I jst found this today after a friend of mine called me about it. This is a new Star Trek series called Star Trek New Voyages produced by Star Trek fans of the original series. I watched the first one and this is surprisingly good. I’m told by my friend that it gets better as they progress. The first one was better than most of the original series. If you are into Trek as I am, especially the original series you are going to want to watch this.

  1. Justin Case says:


  2. NewFormatSux says:

    “Star Trek New Voyages – The Series you never heard of”

  3. Rolando says:

    The acting is generally pretty bad, but the writing is pretty good. In the latest ones, the SFX are wonderful; the E has never looked prettier!

  4. tom says:

    These are likely the only ones you will ever see as they have been sued by Paramount…

  5. Star Trek New Voyages?! Another new series! haha! They just keep coming up with them. I’m a Star Wars fan myself, but I do like to see more and more sci-fi in the main stream.


  6. JCjr says:

    So, it’s got Captain Anthony Perkins in it?


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