Brazilian first responders have a message for travelers arriving to the city just ahead of the 2016 Olympics: “Welcome to hell”.

  1. Hmeyers says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the news, but definitely not “Pic of the Day”.

    • McCullough says:

      Yes, I’ve been trying to avoid adding an Islamic terrorist massacre of the day section. But it’s not been easy.

    • jpfitz says:

      Wow, words cannot express the feelings from the photo. Today seems to be the day the full scale of the brutality during and after an attack can be shown in print and video.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Mark Steyn pointed out that TSA and other airport security just creates insecure zones outside the security. Now we see that with Brussels and Turkey. The response will be to expand the security zone to the whole airport, and then the sidewalks outside the airport.

      Why not put up a security zone at the national border?

  2. jpfitz says:

    Who would go to Brazil for pleasure nowadays? The Russians were lucky for a while when banned, the committee adjusted the ban, take performance enhancing drug test and you’re ok to fly to Rio.

  3. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Rio is a fantastic city….along with most of Brazil.

    As with anywhere else it the world, you have to pay attention to where and when you go to various places and not be an asshat while doing so (easier if you’re not on the internet).

    You can pull good and bad photos/issues from every country in the world.

    Don’t be fooled….but do pay attention.

  4. Likes2LOL says:

    Although “WELCOME TO HELL” is a very attention-getting headline, the rest of the banner is a non sequitur: Even if the police and firefighters get paid, visitors still won’t be safe in Rio de Janeiro.

    Welcome to Hell, indeed! Enjoy your stay… 😉

  5. NewFormatSux says:

    Thank you Barack Obama for going to London and destroying the US delegation’s chances.
    I hope the Olympics never comes back here. Was glad to be a part of ending Boston’s stupid bid.

  6. Mr Diesel - Nothing pithy to put here says:

    If I wanted to go to a third world shithole I’d drive to D.C. and come in New York Ave.

  7. IM77 says:

    That sign is pretty hard to believe. Why would police and firefighters agree to work without pay?

  8. Marko says:

    Olympics in Rio, World Cup in Russia and Qatar… what’s next… Syria?


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