CBS2’s Randy Paige reports that many officers believe there aren’t enough of them to go around — especially in an emergency.

“The citizens need to know they need to be able to protect themselves because if they call 911, we can’t guarantee we’re going to get there in time to help you,” says Police Protective League President Jamie McBride.

He told Paige that Thursday morning between 5:30 and 10 a.m., there were just three patrol cars assigned to the West LA division. Two cars to protect more than 200,000 people in a 65 square mile radius.

Seems to be a common theme these days. I read this while listening to Hillary drone on about gun control whilst surrounded by Secret Service agents. Maybe you should just get a Rottweiler or two.

  1. Look, Your Shoe's Untied says:

    “Seems to be a common theme these days. I read this while listening to Hillary drone on about gun control whilst surrounded by Secret Service agents. Maybe you should just get a Rottweiler or two.”

    Hillary also has a minion of winged monkeys she can summon at a moment’s notice. (They live in the basement, next to her other personal email server).

  2. raintrees says:

    Our local police representative said the same thing during a neighborhood watch meeting.

    Spending on small town law enforcement is shrinking, which might even have the effect of… gasp… requiring people to become more responsible if they wish to survive any conflict with ne’er-do-wells…


      It’s a national automobile slum. The highway robbery scams are everywhere and the water systems are failing. If you opt out of the failed automotive scam, they’ll tax you to fund the expanded failure. Your contribution can make your city another pride and Detroit of the free world. The corporation is a felon with immunity. It doesn’t have pants to kick or a soul to damn.

      “All these beefy Caucasians with guns! Get enough of them together, looking for the America they always believed they’d grow up in, and they glom together like overcooked rice, form integral starchy little units. With their power tools, portable generators, weapons, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and personal computers, they are like beavers hyped up on crystal meth, manic engineers without a blueprint, chewing through the wilderness, building things and abandoning them, altering the flow of mighty rivers and then moving on because the place ain’t what it used to be.”

      Chapter 39 (Hiro’s observation as he drives along the Alaska Highway)

      Billions and billions to save used car lots and crappy burger joints and preserve $7.25 an hour jobs.

  3. noname says:

    It seems when the community calls for police, they can’t be found; yet when you go driving along the roads/highways there they are in new cars!!

    This is because policing is now a for profit government business!

    Any day, I can’t drive 5 miles without seeing people pulled over and/or passing a hidden police car waiting to tag someone.

    All the police cars are relatively new and packed full of expensive gadgets like license plate readers and other expensive gadgetry.

    Yet, the police seem to have lost interest in those “non-profit” duties like responding to non-vehicular crime!

    Most if not all the police shooting citizens you hear about all the time, happened during traffic stops.

    It’s your money police want, your safety is your own business.

    Here is your signed ticket. You have a good day, buckle up and drive safe!!


      “What kind of combat environment do you want to use Reason in?” Ng says.
      “I need to take over an aircraft carrier tomorrow morning.”

      Hiro in Ng’s 397th floor Metaverse office, Chapter 55

      Iran is treated with respect and the average American citizen is shit on by the government and fed sewage to drink. They can fill you and the kids with lead while filling their pockets with stolen tax money. They’re filling the Iranians pockets now. Filling the jails brings in the corporate campaign donations and creates more guard jobs for screwball militia types. That also generates payroll taxes to make pension payments. All your retirement funds were stolen by racketeers in NYC. Now they’re after the dental gold to keep the failed state funded. Washington has a dentist with vise-grips health plan. That’ll keep the used car lots and muffler shops funded.

  4. MikeN says:

    In general police officers support private citizens having guns, while it is the sheriffs and police chiefs who announce support for gun control.

    We are told trigger locks are great for safety, yet the people who are most at risk of being killed with their own weapon are against them and are generally exempted from the rules.


      More suicides mean more demand for public services. The wells were drained to frack gas. Now with water shortages, the state suicide can become up close and personal with rising suicide rates. That’ll create more social service state jobs. Now you’re a state customer!

      “Yes, sir,” she says. “Is this in regard to sales or customer service?”
      “Customer service.”
      “Whom are you with?”
      “You name it, I’m with them.”
      “I’m sorry?” Like human receptionists, the daemon is especially bad at handling irony.
      “At the moment, I think I’m working for the Central Intelligence Corporation, the Mafia, and Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong.”
      “I see,” says the receptionist, making a note. Also like a human receptionist, it is not possible to impress her.”

      Hiro, attempting to download a Reason software update in the Metaverse, Chapter 55

      From the people who brought you bankrupt and broken Iraq, act 2-broken and bankrupt USA with trillions in new taxes and the hope of the change of the Ownership Society. Expect more stuff closing and less hours if it can keep operating.

  5. dave m brewer says:

    Last week (here in Denver) or so a man was tired up, beaten and robbed in his house. Somehow he got himself loose. Grabbed his gun and killed the intruder. Problem is the robber was outside getting into his car… The man who was robbed is now being charged with murder (not manslaughter). He probably saved others from this punk. And I’m sure there was a cop just hours away that could saved this man.

    I don’t think there a jury that would convict this man, I won’t. Jury nullification…

    • jpfitz says:

      That sucks for the victim, if the perp was on his property or inside the residence the beaten man would have no charge over his head, I think. I don’t know the law in Denver.

    • Ah_Yea says:

      I believe if someone is trying to kill you, it’s ok to defend yourself even when it means shooting the guy when he is leaving. If he tried to kill you, then that is one of the consequences.

      Unfortunately the law, written by those who believe your life is less valuable than their ideas, say that if the killer’s back is turned he is no longer a threat. What a joke. Who ways he isn’t going to his car to finish the job or get his buddies? It happens all the time.

      Which also leads me to another thought. What is the reason behind having a lower sentence for “attempted murder”?? The killer gets a lesser sentence because he’s incompetent??

      I would have one simple law, “Intent to Murder”. If someone intends to murder you, then it should be counted as if they succeeded. No booby prize for being bad at it, just to try again later and get it right.

  6. jpfitz says:

    This talk of defending oneself finally made the news during one of the latest false alarms on military institutions. During the coverage of an active shooter, CNN’s Ashley Banfield reports that the capable are to “run, hide or fight”.


    Why is it Now the sheepizens are being Told to “or fight”?

    Fight should be considered first, then defense.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      My gut tells me that cowards live longer than heros.

      Context counts. On a plane with terrorists? First 20 years: better to wait it out. Since 911–better to fight.

      You know: no simple rule to base your manhood on.

      • Hmeyers says:

        “My gut tells me that cowards live longer than heros.”

        Cowards die a thousand times, a brave man dies but once.

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

          Well….. thats not true. I’m a coward, and doing just fine.

          I say this at 6’2 and 220 pounds having trained in judo (yes, it was called that simply–in Japan where I trained at the Emperor’s Palace. Took place right after the horseback riding lessons) and then in the USA for years.

          A friend of mine asked why I ran away from fights with all that training (mostly just leaving the area). He wouldn’t accept it was part of the training. “What pleasure do you get running away?” My answer was and is: “I run with confidence.”

          Ha, ha.

        • jpfitz says:

          I like that phrase about cowards. Bravery can be as simple as walking into an elevator. I believe bravery by individuals is usually an impulse to protect or shield another.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            Thanks jp. It is “all how you look at it.”

    • Hmeyers says:

      Fun fact: Great Britain got rid of guns and then eventually the police stopped investigating muggings and violent crime — awesome.

      While the United States has more gun violence per capita, Great Britain rules in muggings and violent assaults in a way crapholes like Chicago have no prayer of matching.


      Great Britain also has other lovely things like acid in the face attacks (a Muslim favorite like in Iran and Afghanistan). Awesome job of protecting their citizens!

      Acid attacks in Great Britain:



    You’re on Your Own (YOYO) – By R. L. Seigneur, Major (Ret.),

    The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled again that the police do not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm (Town of Castle Rock, Colorado v. Gonzales)

    • noname says:

      Our government’s proven new “Modus operandi”, “You’re on Your Own (YOYO) – By R. L. Seigneur, Major (Ret.)”; then, why is the government trying so hard to stop people acquiring the means to protect themselves?

      More evidence yet again, clearly showing, the government is not trying “to protect us” or “protect us from ourselves”, but to ever increase its dominion over its citizens.

      As Snowden stated: “we are becoming more and more accountable to a government that’s becoming less and less accountable to us”!!

      For the 99%, we are just cash cows to be corralled, manipulated and lied to so we can be milked by those in power (government and industry)! It’s not “government for the people by the people”; instead, it’s now “government for government sake” and death to all who disagree!

      • RADIO FREE CRIMEA says:

        Government is needed to hand out cash for clunkers and refill the looted banks and send out debt backed checks. They also have a reconstruction plan for Iraq. You get to pay for Isis weapons and trucks and have yours confiscated and towed away. Sheriffs sales are booming. Flint is filled with people telling lies, trying to figure out how the town went dry. With the city murder rates soaring, it’ll create more good agency and state jobs. The growing bureau needs vendors to grow the bureau and that’ll create political donations. The water banks are growing as fast as the food banks. The empty stores can be banks and flea markets. What should the empty banks be? Expand the post offices to make progress by losing billions of dollars a month delivering shutoff notices and junk mailings. With more sonic booms, you can have make work programs putting in new window glass. If vandalism goes up we’ll see more jobs and get free clinic cards from Washington. It’s going to cost more and the service is going to be bad all while raising the debt by billions. Public service!

  8. Golden Mitts says:

    “Seems to be a common theme these days. I read this while listening to Hillary drone on about gun control whilst surrounded by Secret Service agents. Maybe you should just get a Rottweiler or two.”

    Ya! Maybe old Fido will lick them to death. It’s not like people aren’t responsible or know how to control a dog or anything (either).

    And while we’re at it, let’s outlaw buckets! After all, everyone knows that buckets are only used to water-board innocent prisoners.

    … Though, good luck putting out any fires when all you have is well water. And good luck fending off that 7-foot 280-pound deranged monster/maniac when all you have is your 4-foot 90-pound body to back up any pathetic fisticuffs you throw. Ya! That’ll work. …NOT!

    • noname says:

      A 4-foot 90-pound body should easily out-run, out-think or out-maneuver a 7-foot 280-pound deranged monster/maniac!

      A little ‘imagination’ and brains is more functional and versatile than ‘instincts’ and simple mechanics!

      Your mind is your most powerful weapon, if you allow it!

  9. mahonie says:

    Good old fashion Sucker Punch

  10. Cephus says:

    They’re absolutely right though. The police cannot respond to a situation until it’s already happened. There is no thought crime. They can only arrest a criminal once they have broken the law. They can only arrest someone for assault after they’ve beaten the crap out of you. The police don’t protect anyone, they react to situations after they’ve already happened. They have never protected anyone before the fact. Therefore, it is up to you to protect yourself and your family and your property. It always has been and always will be.

    Why is this so hard for people to understand?


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