NEW YORK (AP) — New York City plans to start enforcing a first-of-its-kind requirement for chain restaurants to use icons to warn patrons of salty foods after getting an appeals court’s go-ahead Thursday to start issuing fines. But it’s not the final word on whether the regulation will stand.

The novel rule took effect in December, and some eateries already have added the requisite salt-shaker-like icons to menu items that contain more salt than doctors recommend ingesting in an entire day.

But penalties have been in limbo as the National Restaurant Association fights the measure in court. That clash is ongoing, but an appeals court Thursday lifted a temporary hold on issuing the fines while the case plays out. Fines can be up to $600.

The city will start enforcing the rule June 6.

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio applauded the appeals court’s decision on what he called “a common-sense regulation that will help New Yorkers make better decisions and lead healthier lives.” The city won the first round of the lawsuit in a trial court in February; the restaurant association appealed.

The group called on the city Thursday to delay enforcement voluntarily until the appeal is resolved.

Back in the news….Federal study concludes cell phone usage causes cancer in rats and children. But didn’t we already know that?

  1. Rex says:

    I like the idea of being warned that the food I’m ordering has more salt than my daily allowance. Maybe Pedro wants to live in ignorance but I like being informed that I may be making a bad choice.

    • Ya Know says:

      It’s fast food chain restaurants, you don’t need a government to tell you its probably going to be bad for you.

      Or maybe you do.

    • Govt. Dependant #395301041 says:

      Read the fucking story AGAIN! There’s a BIG difference between being “informed” and being CONTROLLED!

      Your LORDS are telling you: Go ahead. Lay down, Take it up the ass. It won’t hurt a bit. It’s GOOD for you. (You have no MIND and cannot THINK for yourself.)

      Be a sheep.

  2. spsffan says:

    Avoiding New York City is far easier than avoiding salt. Still, stupid law, but what do you expect from the place that brought you the soda size ban.

    Far more interesting is that cell phones cause cancer in rats and children! Unfortunately, rats don’t use them much. But children do…YES!

    • Govt. Dependant #395301041 says:

      Say what you want but Cell phones do KILL!

      Not a day goes by where some LEMMING somewhere behind the wheel of a car/truck decides to crash because that text or cat picture was more important than LIVING! Perhaps YOU are the next victim? Or are you smarter than that? Don’t be too quick to answer if your cell phone is ON when you drive.

      “Don’t text and drive” Give me a BREAK!


  3. NewFormatSux says:

    They stormed the beaches because the ocean is salty?

  4. Likes2LOL says:

    I work all day busting my ass in a salt mine, and now they won’t even put the fruit of my labor on restaurant tables? Sheesh! 😉

  5. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Its a LABELING law to provide info. You know….so that very ignorant people can have the tools to protect themselves. So….Not Pedro….just everyone he knows.

    Everything should be labeled as much as reasonable. I just stopped buying a whole wheat bread because the label informed me it was just standard wheat with coloring. No way to tell by just looking at it. Tasted good……..BECAUSE my taste buds are shot with a life time of consuming corn syrup.

    So typical: “We Don’t Need no Education!”

    Silly Pukes.

    • Govt. Dependant #395301041 says:


      You’re not worth any more time than that.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Thats it?

        Silly Puke.

    • Ya Know says:

      Why bobbo, do you think cell phones aren’t labeled? Maybe the cell phone lobby is richer than the salt lobby? Not enough data? Is salt really worthy of gov’t concern?

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        thats an “ok” link. POINT BEING: it doesn’t matter what you or I, or the gubment, or the farmer, or the dietician, or the manufacturer thinks of the issue.

        LABEL THE FOOD so you know what you are eating and apply your own value system, right or wrong. EG–I don’t think there is anything wrong with GMO foods. But I do think they should be labeled as such for those who do care. Same with country of origin, organic, preticides, got nuts or anything else with enough interest to raise their issue.

        Why not?

        Same with non-food products. You can’t be FREEEEEEEEEEEE if you are stone cold stupid or uniformed. Labelling without further mandates addresses that need. Othewise, “others” are affecting your life and lives. Kinda like lead in the water….if you let them get away with it.

        Today….makes sense to me to have some notice or warning on any device that emits “rays” of any kind. Indeed, they aren’t natural. Then you make your own choice.

        • Benjamin says:

          To be fair, the picture associated with this story showed that the salt shaker was missing. I want salt and pepper on my scrambled eggs and I don’t want to have to walk across the restaurant to get a salt shaker.

          Sure, reduce the salt that is cooked into our foods, except where you can’t like in hams and bacon, and French fries. Salt is an important part of every recipe. But have a shaker available so people can salt to taste.

          Salt does preserve foods, so are you willing to pay way more for fresh foods? We also tend to salt our food to taste at the table. If you have too much salt, it might marginally raise your blood pressure, but your body will pee out the excess salt. Just drink plenty of water.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            Hi Benji: To be fair, the picture has nothing to do with the post.

            but head on….if salt is bad for people….why shouldn’t you be made to walk 20 feet to get your poison?

            This world wasn’t built for your individual preferences.

            The salt in question has nothing to do with preserving foods….opening up another whole category of food labels and regulations.

            Wrong in most of what you post. Very consistent.

  6. Hmeyers says:

    I don’t see why labeling shouldn’t say how much salt is in something at a restaurant.

    Especially it is being abused.

    There are restaurant health inspectors for a reason.

    Taco Bell would sell 35% beef/65% filler material or use ground up horse if there weren’t oversight.

    This doesn’t sound like a “big deal”, like people are making it out to be.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Because the purpose is behavior modification. Cass Susstein is the genius who popularized it. Instead of passing mandates, they provide people incentives to do the behavior they want. So calorie counts and labelling of foods, taxes on products and behaviors they don’t like, and other more subtle things. They would do subliminal ads if they actually worked.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        And the unavoidable alternative is to have restaurants doing whatever they want to without your knowledge and in many cases, without your consent.

        Do you want to live your life based on being INFORMED or IGNORANT?

        simple really…….how many Pukes demand to be kept ignorant. Unburdened by facts.

        • NewFormatSux says:

          Let the restaurants put calorie counts and labels on their website where you find out if you want. Don’t make them put it on the menus.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            NFS–point of use makes the most sense.

            Y’all are very resistant to anything new…regardless of intent, impact, pros or cons.

            The very difference between liberal and conservative. I say: TRY IT. don’t like it?? then change it. But stop the BS kneejerk nay saying.

        • jpfitz says:

          Puke mentality is to ignore the tasty bits, the bits that clog their arteries, form that round belly and pay a hell of a lot of unnecessary attention to where the dollars for the indigent goes. I get it. No free lunches. But-

  7. jpfitz says:

    I don’t need to read anything about you’re supposed Nazi state preaching about salt intake. Salt, sugar and fat in excess very, very bad. Good for the supposed Nazi state warning of health risks. Not all the sheeple are edumacated. Ya no.

    Science. Ask your Doctor butt-heads. A big deal over-what? We know high blood pressure and water retention is bad. Nothing wrong with informing the uninformed about dietary needs and excess.

  8. jpfitz says:

    GOOD. About f’in Time.

  9. Peppeddu says:

    Now we need Sarah Paling eating a big pile of salt on stage

  10. Eddie G says:

    Possession of less than 28g of salt will remain legal for those 18 and over, but larger quantities will be considered evidence of intent to traffic, and will be prosecuted.


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