Very good video.

  1. MikeN says:

    The philosophy is what brings Star Trek down. All the great episodes were written by Gene Coon and later for the next series Michael Piller. They had to kick Roddenberry’s philosophy aside, and just use his creation as a backdrop.

    Watch that first season of TNG, and it is dull.

    • Hmeyers says:

      The philosophy of the original series was great.

      * Be the best you can be
      * Do the right thing
      * Show courage in the face of overwhelming odds
      * Be compassionate, but beware of compassion to someone who intends to use it to hurt you.
      * Diversity.
      * People from other cultures have much to offer.

      Star Trek TNG was a bit more mixed. I can’t identify exactly what was wrong with it … I think it was too simplistic and had politically engineered plot results.

      But it had intellectually complicated plots in several episodes.

      If you didn’t like humanity overdose in TNG, this was the best episode by far …

      Time Squared

  2. Hmeyers says:

    List of spelling correctors (see below)

  3. Roby the Robot says:

    Who can honestly say they hate Star Trek? Certainly not me. However, there is one aspect of Star Trek and other like-minded sci-fi entertainment shows that I absolutely despise — bullshit!

    It’s bullshit to think that in the future all humans will not be motivated by power or greed. If it were true that humans could be collectively motivated by knowledge, science, or the philosophy’s of Star Trek then we would not have social unrest, religion or wars. Therefore, it’s bullshit to think that there is some utopia waiting for us minus the human crap — or minus the human crap that Star Trek portrays.

    We will always have a few high achieving power hungry people of the world who would not hesitate to cleanse the planet of other (different) humans for any multitude of reasons even if some of them don’t mean to. The only reason most of them (the high achieving) don’t do it is because they can’t, thanks in part to things like laws and social progress. Nevertheless, looking at the overwhelming numbers of less achieving humans who do stupid things like polarize themselves politically, socially, racially, etc. it’s pretty evident that the narrow minded crap that comes with being human will be with us for eon’s to come (assuming we don’t self annihilate our species, that is) — and that it’s bullshit to think otherwise.

    That doesn’t mean we can’t dream. But it is pretty clear to me that for any real hope for humanity will have to come from each individual, sort of like what happens whenever there’s a war. As far as I can tell, it’s bullshit to think that any sort of reality as depicted by Star Trek will ever happen in real life — or so long as we are all “human.”

    • Hmeyers says:

      Israel has mandatory military service so that citizens bond and the classes mix.

      In the United States, the rich and poor haven’t co-mingled much since maybe World War II.

      (Vietnam, the wealthy and priviledged could get out of going to Vietnam by various means … college, the National Guard, etc.)

    • ECA says:

      ” honestly say they hate Star Trek? ”
      The head of the network that CANCELLED IT..

      • Hmeyers says:

        Those people would dead by now since Shatner is the only main character alive still, and he’s super-old.

        The network people would have been in Lucille Ball’s age range and she lived a long life and died decades ago.

        I think the question was about what *living people* hate Star Trek.

        Digging up 110 year old network executives that were alive 50 years ago doesn’t count.

      • Ah_Yea says:

        Fun fact.
        Star Trek would never have existed without Lucile Ball. Yea the comedian redhead.

        Yes, Desilu productions funded Star Trek and was loosing huge money on it but Ball believed in it.

        “virtually the entire Desilu Board of Directors voted to cancel Star Trek in February 1966 nevertheless, board member Bernard Weitzman being the sole exception. Yet, as Chairwoman of the Board, Lucille Ball had the power to override her board, and this she did with a mere nod of her head towards Solow. “That was all Star Trek needed,” as author Marc Cushman had succinctly put it, “A nod of Lucille Ball.”

        Desilu lost so much money on Star Trek they had to sell the company, which Paramount purchased (which is how Paramount inherited Star Trek, and then made the first movie because they didn’t have any other intellectual property to capitalize that year)

  4. ± says:

    To preface, the TV series was great, but maybe at that age, I would’ve liked anything. But even as a young teen, it was immediately obvious that no engineer would ever design a star ship that would remotely resemble the Enterprise which would fly apart from g-forces during its first major acceleration. Real future star ships will be spherical or nearly so.

    Then too, most hard core science fiction aficionados that I know only consider the Star Trek movies borderline science fiction. There is too much fake stuff that you have to suspend belief in to buy into them. And it keeps coming at you. At least in the Matrix franchise, after you swallow the premise that humans are just copper top batteries (as opposed to the limitless nuclear alternative energy source), it is mostly way more internally consistent.

    Mostly; people who like Star Trek can’t abide true science fiction.

  5. IM78 says:

    What is your problem, Perkel? Is that going to be your signature screw up from now on?

  6. Adam says:

    I enjoyed Film Theory’s take on the Star Trek universe, “Why The Star Trek Federation is Fascist.”

  7. MikeN says:

    The Philosophy of END TREK: Get rid of it, it’s horrible!


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