I’m not going to see the Star Trek Beyond movie for 2 reasons. The first reason is because of the lawsuit by CBS/Paramount against the fan film Axanar. The second reason is that this is Star Trek in name only. It’s not real Star Trek. J,J, Abrams has butchered Star Trek the way he butchered Star Wars. It uses Star Trek names and references but it’s just another sci-fi action film. I then we should all #BoycottStarTrek

Real Star Trek as envisioned by Gene Roddenberry was much more than science fiction. Star Trek was a vision of the future of humanity. Star Trek was about people in the future, their relationships, their values, their struggles with advancing technologies and how those advancement relate to human society. It’s about what’s right and wrong in the context of exploring the universe. When does the prime directive apply? Respecting alien cultures. Forming alliances. Understanding alien cultures.

Before Roddenberry the future was depicted as bleak. Computer and robots taking over enslaving humanity. Space aliens attacking Earth, killing the men and bring the women back for breeding. Nuclear wars and post apocalyptic civilizations. Roddenberry changed that. He had a vision of humanity exploring the universe, to go where no man had gone before. A vision of what humanity should look like 300 years from now.

Of course we all know that the universe isn’t full of planets with humanoid life that all speak English and are anatomically close enough to not only have sex with, but have children with. NASA does not expect to find planets with green Orion slave girls that no human male can resist. But Star Trek was a metaphor, a story, not to be believed as true, but to make important points and explore important issues that we in the real world will have to face as we choose our own evolutionary future.

So strong is this vision that Star Trek fans have create their own Star Trek episodes, make of which are as good or better than the studious have produced. And for many years CBS/Paramount has left them alone, and then there was Axanar. The Axanar Productions raised 1 million in crowd funding to produce a full theater grade movie that was free and CBS/Paramount has sued them over it.

I’m not going to argue that there isn’t some copyright infringement issues. Yes – they do own it and they have a legal right to screw it up any way they want to. But this is a lot like the Music Industry suing its fans. They have a right to – but doing so makes no sense. And – I’m not going to support senseless stupidity to watch something that’s Star Trek in name only. Star Trek Beyond is just a special effects film that is all about the money. It’s not even Star Trek.

In contrast, Axanar is pure Star Trek. Look at the difference between the above Star Trek Beyond Trailer and Axanar. Anaxar is about the clash of 2 cultures. The Federation vs. the Klingons. Our values and our culture vs. theirs. It’s about who we are and what we stand for and protecting those values. And it certainly isn’t about money.

J.J. Abrams has encouraged CBS/Paramount to drop their lawsuit fearing that fans like me will boycott Star Trek, even claiming that he was successful. But I understand this hasn’t actually happened and that this is just a stunt to make fans think it’s settled when it’s not.

If CBS/Paramount were smart they would encourage these fan film projects like Axanar and they could make a lot of money putting Anaxar into movies. And Axanar is the kind of movie that even if it were out there for free, people would still go to the movies to watch it. And it would cost CBS/Paramount a dime to do so. And they wouldn’t be pissing off Star Trek Fans who they should be trying to court, not take to court.

Here’s one of my favorite Start Trek fan films. It’s called “In Harm’s Way”. Very well written and quality similar (on purpose) to 1960s Star Trek.

Live long and Prosper.

  1. PeterR says:

    “NASA does not expect to find planets with green Orion slave girls that no human male can resist.”

    So what’s the point of NASA, then?

  2. Mr. Universe says:

    Your loss mate, I’m going to see it twice just for you.

  3. Dave Galanter says:

    Fan films are great. I’ve participated in them even though I am a published author of officially licensed and approved Trek novels. I even helped Alec Peters with his Axanar script when he asked me to read his first draft and give him comments and suggestions. Little did I know he’d be using my name in his press kit telling people I was story editor, of course, because he neither sought nor acquired my permission.

    Then, later he asked me to write a Trek novella for his Axanar background as a perk for one of his crowdfunding efforts. I told him that would need to be licensed and when he finally said he couldn’t get licensing, he suggested I write it bootleg, under the table and with a pen name.

    Between that, and selling Trek merch in a “donor” store (star ship models, Axanar coffee, and so on) AND funding a for-profit studio on the back of selling Star Trek to fans…

    No, I cannot support Axanar. It is NOT all fan films. It’s not a fan film at all. It’s a scam.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      It all depends on what your values are. If you think Star Trek is about money and copyrights I agree with you. If you think of Star Trek as a vision for the future then you’re a dumb ass. If you think suing your fan base is a good idea then you’re an idiot.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        They aren’t suing the fan base. The fan base is much bigger now.

        Of course Star Trek is about money. It is certainly not a vision of the future for any but the shallowest thinkers.

      • Dave Galanter says:

        Star Trek is entertainment and it is about money which employs a lot of people. Shouldn’t they have a right to protect their livelihood?

        Don’t morals and values to protect ones property count?

  4. Rob says:

    Axanar does not exist in any form.

    At all.

    And never will.

  5. Ken says:

    Bet you will. Then you’ll complain. That’s what you do.

  6. I donated money to Axanar 16 months ago primarily for perks which have sat for 14 months in a warehouse. Axanar used my money to build a studio, to house Alec Peters personal for profit ventures including Propwerxs, a fulfillment company (which lies about its track record and success, and a professional studio soundstage.

    I was promised an Axanar movie. I was promised patches. Neither have been delivered. Meanwhile Alec Peters had taken money and paid himself, in part based on someone else’s IP.

    I don’t care for JJ trek. I hated voyager. But like every bred-in-the-blood Trekkie, I’ll pay good money to see the movie. For you I’ll see it s second time to make up for your ‘loss’.

  7. Tony says:

    This Axanar has been a complete mess from the get go ! The complete mismanagement of not only the movie, the crowdfunding money, the perks, and every aspect of this clown show ! I think they personally screwed over all the other fan clubs by violating the boundaries of fan films, therefore instigating a lawsuit (which can’t close the final door on this mess fast enough) by CBS/Paramount Pictures.. And then if that wasn’t enough screwing over the fan films, Axanar’s one band Alec Peters (after the lawsuit) pushed and pushed to establish some type of guidelines or rules which he could work with movie around (assuming he ever was going to do it) even to the point of coming up with HIS OWN guidelines and then submitting them to the studio who’s filing the lawsuit against him, (yes, this actually happened, it that’s not out of touch with the reality of the situation, what is) and continued to push and push until CBS/Paramount got tired of the crap and had there people establish some tight guidelines.. Now Axanar (Alec Peters) is upset because the guidelines aren’t what he wanted, so now he’s trying to use a backdoor approach to get his supporters to boycott CBS and Paramount … When it comes down to boycotting anything Star Trek, make sure you have the right group …

    • sorka says:

      None of what you accuse Axanar has been proven. Not a single thing. CBS/Paramount are suing Axanar simply out of fear that a sub million dollar fan film can be better than anything CBS or Paramount can produce for 200 times the cost.

      I’m boycotting Beyond as well but only due to the Axanar lawsuit. Yes, I’m not a JJ verse fan but I’m still fan enough to see the first two. I even liked the 2009.

      But I will not see another CBS or Paramount produced Star Trek while the Axanar suit is still going on and if they kill Axanar and it never happens, I’ll never pay to see another CBS/Paramount Star Trek property again.

      Given the dismal boxoffice numbers which should have been far better than Into Darkness given the far better critical reviews, it’s clear the boycott has real teeth.

  8. ECA says:

    The Orginal Star trek..1st season..wasnt much.
    The 2nd seacon started out great, got abit political..and WAS CUT..

    Once the story line Started saying something..and HAD A PLOT…the corp got upset..Esp because the show Got POPULAR..

  9. IM77 says:

    Wow! Such comments! I have nothing particularly negative to say, Marc, except regarding going beyond your spelling checker when you are about to post something on this blog, especially if it’s lengthy. Read it first. As an example, this post has a number of incorrect words. No spelling errors, but word usage errors. Otherwise, great post and I agree with you.

  10. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Well, I disagreed with Marc before I agreed with him, then I concluded by disagreeing with him.

    I had never thought about the notion that before Star Trek aliens/space/maybe even the future was dark, forboding and dangerous…Then Star Trek with its infantile Jock Girl chasing Captain Kirk made it all sunshine and honey? I did not know that.

    but…what is the specific difference between the old days when Monsters from space were going to attack us……….and going to war against the Klingons in space now? The Prime Directive? Pulease==>never followed unless to set up a real stupid episode.

    Values. In olden days the Aliens kidnapped our women and took them back to home planet to repopulate their numbers. In Star Trek…Kirk beds them all and then dumps them. what prime directive is at play there?

    …………….and on and on. I have a deeper appreciation for what Fan Boi is all about. Made up notions of honor.

  11. NewFormatSux says:

    If CBS doesn’t sue Axanar, then they can’t sue anyone else for violating trademark.

    No one would want to watch something like Axanar except die-hard fans. Fans who whined that Enterprise wasn’t cheesy enough.

    JJ Abrams extended Star Trek for another 15 years, with another series coming to TV thanks to his efforts.

    • sorka says:

      Why? They didn’t see any of the other fan films which are all just as guilty as Axanar.

  12. NewFormatSux says:

    This movie steals from Babylon V, Avatar, Scorpion King, and maybe even Lego Ninjago. If they made the full thing, there might be some District 9 or Battlestar Galactica included.

    And that Admiral’s speech signals a total loss to the Klingons. It sounds like Angela Merkel surrendering Europe to the Muslims.

  13. Roger Ebert says:

    if the movie sux, just don’t go.

  14. Ah_Yea says:

    Hey Marc!

    If you liked In Harm’s Way,

    You will love this one. It’s my favorite of the bunch.
    Fairest of them all.

  15. Cats Meow says:

    Well I for one AM going to see the movie!

    I love Robbie the Robot and that Doctor Smith guy.

    And June Lockhart… still a looker who can give Marta Kristen a run for her money!

    RIP Irwin Allen.

  16. Clancys_Daddy says:

    Dammit stop blowing up the Enterprise.

  17. Mr Diesel - TP says:

    I think ever since ST Wrath of Khan I have taken off work early to go see the latest ST movie and I will this week as well.

    I’ll watch the new TV show as well.

    I will not see the new Ghostbusters bullshit, if for no other reason than the moronic bitch from SNL.

  18. Hmeyers says:

    I won’t see the new Star Trek film for the same reason.

    Star Trek Continues is pretty ok, reminds me of the original series. The new Star Trek policy will pretty much kill off all the fan based series like Star Trek Continues.

    So I won’t be seeing the new Star Trek movie.

    I don’t think attacking loyal fans is the right thing to do.

  19. Morey says:

    Hi Marc,

    As Axanar’s spokesperson, I must ask you to reconsider this decision. We’re all looking forward to the new film and wish J.J. Abrams, Justin Lin, and the cast and crew much success, and in no way support boycotts. Although I’m no fan of the last film, the first reboot was great – not perfect – but very enjoyable and well within whatever could be considered Trek. This is an important point; after all, Star Trek has been reinventing itself for decades. I’m old enough to remember the furor because Klingons and the Enterprise were redesigned for TMP. So when people say the new movies aren’t real Trek, I’d suggest they go back and be honest about how much has changed since the show first aired.

    As for Axanar, settlement talks are ongoing. I hope I’ll have news soon. In the meantime, please do consider seeing the new film and new series (beginning in 2017.) We all want more Star Trek, and supporting Paramount and CBS’s efforts sends that message.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      Sorry – I just can’t support this level of stupidity. CBS/Paramount should be teaming up with and encouraging fan films. Roddenberry is rolling in his grave.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        How many fan films did Roddenberry endorse?

        • Hmeyers says:

          “Even Majel Barrett Roddenberry, wife of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, reprised her role as the voice of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s computer in a fan production.”

          One of the things that set Star Trek apart was the fan base.

          And that the “powers that be behind” Star Trek had a policy of allowing fan fiction.

          Attacking your own fans is a good form of corporate suicide.

          Large companies love attacking their fans and ruining their products.

          • NewFormatSux says:

            That was 16 years after Gene died. How many fan films did he endorse?

      • SteveP says:

        Who the hell are you to say what Roddenberry would be doing? Are you his official spokesperson? No. Are you the official spokesperson for every Trek fan out there? No. So quit acting like you are and shut your mouth.

        I’m a long time Trek fan and I don’t feel like I’m being sued/oppresed/trod upon or any of that other overwrought crap crybabies like you like to trot out, so stop with that “the fans” crap.

        Star Trek belongs to CBS. Period. They have every right to sue or not sue any fan production at their discretion and they chose to sue Alec Peters and his pirate ship for their scam behavior. Good. I hope they wipe the floor with Axanar as they are a cancer on Trek fandom.

  20. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Gee….the “insiders” came out on this one. Good to see.

    I almost want to watch both sides of the argument now…..although… any story/character/theme/arc pretty much gets lost in the Special Effects. Kinda like the music being too loud???

    It is fun to see how the SE advances…both in Big Budget and in Fan Boi based efforts. Coming along in both spheres.

    The target audience for both remains hormonal teen boys willing to see the movie 10 times. All rather silly.

  21. Grounded says:

    Who cares? NONE of those Trekie movies were EVER very good. The FEW I’ve seen (and NONE of it at a movie theater) was really just extensions of more TELEVISION! Very EXPENSIVE television!!!

    What’s even more amazing is how so these boob tube space sci-fi fans (of Star-Wars/Trek, or whatever) are such LEMMINGS to show up in droves and pay real money to the Hollywood puppet masters. They have NO IDEA how much they are a part of the PROBLEM just by watching this shit — let alone, PAY for it!

    I’m with you, but for very different reasons — BOYCOTT THIS CRAP!

  22. Horst says:

    What a bunch of Melvins you guys are. Seriously, get a life already.


  23. NewFormatSux says:

    If you were honest Marc, you would have written the same thing even if the Axanar and Beyond plots were switched.

  24. Semantic says:

    I am sure J.J. Abrams and CBS are losing sleep because some illiterate moron doesn’t go see this movie.

  25. I.Dohno says:

    Is it still boycotting if I was never going to see it anyway?

    • Marc Perkel says:

      That’s a good question, and it applies to me. I think the movie is likely to suck. I might have gone to see it and write a review and to see if I’m as disappointed as I think I probably will be.

      A true boycott would be that if you thought you might go and you decide maybe you wouldn’t BECAUSE of a reason to boycott – that’s a boycott. If you don’t care about the REASON then it’s not.

      I have to admit this was an easy boycott. If the movie were more like what I think Anaxar was going to be that would have been harder.

  26. Horst says:

    Thats it…..I have to go see this movie now.

    Now where’s that light sabre I had when I was 12……


  27. Glenn E. says:

    There isn’t just box office bucks at stake, for Paramount Pictures. It’s military defense bucks, too. CBS clearly works for the Pentagon. After coming to the rescue of “NCIS”, years ago, when it was dropped by two other networks. Now it enjoys its permanent 8pm time slot, on Tuesdays. Making should the kiddies don’t go to bed, before they can watch it. Other days, 8-9pm slots are either for comedies, or lame reality shows. NCIS and spin off NCIS LA are the exceptions. Always getting 8pm.

    The same holds for movies, that you may think are about scifi adventures. But have been turned into militaristic propaganda, by CBS/Paramount. That’s why they’re sucking, so bad.

    Especially this idea of rebooting older franchises, to have new past time lines. Now, Star Trek no longer has to obey any Prime Directive. They rebooted that plot obstacle away. So Pentagon approved scripts, can be about whatever political or economic agenda, they want it to promote. Teaching young minds that our military can never do wrong. Just as Star Trek shows it.


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