He’s going to try to land the first stage again. Elon has a lot of balls on this one. After the last launch that blew up I would have tried to go for something safe. This is a new rocker using the new Merlin 1D engines. He’s also using “densified” fuel that has never been done before. The man has no sense of fear.

Launch scheduled for 5:33 Pacific time. 5 minute launch window. Weather is still good.


  1. noname says:

    Everyone is unique and it may not be fair to make comparisons, but; Elon is certainly the classic self-made man, a loose mix of modern versions of Gordon Moore, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs and Howard Hughes without the advantages of family money. He has earned both the smarts and money to drive his bold adventures!

    Many feel he has single handily revived aspects of the heady, thrilling days of the space race without the threat of War!

    I wish him success and it’s good to see another round of American innovation upending markets and pushing the envelope. Many feel he has smartly pushed engineering business limits beyond what others could and overcome his setbacks.

    I hope his companies become the next example of Apple, Intel, Bloomberg, … .

    As always, his success will have many self-proclaimed fathers and his failures will leave him as an orphan.

    • Companion Cube says:

      noname likes gettin’ the *densified* on his face — pwnd!

      • pedro big brother says:

        You have to excuse pedro. Its momma “run away” in horror and daddy breast fed him with his man milk and elderberries. Poor pathetic pwnd pedro.


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