California State University Los Angeles recently rolled out segregated housing for black students.

The arrangement comes roughly nine months after the university’s Black Student Union issued a set of demands in response to what its members contend are frequent “racist attacks” on campus, such as “racially insensitive remarks” and “microaggressions” by professors and students. One demand was for a “CSLA housing space delegated for Black students.”

“[It] would provide a cheaper alternative housing solution for Black students. This space would also serve as a safe space for Black CSLA students to congregate, connect, and learn from each other,” the demand letter stated. The newly debuted Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community “focuses on academic excellence and learning experiences that are inclusive and non-discriminatory,” Cal State LA spokesman Robert Lopez told The College Fix via email.

Cal State LA joins UConn, UC Davis and Berkeley in offering segregated housing dedicated to black students.

  1. Hmeyers says:

    African Americans often live near other African Americans.
    Causcasians often live around other Causcasians.
    Hispanics often live around other Hispanics.
    Asians often live around other Asians.

    So what?

    No different than Italian neighborhoods and Polish neighborhoods in New York in older times.

    • Thom says:

      So what happens if one of “those people” move into YOUR neighborhood?

      Or your college dorm?

    • jpfitz says:

      So what? We now are forcing all Muslim, Black, Asian, Hispanic and “White” to avoid MICRO-AGgressions… ???

      WTF is micro-aggression, a nasty look, ooo. The Uni’s today have been completly co-opoted by the far left. Today critical thinking is not pc. Call me Disgusted.

      Today on C-SPAN3 I heard some truths that are avoided, even outlawed, by hate speech laws being constructed to keep us quiet while under attack.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      NYU canceled a lecture by James Watson. Apparently the discoverer of DNA was not good enough for them. The complaints of student groups was more important. No worries, they are “holding an open forum on inclusion and diversity in the sciences. Please be alert to future notifications for this event as we invite all voices to be heard.”

  2. Geoworker says:

    “The more things change…the more they remain the same.”

    -Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

  3. jpfitz says:

    History repeating itself ?

    Or is the melting pot of America starting to break, if not broken already?

  4. NewFormatSux says:

    So who will be the student who sues the university for denying him housing in this dorm on the basis of race?
    Will liberals now support ‘separate but equal’?

  5. Not So Fast says:

    Hey it’s OK by me, as long as no one objects to all white dorms, fraternities, sororities etc. If they don’t like that then fuck em, they have no right to this kind of special treatment.

    The snowflake brigade are just a bunch of pussies anyway.

    • Daniel F X Dravot says:

      This is why integrated neighborhoods are a transient phenomenon. It starts when the first Black family moves in and ends when the last White family is forced out.

      Substitute Muslim for Black and get the same result.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        Not true. There was more black white integration over 100 years ago. Mixed race blocks in Chicago was the norm in the census. It was after the Great Migration of blacks from the South that things changed.

  6. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Ha, ha………….. self segregation only occurs when the segregating group feels oppressed by those outside the group.

    Read ’em and weep.

    On point: regardless of the groups druthers, seems to me to be obviously discriminatory. I’m surprised the STATE will get away with this. The whole point of integration, whether desired or not, is that it benefits ALL parties…. even those who don’t want it.

    ………but can we expect anything else from an institution that endorses the concept of “micro agressions?” No…its just a weigh stop to the bottom of the barrel.

    • ± says:

      You have a problem with the concept of “micro aggressions” but don’t have a problem with the concept of “white privilege”? You are one totally confused liberal. :eyeroll:

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Well PM–that shows its YOU who don’t understand the concept of White Privilege.

        Hurst don’t it? The notion you didn’t grow up all on your own efforts? No luck or circumstances at all. Just you. All You. ONLY YOU.

        Such is the nonsense of otherwise informed people.

        Suck to be you.

        ………………but its a subject I’ve never really discussed…… so as you will, we can continue in ernest if you wish.

        Lets start so simply even you should see it: Was there white privilege during the time of slavery?

        • ± says:

          Idiot! You just are unable to understand that “white privilege” is a bullshit liberal word with no meaning. There never was and isn’t something which doesn’t exist.

          Now let’s talk about “black privilege”. This racist concept is embraced by your government in a myriad of regulations and forced quotas. “black privilege” isn’t made up. It is real and codified.

          • jpfitz says:

            PM, how about the phrase “it’s a Man’s world”. Is that not the old standard of racism and sexism?

          • ± says:

            to jpfitz

            Re your non sequitur; yes.

          • jpfitz says:

            Very good Pedro. You got me…James Brown, great song.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            Post Menapausal: you’ll never again have a new idea if you don’t answer direct questions:

            During slave times in the USA, was there such a thing as White Privilege… or not.


          • ± says:

            to bobbo’s latest clueless question:

            Same answer as before, “white privilege” is another made up bullshit liberal word to help keep the black man feeling victimized instead of exercising his “black privilege” to run circles around whitey.

            You’ll always be the liberal shill you are until you embrace new ideas to help knock that shit out of your head.

  7. Martin says:

    This is NOT progress! This type of approach doesn’t address any root cause issues; it only masks them. It is a really stupid idea.

    • jpfitz says:



    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      I’ll give that a +1 as well.

      The ebb and flow of multiple issues. Personal, group, and societal. pros and cons.

      Like always.

  8. Ah_Yea says:

    Separate but equal!!

    A great way for Liberals to keep them on the plantation.

    We don’t want them mix’n with the whities in public, so why mix’um in the schools!

  9. Race Riot says:

    Can anyone say, “DOUBLE STANDARD”?

    Somehow it’s considered segregated if white people want white-only. But if Black people want black-only, it’s not segregated?!


    This kind of shit just pisses me off.


    Ya! I said it. Or didn’t you know that only a nigga can say “nigga“?

    • jpfitz says:

      No you didn’t. Oh wait, you’re allowed because?

      I agree, this is racism but whitey ain’t allowed in this time.

      BLM has gone way too far, I saw on euronews a group protesting in Europe by blocking a highway till arrested.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        They do that here too.

        • NewFormatSux says:

          Then they got upset when some media followed them home and reported on who they are.

      • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

        Its called Civil Disobedience to draw attention to an issue considered important enough to risk jail time to bring to the fore.

        Whats wrong with that?…… in context?????

        • NewFormatSux says:

          It is legit if they are being really arrested, and not the token arrests that happens to Hollywood celebrities. Al Sharpton was in Puerto Rico and thought that’s what would happen, but the judge actually sent him to jail. He ended up turning it into a hunger strike and is thus still alive and looking unhealthily thin now. Look up his old pictures if you don’t remember.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            the action of BLM/civil disobedience is legit in all cases. The demonstrators are not responsible for what the cops/DA/Judges do. They put themselves AT RISK for abuse, arrest, prison every time they go public.

            Its Free Speech, Right of Assembly, Redressing a gubments wrong, educating the public, ending gubment deadlock and so forth. All kinds of good things going on…. even if disagree. Let the majority rule.

          • NewFormatSux says:

            No, it’s the right to assemble PEACABLY. That is why it is civil DISOBEDIENCE if you are protesting in the streets.

          • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

            NoF*ckingSense: assemble peacefully is what they did, do, and stand for. The fact that a deranged shooter not of the group used their peaceful assembly to snipe at the cops doesn’t change that.

            ……or are you that hypocritically two faced?

          • NewFormatSux says:

            What incident are you talking about? I haven’t followed the details. I was talking about someone blocking the highway until arrested, and you responded that it is civil disobedience, they are risking arrest, a point I agree with. Now you say it was peaceable assembly.

    • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

      Off course its segregation. No one says it isn’t.

      The issue is whether or not such segregation is, or should be, illegal. I think it should be which is why I posted I’m surprised the STATE has such a program. Maybe more leeway for private organizations. I don’t know…. non-disrimination laws differentiated between STATE vs PRIVATE action gets murky real fast.

      I see the pros and cons to each position. They are pretty even. As you should know, the distinction is one of who has the power, who is in control, who is being oppressed. Yes….white privilege. An issue you probably disagree with as if blacks have it even better than whites with all their gubments hand outs…. even though you would never choose to wake up Black……

      Sucks to be you.

      • ± says:

        If I woke up black, I’d have the best most awesome business at the expense of whitey that you can imagine. I’d take food right out of the mouths of poor white bastards who worked hard to create their businesses and who might even be better and more deserving than I am even tho I did nothing to deserve it. But fuck those white bastards. This is only one small thing I would do. The biggest thing I would do, would be to, every day, thank the FSM for my “black privilege”.

        Must suck to be trapped in your head.

        Must suck to be as far detached from reality (or lying?) as you are.

        • bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

          So…. voting third party is not your only defect.

          • ± says:

            You’d have been better off not leaving any response.

            [response ending drivel not posted here]

  10. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    pedro actually presenting an argument says:
    9/8/2016 at 12:21 pm

    Pretty sure the African tribes that sold rival tribesmen as slaves were excerpting their white privilege. Idiot! //// How could they do that not being white themselves??? No….I think they were excerpting their more powerful tribal position, tactical position on the field, or advantage by mere happenstance.

    Gravity exists. Gravity does not cause chemical reactions.

    Each issue to its own application.

    Shirley….. you aren’t this stoopid are you Pedro???? Best go back to school yard taunts so you can be ignored.

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