1. Make it so says:

    Lots are rhetoric on this thread. You’ve got to be running near empty.

    Summarize your bottom line. How you would run things? Better yet, if you could write a 28th Amendment that would STICK, what would it say?

    Amendment XXVIII (2016):

    Or is endless talking and no action all that’s left?

    • ± says:

      28th Amendment —- no individual, corporation, organization, entity, or any other group, may in any way shape or form provide something of any value whatsoever to any politician, or any group of politicians, or any organization which represents or is affiliated with any politician.

      Also the Amendment would define a mechanism by which all qualified candidates receive equal financial support (to the last penny) from the general tax fund. All funding would be visible in real time on the internet to anyone in the world as would all spending by every candidate. Candidates could only spend from the designated account with the designated ‘debit card’. Period.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        So does this mean newspapers are forbidden from covering candidates?

        • Ah_Yea says:

          Stop thinking! Coherent thought is NOT ALLOWED!!

          BTW, if all qualified candidates receive equal financial support (with whatever “qualified” means) wouldn’t that favor Jill Stein over Hillary?? I mean, after all, they have equal financial support to spread their message.

          WAIT, NO!! I’m sorry, I was THINKING!! NOT ALLOWED!!

      • Phydeau says:

        Hey ±, I’m with you 100% on this one. Get the money out of politics! 😀

        • ± says:

          Slick; very slick. Your stated approbation is almost infinitely more effective than anything else you have said in your attempts to vilify. Others may flee the blog, thinking they may be next.


  2. NewFormatSux says:

    The brainwashed start with one of the following openers and then go on to offer either sarcasm or no argument at all.

    Look for these tells to identify the brainwashed:

    1. LOL

    2. Wow.

    3. So…

    4. In other words…

    5. OMG

    6. HAHAHAHA!

    7. (Any personal or professional insult)

    8. Hitler analogy

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Ha, ha—Wow! In other words..if we see YOU started your most recent post just above with “so” that would mean something in your mind? OMG… only an idiot would post their own made up rule so close to a violation of it. Have you no professional standards of review AT ALL? Zero intellectual content but most excellent comedic talent, purposeful or not. Kinda like Hitler invading Russia…. you know?


      • NewFormatSux says:

        It’s quite possible I meet the same criteria.
        However, your example just shows another failure of reading comprehension on your part.

  3. NewFormatSux says:

    Obama has classified marijuana as worse than cocaine. Just more of the same, or a clever tactic to boost the Libertarians?

  4. NewFormatSux says:

    Bobbo, how many posts are you going to do where you talk describe yourself while criticizing others?

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      As we are all more the same to one another than different, I think that is unavoidable….if you don’t draw false distinctions.

      Why always the focus on the person or a label rather than what is actually SAID?

      Know what I mean?……………….. I know: all shadow speak to you.

  5. Phydeau says:

    Well that’s a relief:



    Pressed by Blitzer to explain the difference between a sarcastic and non-sarcastic nuclear attack, Trump responded, “You’d use the weapons and everything, but then you’d say, ‘Just kidding.’”

  6. Tomas says:

    I happen to like a President with a good sense of humour. Imagine listening to Killary “Buzzsaw” Clinton for the next year or two, or however long she lives for. The woman has zero comedic timing.

    Probably not more than 2….taking bets.

  7. McCullough says:

    Makes me glad that I am an expat and not allowed to vote. There is no choice here, not between these two.

    • Phydeau says:

      You are in a dwindling minority, every day that goes by and Drumpf opens his mouth…

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Not enough difference between crazy and insane destroying the world economy out of a need to satisfy his own ego vs a stogy traditional go with the majority flow of things while stealing for your personal gain as much as you can?

      If you can’t see what to for “for,” much more even to vote “against” then I’m glad you aren’t voting. You’d go third party…but as a numbskull Puke Base Voter…thats a good thing.

      You see… that is enough….the base turns on the chosen candidate. THAT is VOTE ENOUGH.

      Am I wrong? I thought you had to do more than go ex-pat to lose your vote. You have to give up your citizenship?? Not the same thing. But I know…fine distinctions aren’t your forte.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        It’s not about the stealing for personal gain, but what she is giving out in return. No donor will be rejected. Trump’s not being the same is the source of #NeverTrump. There would never have been a NeverGiuliani who is more liberal.

      • Tomas says:

        You will ALWAYS vote for the liberal. And you know it. Even if she’s a phony liberal.

        You made a choice at some point in your life to stop trying and coast on the government bennies.

        You need someone to support you.

  8. SoCiology says:

    The candidate who promises me a pony gets my vote.

    • Bingo says:

      Yep. Many will just vote for the one that promises them the most stuff.

      Free cheese for everyone:


      • Phydeau says:

        So true, Bingo. And the ones getting the most free stuff are the big corporations. Hugely profitable companies like Exxon/Mobil getting multi-billion dollar tax breaks. Because they have the fancy lobbyists, and we don’t. And the free stuff they get from the government dwarfs the free stuff poor people get.

        But I don’t hear wingnuts complaining about the government giving money to rich people, only poor people. Because the rich people have successfully conned you into focusing on the skin color of many of the poor people, and ignoring the rich people gorging themselves at the government trough.

        Why are you so stupid? Google “Southern Strategy” to see just how stupid you are. Here. To save your desperately needed brain cells, just click here.


        • Bingo says:

          You agreed what I said was true. Why am I stupid?

          Stupid is, as stupid does.

          You’re an angry person. Do you feel helpless?

        • NewFormatSux says:

          ExIm Bank, eliminated by (some)Republicans, over the objections of Democrats including Obama and Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton.
          Brought back to life with a secret deal with Republican leadership, after illegally refusing to wind down the bank when its funding and charter expired.
          Committee Chairman Richard Shelby has prevented the bank from giving out big loans, again with the objections of the Democrats.

          So why are Democrats so eager to give money to GE?

  9. Phydeau says:

    Whoa… interesting article from Public Policy Polling about South Carolina. Looks like Clinton has a chance in this deep red state. But here’s the interesting bit.

    Whether Democrats end up winning South Carolina in the Presidential race this fall or not, the generational differences in the state portend well for the party in the decades ahead. Trump is only ahead because of a massive advantage among seniors in the state at 58/30. When you look at everyone in the electorate below the age of 65, Clinton leads Trump 41/36. That suggests the potential for the Palmetto State to become much more of a battleground in the years ahead, just as in migration and the increasing diversity of the electorate has done in Southern states like Virginia and North Carolina.


    Wow, conservative old white people are all that’s left in the Republican party, even in a conservative state like SC. Interesting…

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Not surprising.
      Liberals make it more expensive for poor people to live in their state, and these people then leave for Republican states where it is cheaper to live and easier to get a job. If you have good candidates, then they can be convinced to vote Republican. If it is establishment corporate shills like Lindsey Graham, not so much.

      • Phydeau says:

        Yup, all those people under 65 are lazy, shiftless, cheating bums. And some of them aren’t white!!! And some of them are female!!! Scandalous!!!

        You forgot the part where you feebly shake your cane from your rocking chair on the porch. 😉

        • Tomas says:

          So you’re an ageist and a bigot…a twofer!

          Not to worry Phydeau, you’re probably gonna get your murdering piece of trailer trash for President. And I’m sure she’ll fix all the worlds problems, and golden unicorns and cash fairies will dance across the land.

        • Phydeau says:

          Aww, Tomasito. Poor baby. It must hurt to be so stupid. No unicorns, but most likely the country will do OK, like it has under Obama, and like it did under Bill Clinton. She most likely won’t start a war under false pretenses costing trillions of dollars and thousands of American soldiers.

          And us Americans will probably do OK, even though we have a fair number of problems, and might be saddled with another do-nothing Republican Congress.

          And pedrito… as always, thanks for your unique contributions to this blog. 🙂

          • NewFormatSux says:

            Nah, just Libya, Syria, and going back Haiti, Bosnia(troops are still there), Kosovo, and more.

            Curious Phydeau, do you believe Bill Clinton was justified in launching missiles at Iraq?

          • Phydeau says:

            NFS, maybe in a million years or so you can critique the Democrats on wars. Your guy started not one but TWO stupid wars, costing trillions of dollars and tragically wasted soldiers’ lives. Anything the D’s have done pales in comparison. F*ck off.

          • NewFormatSux says:

            Bob Dole shut down the vice president’s debate after talking about Democrat wars. So there’s still lots of catching up to do.

          • NewFormatSux says:

            So you think Hillary is less likely to start a war than Trump, who says he wants to get along with people, particularly Russia, while Hillary was arming the rebels who are fighting Russian forces?

          • NewFormatSux says:

            Do you believe Bill Clinton was justified in launching missiles at Iraq?

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        And that good people is why Jesus is a failed son of God. I mean: Just Look at him over there walking on the water. So like a liberal: he doesn’t know how to swim.

        Pure Puke Rhetoric. Not an idea or fact in any of them.

        Hang in there Phydeau…I find no interest in their yapping.

        • Tomas says:

          Yes, Phydeau, hang in there little buckaroo.

          Christ, get a fucking room already.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            Yap, yap, yap……………


        • Fido's Bone says:

          Typo? Did you mean lap, lap, lap?

          • Phydeau says:

            Speaking of getting a room… pedrito and tomasito are getting along just fine 😉

  10. Johnathan says:

    I have the feeling a lot of people are going to wake up Nov. 5th with a deep sense of regret. No matter who “wins”.

    We Lose.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Hillary is going to win…all who voted for her will be happy and releaved …. the great majority of voters.

      Those who don’t vote will hold their breadth with their fingers crossed or wait to see what happens.

      The Republicans will mindlessly bitch and crap with no ideas other than support the NRA and more benefits for the AlreadyTooRich.

      The Trumpsters will scream the system was rigged and look for another Brown Shirt to run in 2020.

      Nothing Changes.

  11. Steely Dog says:

    Ok, Ok, I’ll vote for Hillary on one condition. Like my granny, we cannot let her anywhere near a computer. Apparently that goes for Nancy Pelosi, and pretty much anyone in the DNC.

    These people cannot be trusted with technology.

  12. Phydeau says:

    No one will read this, but it’s here for the record: Hillary Clinton is a typical fibbing politician, while Donald Trump is a liar in a class by himself.


    • NewFormatSux says:

      Yea, they resort to the same dishonest factcheckers. Even this guy acknowledges that Hillary is lying thoroughly about her e-mail server.
      So Trump is lying about how many billions he is worth. Hillary is fibbing about national security.

      • Phydeau says:

        “those same dishonest factcheckers”

        Love it. All those factcheckers are wrong! They’re in conspiracy with every single media organization in the world except Fox News! It’s a GIANT CONSPIRACY!


        Because when you subscribe to an invented reality, you lose the ability to communicate with anyone who exists outside that sphere. In fact, you begin to look and sound ridiculous to those who are not already fully invested in your world, which explains why the 2016 Republican Convention proved to be such a flop. Unlike the Romney and McCain conventions, the Trump coronation fully immersed viewers in the swamp of various conservative obsessions, from Benghazi to murderous immigrants to the idea of America as some collapsing Third World nation. And while conservatives ate it up because it confirmed all that they had been taught to believe, it clearly left others scratching their heads and wondering what planet these people occupied.


        I wrote last week about the fact that even after all of these years, just 27 percent of registered Republicans are willing to admit to pollsters that Barack Obama is a native-born American and thus eligible to be president. Some of those reality-denying Republicans may actually believe that Obama was born in Kenya, but others are responding to the peer pressure described so well by Sykes. To be accepted as a fellow conservative, you often have to pretend to believe nonsense that you know is not true, because challenging it as fiction is grounds for expulsion. And while staying silent in the face of nonsense keeps you a member in good standing within the bubble, it makes you look nuts to those outside it, those whom you have to convince in order to win a majority. No movement can survive that kind of disconnect forever.

        You guys are losing touch with reality. Karl Rove melted down on national TV. People at Trump rallies spew out hatred, violence, and venom because they’re stuck in that unreality.

        You folks are a danger to America.

        • NewFormatSux says:

          They gave Lie of the Year to a Romney statement that was true.

          In fairness the next year went to an Obama statement, though they had it rated as half-true for awhile.

  13. u4nba.com says:

    Now you tell me she’s not a knock-out!


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