posting graphs or links to refute your religion.


      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Hey PM—sounds like you are winding down:

        [re your green weenie stuff] //// green weenie? How dismissive you make it sound.

        Don’t reply. /// wha?

        You’ve replied to similar posts before the same way every time. /// No one has ever summed up the extinction of hooman culture (best case) or the extinction of all multicellular life as “greeen weenie stuff.” You’ve gone from Science Denier to head up your ass agressively stupid……. you know…. as in paid to be shill.

        Too bad your weltanschauung /// no, not even “mine.” Just the SCIENCE of the issue before us all. Some are awake and alive to the issues, too many for a variety of reasons are not.

        is just someone elses dogma. /// as stated, sadly, its not dogma for hardly anyone. Even the true believers (the Scientists) don’t actually act as if they had the consequences they have predicted fully in mind: mass extinction. THINK about what that really means. It should move one to accept the science……. for the kiddies.

        And we’re way past someone posting graphs or links to refute your religion. //// No. Facts should always ground any discussion. So far… NO ONE, like you, has posted a link that carries any weight. And most deniers, like you, prefer the general unsupported statement.

        1, Is co2 a green house gas?

        2. Is the Earth Warming?

        3. Will such warming affect climate, changing weather patterns, melt the ice, raise the sea level with those changes alone in isolation (without the cascading events and other less observable consequences like methane release) be enough to destabilize society?

        Use your own brain: do the math.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Wouldn’t be that hard to deploy 1000 nuclear power plants.

  4. Dollars Aint SENSE! says:

    Consider that quote for a moment:

    There is no magic bullet for climate change, but there is a lethal bullet: coal

    Could it be that this rich old fart is going to try and do the humane thing by killing off most/all of humanity rather than let it suffer? After all, nobody would argue against a quick death for a terminally doomed animal like a horse with an incurable broken leg, would they?

    I’m telling you. These rich old fucks are absolutely CRAZY! It’s even worse when it comes to their narcissism — or greed.

  5. Mr Diesel - No more bush in the White House, Hillary's or Jeb says:

    Then I wish he would take a lump of coal to the head.

    What do you know, he is far sighted.

    If I had to chose between Soros wanting to kill off coal or something about to happen that will make him even richer, that’s a tough choice. Let’s see, oh yeah, RICHER.

  6. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Soros buys stock.

    Watching and enjoying Shark Tank on TV reveals the “business mind.” Mr Wonderful could stand in for Soros: I don’t care about (the item/service being offered) treats for your pets, all I care about is money. Can I make money in this deal?

    Same with Soros. If the stock is at a bottom level, why not buy it and MAKE MONEY? Its not even pro or anti Coal===>its JUST ABOUT MAKING MONEY.

    Heres the thing about “the stock market”===>its NOT BUSINESS. Its WALLstreet, not MAINstreet. Coal and coal contracts will continue regardless of stock price. See how that works? Soros will be pro or anti coal only if he does something to affect demand. As a business man…. he should do something now to increase demand for coal……..THEN he would be evil. Merely buying the stock and letting the market continue on is not doing anything.

    Greed, corruption, buying the Gubment is behind our self inflicted failure to act while we still had the time. I see stupid…. everywhere. Its one thing to be stupid when you only hear one side of the issue. When the facts on both sides are presented and you stick with stupid… makes blaming the Rich another example of being stuck on stupid.

    Its you and me……….voting in the paid for politicians.

    VOTE ALL INCUMBENTS OUT OF OFFICE…………..don’t let them back in! Vote for Green Policies……….. so that your grand kiddies get a chance to vote….. they are dead now….if you don’t.

    Yea, verily!

    • The Blog Whisperer says:

      Porn is evil….so I invest in porn industry.

      What the Eff are you bobboling about?

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Yes….. exactly the same thing.

        You got some learning to do ….. re read what I posted. Recognize the applicability and DISTINCTIONS I am making. Its all been said before many times.

        Everything is connected…. but some very important connections are entirely man made and not mandated: like when the stock market crashes….its just the stock market. “In theory” it should not affect credit, jobs, or the banking system….other than its call on cash for the gambling element.

        Stock Market: legalized gambling. Easy to stop: require stocks to be held for a year or more. Or==significantly tax the exchange of stock if held less than 3 years.

        Make the Stock Market AN INVESTMENT IN JOB CREATION………….rather than an on line gambling concern where not only the odds but the game itself ‘IS” the house.

        Simple stuff. All the experts know this and say this…. then they sell their books and have their tv shows on “how to make money.”

        The Artful Dodge.

        • The Blog Whisperer says:

          Blah, Blah Blah.

          Someone else said it best….summarize, you talk too damned much.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            Stock Market: a skimming machine used by the Already Too Rich to transfer wealth from everyone else to themselves.

            OUTLAW, or at least tax, high speed computer trading.

            Like AGW…. most people “know” this, but haven’t fully come to terms with what it means……….allowing the situation to continue.

          • ± says:

            bobbo, you effuse the bitterness of someone who had his chance and didn’t achieve what he wanted and now it is too late and it is the fault of everyone else. Welcome to the real world of most people (but not the blaming others part). The difference is that they accept their lot and move on. So now accept it, put on the big boy pants, and wait to die while you infest this blog until you violate your double secret parole again.

          • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

            Hey PM==sorry I missed you. So easy to do with this forum design.

            So ……… NAME what it is you think I failed to achieve.

            Go ahead: double dog dare you.

      • Hmeyers says:

        I think the TV transmits beams directly into Bobbo’s head.

        If the medical industry finds out, they will probably want to experiment on him.

        The standard stuff — EEG, MRI etc. And when they are done, probably give him a lobotomy.

        But maybe they already did all that.

  7. BracketCreep says:

    He also invests in rent-a-mobs like in Ferguson, MO.

    • SonicDeathMonkey says:

      He also invests in hillary clippity clop for pres. = BLM works for/with hilldog

  8. Hmeyers says:

    In a few million years, —

    George Soros — his body buried under heavy pressure from the glaciers

    — will become coal.

    And a potential source of global warming and hurting the environment.

  9. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    bobbo says: 2 + 2 = 4

    Stupid Hoomans reply:

    1. Too bad your weltanschauung is just someone elses dogma

    2. Queue the pro …. idiots’s headlight deer’s look.

    3. What the Eff are you bobboling about

    4. Someone else said it best….summarize, you talk too damned much.

    5. I think the TV transmits beams directly into Bobbo’s head.

    6. You couldn’t be any dumber, right dumbbo?

    So, what do we have?==Total rubber stamp comments to be applied to any statement made on this blog: unconnected, nonsubstantive, ab hominem. Totally Irrelevant.

    2 + 2 is 4.

    The World is going to face catastrophic changes due to co2 pollution.

    Braying like idiots won’t stop it. You all should look a little deeper into yourselves, read a little more. It won’t change anything…… but at least you would be aware.

    Connect to ANY LINK AT ALL that supports 2 + 2 is not 4.

    Connect to ANY LINK AT ALL that co2 loading will not lead to catastrophic climate change.


    • Hmeyers says:

      Getting excited is causing you to release more CO2.

      This hurts the environment.

      Please remain calm.

  10. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    I apologize: this is too good to miss:

    ISIS militants who contracted HIV from captured sex slaves forced to become suicide bombers. The Aristocrats

    Just heard on tv that Soros bought the stock at $4.50, it sunk to 1$ and is currently at $2.50 and appears to be going up….(($$ not exact…just ballpark from my memory)). He misstimed his buy….depending on what his goals were. Also mentioned, it could have been a greenmail attempt…ie… another non capital formation motive.

    The stock market is a very sick long term malignancy in the Capitalist system. It really does need to be reformed. Arguments for liquidity are all BS.

    Don’t be a fool.

  11. Hmeyers says:

    Scientific American

    “The scientists examined 4,014 abstracts on climate change and found 97.2 percent of the papers assumed humans play a role in global warming (ClimateWire, May 16, 2013).”

    “That statement quickly got boiled down in the popular media to a much simpler message: that 97 percent of scientists believe climate change is caused by humans. President Obama tweeted the 97 percent consensus. Comedian John Oliver did a segment on it that went viral on the Internet.”

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      HMyers: We had and you LOST this argument on the last thread. Here, LEARN from what I challenged you with last time: you make an argument, you lose….. what to do?

      Conservative: make the same argument again hoping to wear the opposition down.

      Scientist/Liberal/Truth Seeker: incorporate the new understanding, reconsider the issue, and make your best argument.

      YOU HMYERS, like too many/most conservatives/Republicans/all Teabaggers/Science Deniers/Anti-AGW’ers: ARE STUCK ON STUPID.

      I’ll rephrase the issue this way…. maybe new/slightly different words to the same point, will be understood:

      “Of those qualified climate scientists WHO HAVE AN OPINION 97% CONCLUDE AGW is the best explanation for our current climate understanding.”

      I agree that boiling it down to what you post is exaggerating the consensus….but it doesn’t change the central understanding …. unless you go through those who have not formed a conclusion ONE WAY OR THE OTHER and find out why.

      Sucks to be you. EXERCISE THE BRAIN POWER you do have and display here often: do better.

      • Hmeyers says:

        Science isn’t spreading inaccurate information.

        If you want to have a scientific conversation, I’m up for that.

        I don’t have a position on AGW.

        I do have a position on garbage information.

      • Hmeyers says:

        By the way, did you not read what I posted or what?

        The lady that did the research said 97% of published climate paper operated on the assumption that man causes global warming.

        • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

          Yes….. again…. you fail minimum competency in READING ENGLISH. Once a consensus has formed…you go on to research other issues and finer points “like” why was there a flattening of air temps for 10 years… or what is the impact of cosmic rays or why is there more sea ice in Antarctica.

          What you DONT DO is go over the accepted science over and over again a la the idiot Tol: “Tol dislikes, in principle, the idea of a consensus. After all, the point of science is to challenge accepted wisdom and refine it, a process that runs somewhat counter to the idea of a consensus.” Total bat shit idiot.

          Its like criticizing a report on how to prevent an asteroid impact on Earth and criticizing that all the scientists accept General Relativity.

          You debate/understand science WITH SCIENCE….NOT a paid shill like Tol: ” a professor of economics at Britain’s University of Sussex”

          Your errors are so very basic.

          • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

            I’m sorry: Tol just likes to argue:

            “[Tol] has even said there is no doubt in his mind that there is an overwhelming scientific consensus, so everyone is a little bit amused by the fact that he agrees with our results and yet he has been attacking our research,” he said.”



            …..aka…….more about the sociology of SCIENCE DENIERS than the science….. because…. the SCIENCE IS SETTLED.

            Plus: 100% of scientific organizations agree with AGW. The last one to agree was the Oil Funded Geological something or other.

            Plus: the sea level keeps rising:


            “I don’t have a position on AGW.” When you go to Vegas… the roulette wheel do you bet on 0 or 00 all the time? IOW===what are the odds?

            Here: pull my finger.

        • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

          Almost time for my first beer, but here’s another stab or two:

          I will assume you agree that evolution is a “fact” that there is overwhelming consensus on this. Lets say someone else thinks there is no consensus. How to resolve?

          Its called: a literature search. So…. lets set the criteria. We will read articles about evolution that are published in magazines sponsored by scientific organizations and affiliations.

          Results: hmmmmm…..seems every scientist writing today “assumes” evolution is a fact and what they are arguing about is how to do dna splicing and cure genetic diseases and extend life by manipulating teleomeres and so forth. How come NONE of these publications questions the basis of evolution such as we find at Creationist Museum brochures?


          Thats the whole point.

          That is somewhat similar to AGW. ALL THE SCIENTIST AGREE…so no arguing about it. If you want disagreement…. you have to go to business magazines and oil company brochures.

          Its just that COMMON SENSE.

          ………, for that beer…………………..

        • NewFormatSux says:

          Bart Verheggen conducted his own survey with more thought. The result was a 67% consensus. Bart being a global warmer chose to obscure that fact.

          • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:


            Not quite: 70 % believe AGW is Strongly indicated while 30% believe AGW is Moderately indicated. (1% rounding error!) See 4-30.


            You get lower numbers when you increase the group from actively publishing CLIMATE SCIENTISTS to “earth” scientists.

            Sucks to be a Science Denier when the only argument you have against it is either a lie or a misunderstanding on the verge of willful stupidity. (Thats what DENYING science MEANS!)

  12. Airman says:

    Maybe he’s buying Mr. Peabody’s coal train so he can shut it down.

  13. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    Those Americans who stopped the Terror Attack on that French train……one of the few times the term/concept “Heroes” actually applies.

    ………..Ha, ha.,………..why do I do this? Not the highest fit as by acting they in fact saved themselves from certain death as well…. but it does take independence of mind to take action when in the short term we in the main are trained to do nothing.

    Regard: McCain is NOT a hero. He wasn’t a hero for serving in the military, or flying planes, or being shot down, or being imprisoned. He did approach hero status by refusing to be transferred home when he could have and chose instead to stay with his fellow prisoners. Admirable, but in my view just short of being a Hero as the situation was more judgmental and an application of pros and cons. Maybe just a different kind of heroics as it didn’t amount to putting one’s own life in immediate peril…..but his health and life was put into jeopardy over a longer term. aka: purely definitional.

    I do Admire McCane for his war time efforts. I just think Hero should be less used than it is.

    • Hmeyers says:

      McCain has milked that cow for 50 years.

      I think that’s long enough.

      • bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

        Yeah….. He’s not even admirable if he was focusing on wanting to run for Congress……who knows?

        I’m willing to be negative because he was craven enough to bring us what’s her name AND because he is one of about 5 pols who have privatized their excess donations into their private use. A totally self dealing/greedy move.

        A consensus of greed and fraud…… if you will.

  14. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    Just watching the news: Iowa to change the name of the Jefferson-Jackson dinner as those Presnedents both owned slaves.

    People wonder how Jefferson could be such an eloquent spokesman (sic….for all the wimen posting here) for human liberty yet own slaves.

    The answer is the OP.

    The Brain….if its not a doorstop such as when DENYING SCIENCE… tells us right from wrong, but EMOTIONS control most of our actions and beliefs.

    What motivates Men?

    Sex and Money.

    Jefferson, like Soros, KNOWS the right thing to do…. but MAKING MONEY/GREED, wanting his sex slave in Paris and at Home (and she went along with it).

    As stated….owning stock standing alone says nothing except a desire to make money. Owning slaves though….its right there… you can’t own a slave without an unavoidable injustice.

    Lots of similarities and differences to mull over.

  15. GregAllen says:

    Two million dollars? Are we sure that Soros even knew he was invested in coal?

    That’s like you and I losing a $20 bill.

    • Glenn E. says:

      I believe that got Soros an even million shares. At $2 a share. Which is a nice round number. He probably didn’t want to buy it up too quickly. That might cause a run on the stock price. Before he can get some more, cheaply.

      He must be counting on the next US President, and Congress, reversing some of the clean air regulations, that are hurting coal’s sale.

  16. Der Kommissar says:

    “We find all the no-life-support-wealth-producing people going to their 1980 jobs in their cars or buses, spending trillions of dollars’ worth of petroleum daily to get to their no-wealth-producing jobs. It doesn’t take a computer to tell you that it will save both Universe and humanity trillions of dollars a day to pay them handsomely to stay at home.
    History’s political and economic power structures have always fearfully abhorred “idle people” as potential troublemakers. Yet nature never abhors seemingly idle trees, grass, snails, coral reefs, and clouds in the sky.
    One would hope the at-home-staying humans will start thinking-“What was it I was thinking about when they told me I had to ‘earn my living’ doing what someone else had decided needed to be done? What do I see that needs to be done that nobody else is attending to? What do I need to learn to be effective in attending to it in a highly efficient and inoffensive-to-others manner?””

    Stay home and wait for the drone deliveries. The flat top blasted mountains can be used for wind power. Trillions in coal is going to make a bigger bankruptcy.

  17. Glenn E. says:

    The whole Climate Change cause, is similar to the Temperance movement of the early 1900s. The Women’s Suffage took up this secondary cause, after getting the vote in 1920. Politicians got on board, seeing it as a sure vote getter, from the Women. And from 1920 to 1933, the sale of alcohol in the US was Prohibited.

    However. Many of these politicians and multi-millionaires, loaded up their wine cellars, in advance. So they wouldn’t suffer. And some who would be millionaires, in the near future (Kennedys), got into the bootleg and rum running trade.

    So all during that time, people drank more than they did before it was prohibited. So much for the demon alcohol. All they really needed was a few simple laws, which they eventually passed, restricting the sale to minors, and limiting saloon operating hours.

    Now we’ve got Soros and Gore, invested in the very things they called evil. Coal and Oil. So they’ll get richer, when the political wind turns, again.


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