Enjoy! No Politics!

  1. Dog Ears says:

    Um, wtf did I just watch?

  2. spsffan says:

    Well that’s what you get when you cross Nicki Manaj with Yoko Ono.

  3. Driving Miss Daisey says:

    Asimo’s little sister in robotic drag?

    How long before Google and Honda make her an OEM standard option in an autonomous car?


  4. Go Cli"ck" Yourself! says:


    I see a pic of some young red-head woman in a leopard coat & purple beret pointing at me and winking. But then it goes to black saying: Ooops! 🙁 Failed to find video url.

    … Must be click bait filled with viruses (bad url’s that my “protection” doesn’t like). Be cautious if you watch this video. You might get pwned!

  5. Rightie Tightie - Leftie Loosie says:

    Isn’t it fun to take things out of context and make the idiots pay attention to complete nonsense?

    Remember: re-direction is a skill that magician’s and the elite class in power must use in order to entertain you — or rob you. (If you still haven’t seen the light, think about what’s being shown here. Then think about the cookie that your browser just swallowed.)

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