Excellent long detailed article on SpaceX and colonizing Mars. Go Elon Go!


  1. Party On says:

    Is Elon really concerned about aliens being dicks?

    Won’t the aliens realize we are dicks too and prevent us from dicking mars?

  2. Robert Hall says:

    The Trillions to accomplish this is from where?

    • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

      Obviously, you did not read the link:

      Part 3: How to Colonize Mars
      → Phase 1: Figure out how to put things into space
      → Phase 2: Revolutionize the cost of space travel
      → Phase 3: Colonize Mars

      Elon Musk: The Donald Trump of Space Travel

      • Robert Hall says:

        So then one could surmise..Pull money out of thin air?

        • bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

          → Phase 2: Revolutionize the cost of space travel

          Years ago, this forum has quite a few “Lets Go to the Stars” advocates. Then, as now, I posted it was fantasy—time, cost, distance MAGNITUDES of effort beyond anything possible. I think Sci-Fy Fantasy infects too much of our thinking….good for fun and imagination and FLIGHTS of Fantasy, but not the real world. Cryogenics in Space?==BS.

          Given the Distances and Speeds available the only way is to “fold space.”


  3. Little GREEN Man -- who is between RED and BLUE! says:

    Oh please! The USA, who is really the earth’s self-appointed spokesperson, already has a “space force” complete with manned ships, extra-terrestrial bases and everything that you might expect to see in a Star Trek episode — except for those molecular transporters, artificial gravity and other crazy tech like certain health gadgets. I know how that sounds — crazy! But consider this: one huge problem with humanity is the inability for individuals to admit fault even when confronted truth head on. YOU are no different. So go ahead and bury your head in your bible if this comes as a shock. Forget all the OTHER government conspiracies which have been exposed, because “they” don’t want you or any other human (earthling) THINKING or using things like REASON to see any facts! “They” rely on humans using illogical reactive EMOTION every time — which pretty much explains religion and any political parties.

    That said, spending money exposing this hidden military space network of sorts would make more sense than trying to build something that already exists. But hey! No one ever said Democrat thinking was smart. The liberal way is ALWAYS spend, spend, spend no matter WHAT! Republican’s too, but to a much lesser extent. And that’s really all this is about — FUNDING SOME RICH ASSHOLE’S AMBITIONS who may already have connections with “ET”!

    … The TRUTH they don’t want you to consider is how you MIGHT make things better HERE ON EARTH!!! And the fact that Elon Musk makes ZERO attempts to help his fellow HUMANITY is just ONE reason I hate seeing crap like this.

  4. Hmeyers says:

    Elon has a strong passion to improve the technology in rockets and space travel. And he is getting some results.

    But Elon worshippers are really annoying.

    Elon is doing good things.

  5. Ah_Yea says:

    Another government money grab. Musk has yet to turn a profit on ANYTHING

  6. Mr Diesel - No more bush in the White House, Hillary's or Jeb says:

    I hope that Elon succeeds in his quest.

    I would like to see him get into space and then start testing the new EM drive to see if works and then start moving supplies to Mars.

  7. bobbo, we think with words, and flower with ideas says:

    I finally tried to read the OP Link. Some very good stuff there, good pictures and graphs to bring the material to life.

    So, I skipped to Section 3 to read in detail….. then I quit …. because “the detail” is not there. It simply “assumes” the answer rather than provide it. Indeed, very Trumpish.

    It starts by saying if you have the will, there is a way. Then gives a lot of examples of very easy things to do ONCE you establish the will. The logical fallacy is that travelling to Mars is NOT EASY to do. Elon boils it down to mere cost and assumes that in volume production space ships will be cheap enough for one million people to afford. I say BS.

    Beyond that, of those that could afford ((—a space ship to Mars, and the fuel, and the food and supplies once on Mars)) how many of them would EVER want to make the trip much less “live” on Mars? The Good Life on Earth… or a challenge on Mars? A few…. of course. I’ll estimate: 467 people. ie==not enough to bring the cost per vehicle within range. These issues are all interactive.

    I’ll dip back into the article for more info on the general subject… but its fatally flawed in its structure. Not worth the read for actually how to colonize Mars.

  8. jpfitz says:

    “OCCUPY”… Elon is daffy.

  9. NewFormatSux says:

    No praise for Elon Musk will be considered until you can demonstrate that he did not defraud the state of California out of at least $100 million by showing one person who used its fast battery swap station for the Tesla.

    Barring that, my conclusion is that it is a fake station set up just to get the credits from the state.

  10. Nobody says:

    Why colonize Mars? Do you want to fuck that planet up TOO?!

    Why not think of the Earth as the ONLY space ship we humans have? It makes more sense to QUIT POLLUTING AND FUCKING UP THE EARTH than spending money and LIVES trying to start over somewhere like Mars. (Have you been watching too much Star Trek or something?)

    But go ahead. EXPLORE Mars, and anywhere else. I’m all for exploration so long as it’s NOT for the purposes of human colonization. I think we humans have proved quite convincingly how we ALWAYS fuck things up for someone else every damned time someone starts talking about colonization or settling down somewhere.

    Seriously! Elon Musk is nothing more than an ego maniac with too much money. He deserves your attention since he can hurt you but not your respect — he has not EARNED it!

  11. Mr Diesel says:

    While I do want him to succeed I doubt that anyone would want to stay.

    No high-speed Internet. Millennial morons couldn’t walk around texting since it takes too long and wait until you see your roaming bill.

    • Der Kommissar says:

      WRONG! Evolution has spent millions of years preparing the modern miracle of the American Millennial to boldly go where nobody has gone before. Even the modern refugee with a smartphone and suite of apps can move swiftly across the planet. We’re in a matrix designed by aliens.

  12. Addled Brain says:

    The gravity on Mars is 0.376 g that of Earth. We would destroy our bodies on a planet at 1/3 of the Earth’s gravity after a period of time. Meaning, we will never colonize Mars. But in the meantime, we can drive a lot of sales of some kind trying to get there. We are so tied to the Earth it is not funny. Leaving Earth will be like leaving one’s body. What?

  13. Der Kommissar says:

    NASA is getting serious about putting people on Mars.


    They take nourishment in the form of paste from a tube, either through the mouth as we do or else rubbed into the skin. They also drink liquid, often yellow in colour, from a vial. They don’t have teeth so cannot chew solid food, and don’t eat meat. There’s no waste matter in their digestive process as the food they take in is highly refined – so no need for toilets.

    I think they have some sort of super pure beer. The no waste concept makes more sense. Like Bucky Fuller said, pollution is just a resource we haven’t figured out how to harvest. Creating pollution to create food seems unworkable.


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