Great article on Trump in the Atlantic.

Donald Trump utters plenty of ugly untruths: that undocumented Mexican immigrants are “rapists,” that Syrian refugees are committing “all sorts of attacks” in Germany and represent a “Trojan Horse” for ISIS. But he tells ugly truths too: that “when you give [politicians money], they do whatever the hell you want them to do.” And that “the Middle East would be safer” if Saddam Hussein and Muammer Qaddafi were still in power.

His latest ugly truth came during a Bloomberg TV interview last Friday, when he said George W. Bush deserves responsibility for the fact that “the World Trade Center came down during his time.” Politicians and journalists erupted in indignation. Jeb Bush called Trump’s comments “pathetic.” Ben Carson dubbed them “ridiculous.”

  1. NewFormatSux says:

    Why would you put up a picture from The Nation for an article in The Atlantic?

    This is in line with saying of McCain that he would rather someone that doesn’t get shot down, which I remember hearing a lot in 2008.

  2. jpfitz says:

    Everyone’s twitching from some facts laid out in public by The Donald. Finally somebody corrects the Zeitgeists misnomer that Bush “kept us safe”.

  3. Raghead says:

    Whenever the libs and idiots start in with the “Bush did it” crap, it’s time to start looking around! (Seriously! FOURTEEN YEARS AGO during “dubya’s” first year in office and THIS is still an issue? Did everyone forget WHO was President BEFORE Dubya and that HE may have had critical info that probably was never passed on?!)

    Yes, George W. Bush was an idiot President and I doubt even HE would deny that he was to partly blame for the 9/11 attacks. Here’s why: The President’s JOB, among other things, is to execute the laws and insure that all U.S. citizens are protected from all threats — foreign or domestic. (Psssst! It’s a very big reason why we have police, legal authorities other than the courts and a military.) Bush has even admitted that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake but that it was a decision based on faulty information — which he is ultimately in charge of collecting and evaluating. We’ll just ignore the fact that the heads of those faltering intelligence departments were first employed by the Clinton administration (and how easy it would be for Dubya to just pass the blame right on to old Slick Willey). So just why this makes all the tongues wag of the jokers and libtards of the political arena should be more of a concern than the actual facts. Clearly, THEY are trying to divert or gain some attention from/to somewhere.

    … And just WHO do you think is the most pompous arrogant attention whore in this whole mess we call politics, right now? Hummm?! Has anyone said ANYTHING about… oh I don’t know, the TPP or all the little pork barrel riders Congress is involved with right now?

    The only thing that confuses me is why anyone wants to divert attention away from a moronic media-centric industry that clearly isn’t paying any attention to any of the real things that matter. That is, unless there’s something in it for THEM!

    • Marc Pugner says:

      For the record, Slick Willy tried to take a shot at OBL on 3 different occasions, but was countermanded by regional command all 3 times. Ignoring the obvious question of how the Commander in Chief’s orders are countermanded three times by the same general, the threat that OBL represented to national security was clearly misunderstood right up until 9/11 happened on Dubya’s watch. Blaming administrations misses the point when career soldiers and analysts were too caught up in their careers to waste an expensive cruise Missile to destroy an old jeep, a camel, and OBL and his dialisys machine prior to 9/11.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        Yea, you have it backwards. This is just after the fact spin that ‘Clinton tried’. Sudan offered to hand him over but Sandy Berger & co told him to turn it down because they didn’t think they had enough evidence to bring an indictment. Perhaps if liberals could comprehend other ways to deal with terrorists, there would be no 9/11, and no wars in the Middle East.

        It is true that Richard Clarke his counterterrorism czar vetoed spy mission overflights of Bin Laden in Afghanistan because he was worried he would ‘boogie to Baghdad’. That is a direct quote from his book. Perhaps while he is giving a speech criticizing George Bush’s war in Iraq having nothing to do with Al Qaeda, he could explain why he was worried Bin Laden would go to Saddam for protection?

      • NewFormatSux says:

        Bill Clinton had seen a plot by the same group to takeover planes. Then they covered up the takedown of TWA flight 800 because there was an election to win. After 9/11, Sandy Berger covered up Clinton’s knowledge of air attacks by taking away documents from the National Archives, claiming it was just copies.

  4. NewFormatSux says:

    FDR’s opponent in 1944 sad that he should be impeached for treason, because of his actions allowing Pearl Harbor to happen. He didn’t go public with it because Gen Marshall convinced him that it would damage the war effort revealing that they had broken codes still being used by the Japanese.

  5. Stupid buster says:

    Perkel isn’t the brightest bulb in the refer. Which PotUS allowed those terrorists INTO the country and allowed them to set up operations on our soil and disappear into the woodwork?

    • jpfitz says:

      Hey Buster, your statement about Marc is a trolls tool. The prez before your genius W must have personally flown in the “hijackers” according to you. Go back under your bridge.

  6. scratched record says:


    • shiny cd says:

      Even more if it’s near a time zone line, and it gets moved around some.

  7. Phydeau says:

    Come on guys, you’re slacking! You need to explain how 9/11 was all Hillary Clinton’s fault and Obama’s fault! (Obama is so evil he has a time machine to go back and cause 9/11!)

    I’m lookin’ at you, pedrito! Give us your pearls of wisdom!

  8. Hmeyers says:

    I remember hearing in the news a few times during the summer of 2011 about imminent terror threats being anticipated similar to 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

    Trump is “technically accurate” in that regard. And in that regard, “Bush didn’t keep us safe”.

    But the FBI and CIA weren’t allow to coordinate or share intelligence and our legal system was also stacked in favor of legal profession at the time.

    There are things in the 1990s that the court system wouldn’t accept that are completely “normal today”. For better or worse or both.

    I don’t think faulting Bush is appropriate because the culture of law enforcement and the court system and the American people at the time was very “sheepish”.

    The 1993 World Trade Center mastermind guy lived a life of relative privilege behind bars and back then our court system would have bent over backwards to protect his freedoms, his right to not answer questions, etc.


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