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  1. noname says:

    Who needs humans anyway?

    Would not a human have applied brakes and stop the car?

    The Telsa Autopiloted car was “begging” for an accident, driving aggressively fast next to an adjacent lane that was basically stopped? Do computers have to wear seatbelts?

    Was it really the Telsa Autopiloted car the one that turned into on-coming traffic and the human driven car that stopped and saved the computer in the Telsa Autopiloted from certain BSOD?

    • Marc Perkel says:

      If you read the article it answers those questions.

      • noname says:

        Really, if you really believe it answers the most important question, your deluded and yet again completely bamboozled by Elon’s new gadget! : “Would not a human have applied brakes and stop the car?”

    • NewFormatSux says:

      >Would not a human have applied brakes and stop the car?

      Not Marc, he would have been checking his e-mail, then mumbling to the paramedics that Elon let him down.
      “He wants us to let him die!”
      “OK give him the pills.”

  2. Wayne R says:

    I can see both sides of this. The human was a bad driver for not watching both sides of the intersection and now slowing down with traffic, but the AI of the car was gracious enough to watch traffic for him and predicted the sudden turn.

    I’m not completely against AI controlled cars, but I would prefer that people still be good drivers.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      If the AI didn’t hit the brakes there would have been a crash. The driver said that.

      • Mr Diesel - No more bush in the White House, Hillary's or Jeb says:

        Marc, I normally agree with a lot of your statements but this Tesla autopilot event is pure bullshit. You and I are almost exactly the same age and there is no way in hell that the autopilot should have been driving that fast in the first place. Any good experienced driver would have slowed down when they saw the car coming (or before) and it would have been no big deal when the fur ball turned in front of the car.

        It wasn’t driving safely or defensively in this case. You could have a trained chimp do the same thing. Do I like the idea of an autopilot? Yes, but not in construction zones or in this kind of traffic.

        • jpfitz says:

          Agreed. An experienced driver would have braked, what with the open stretch ahead, and vehicles on the right and left merging at the imminent intersection.

          Very good example of what not to do.! If I get hit by somebody driving a Tesla on Auto I’d bust his nut.

          Most automobiles today have computers sensing loss of traction, then brakes the vehicle without you sensing the the interference. Stability control along with traction control makes a young learning driver too confident.

          All drivers tests would benefit from spin recovery lessons on a wet surface with both rear and AWD drive cars.

  3. mojo says:

    I’ll keep that in mind if I’m in the market for overpriced electric crap.

  4. Tom says:

    All the autopilot REALLY did was save a bad and unsafe driver from himself…

  5. Marc Perkel says:

    I can’t say if the driver or the car chose the speed. But I do know the car hit the brakes faster than a human could have and the car avoided the accident. Which is my point.

    If the car was driving too fast – perhaps. But this is just the first release of the software. I remember the first release of Google Maps. It didn’t understand one way streets. It gets better over time.

  6. J.J. Bierman says:

    Was the oncoming car also on autopilot?

  7. NewFormatSux says:

    Wouldn’t most luxury cars do this when you have cruise control?

  8. jpfitz says:

    “Set the cruise control speed and the car will adjust its speed according to the traffic flow and will even bring you down to a full stop if traffic gets bogged down. Once traffic starts moving, the car will resume its progress. Tesla calls this feature Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC).
    To experience the full Autopilot system, you pull the cruise control stalk twice toward you to activate the Autosteer function, in addition to TACC.
    Once set, the car will follow lane markings with the steering wheel moving by itself. Even if you have your hands on the wheel, you feel it tugging. Tesla warns that this is not a hands-free feature and that the driver must keep hands on the wheel; the Model S will display a warning otherwise, but unlike other cars, it won’t disengage the auto-steer.”

    The above scares the daylights out of me. I can see some rich douche from my area thinking he’s George Jetson in Auto… drinking his soy latte killing someone, or at the least maiming a few before the technology is ready for the clueless.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Seriously. Marc Perkel without this feature decided he should check his e-mail at a red light and hit a car. Now instead of learning his lesson, he brags about autopilot.

      • jpfitz says:

        Too much tech can cause people to relax and rely on the claimed acrobatics a robot car can actually perform. Man, I’m glad I’m looking at sixty soon, still driving a sports car, no interest in reading the paper en-route to where ever. I’m a terrible backseat driver.

  9. Mr Diesel - No more bush in the White House, Hillary's or Jeb says:

    Guess someone missed this:

  10. Ah_Yea says:

    Hey Marc!

    Apple’s entry into the electric car field is on it’s way!

    Elon, watch out.


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