Don’t you just hate it when you get phone spam where someone just calls and hangs up or you get an automated call trying to get you to borrow money from them. I managed to trace the number back and called them. Their number is 516-320-8103. Feel free to give them a call and see what they have to offer. Every time they answer the phone it’s a different quick loan company.

  1. Hmeyers says:

    I fortunately don’t get called by spammers.

    I can imagine it would be quite annoying.

  2. bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    Money Lenders. Its what pissed Jebus off and birthed a whole new religion.

    Too bad these charlatans are allowed to exist. some good articles on pay day lending fuction being given to the local post office. Yeah, yeah. the PO…a valuable resource being wasted/killed off by our Federal Overlords.

    Consumer Protection. A religion I could support.

    • dadeo says:

      “Consumer Protection. A religion I could support.”

      Vote Nader

    • NewFormatSux says:

      They already wrecked the financial system by pushing loans to poor people. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. NewFormatSux says:

    Didn’t you put up a series of posts about inventing a great new killer app spam filter that would change the world?

  4. Mr Diesel - Libertarian Deplorable says:

    I liked getting bullshit calls to our house so much I took out every phone in house. If we like not having a home line then we will shut the service off completely in another month.

    My favorite is the Microsoft support calls telling me I have a virus. My record for keeping one on the the phone was about 29 minutes. The last one I led on until he asked what the screen said and I said it says this is a scam and the guy calling is a f$cking asshole. My little Indian buddy called me every name in the book as I laughed at him.

    Second favorite is tell sell our timeshare. We have never owned one.

    Third is the final call to lower my interest rate on my credit cards.

  5. spamman says:

    conference call them with this awesome robot: 214-666-4231

    • IM77 says:

      Dallas, eh? Maybe all you folks have free long distance calling so you can find out what he’s talking about. Not me.

  6. ± says:

    Geez, I have to be the one who tells Marc that there is no image visible since he posted this (as of the time of this response)?

  7. Hello, it's me! says:

    What amazes me is how the Attorney General, FTC, FCC or whoever won’t enforce the “no call” LAWS! And you’re not going to see this become an issue during the current political season either — probably because they (the candidates and other movement groups) are also using it.

    But that’s OK. I disconnected my home phone and never give out my cell number unless absolutely necessary. Any more, my cell number is almost like my social security number — ready to be abused, with no legal remedies, at the first sign of exposure.

  8. spsffan says:

    Funny thing is that I’ve had the same land line number for 20 years, and I rarely get spam calls. Heck, I rarely get calls on that line at all, except for my brother and my aunt who I can’t seem to train to call the cell phone.

    But, I’ve never been listed in the phone book, and since the option was made available some years ago, I’ve kept my “do not call” registry up to date.

    I suppose that caller id would help with this problem, except that the phone company wants $17 (or something outrageous like that) a month for it, and that just isn’t going to happen on a line that gets extremely little use.


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