There seems to be at going on between the Trump administration and the Russians. Today it was revealed the Attorney General Sessions lied to Congress under oath claiming he had no contact with the Russians during the campaign when he had. Back in 1998 the Republicans tried to impeach President Clinton for lying under oath about sex. Lying about meeting with Russian spies is a far more serious situation.

During the campaign Trump made public statements encouraging the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails to affect the outcome of the elections. Although many people ignored it at the time thinking Trump was too stupid to realize what he was saying, that doesn’t absolve him from encouraging people to break the law and collude with Communist spies. Now that he’s President we can no longer write off these statement as the rantings of a mad man. Trump has to take responsibility for his actions. It’s time that we appointed a special prosecutor who is independent to investigate White House officials who are lying under oath about their contacts and involvement with the Russians.

Yum – Russian Spies ….

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  1. NewFormatSux says:

    Question is do we need a special prosecutor for all the dealings by Hillary with Russia? There is the uranium deal. There is John Podesta’s brother, collected 170K last year from a Russian bank, helped to get sanctions lifted against them.

    It makes sense why liberals would accuse Trump of dealings with Russia, they are projecting their own behavior.

    • Phydeau says:

      Hidden deals with Russia, you wingnut idiot.

      What is Trump hiding? He needs to show us his taxes and then we’ll know what an honest, upright, law-abiding citizen he is.



      • NewFormatSux says:

        Keep at it. Trump might release his tax returns in mid 2019, like Obama with his birth certificate. Get you looking over here, while the real secret is somewhere else. Just like W had you all searching for cocaine dealers.

        • Phydeau, not actually packed with Wall Street veterans says:

          Ah, I forgot you were a birther. That explains a lot.

          You’re basically pedrito with more words. 😀

  2. Phydeau says:

    Well looky here… another Trump associate playing footsie with the Russians, this time directly with the hacker

    MARCH 8–In the months before Election Day, a longtime confidante and political consultant for Donald Trump was in contact with the Russian hacking group that U.S. intelligence officials have accused of illegally breaching the Democratic National Committee’s computer system and the e-mail accounts of Hillary Clinton campaign officials in a bid to aid Trump, The Smoking Gun has learned.

    The contact between Roger Stone, the Trump associate, and the Russian influence operation came via private messages exchanged on Twitter, according to a source. Stone’s contact was with “Guccifer 2.0,” an online persona that U.S. officials say was created by Russian government officials to distribute and publicize material stolen during hacks of the DNC, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Gmail accounts used by Clinton staffers like John Podesta, the campaign’s chairman.

    A little about Roger Stone from the article…

    Among the Trump associates being investigated by the FBI, Stone has known the 45th president the longest. For more than 30 years, Stone has worked, on and off, for Trump as a lobbyist, strategic advisor, and political consultant. Stone, who urged Trump to run for president in 1988, 2000, and 2012, wrote in 2011 that the real estate developer was a “middle class phenomenon,” adding that, “The higher your level of education the more likely you are to loathe Trump.”

    Like Trump, Stone is vain, vindictive, and prone to declarations untethered to the truth. Both men are protégés of Roy Cohn, the reptilian attorney whose career initially blossomed at the elbow of Senator Joseph McCarthy and ended in disbarment weeks before his death from AIDS in 1986.

    Stone has also been temporarily banned from Twitter because of his “misogynistic, racially charged Twitter slurs”. Charming guy.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      The Smoking Gun should be called the diassembled gun in the storm drain. This story was available on Showtime for over 6 months, stated by Roger Stone on The Circus.

      • Phydeau says:

        Dissembling, eh? So what part of it is false?

        Never mind, you wouldn’t know true and false if it bit you on the ass. Alternative facts rule! 🙄

  3. bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

    Ha, ha…………T.Rump….. so far up Putin’s Ass.

    Looks like while Faux is doing Trumps First 100 Days, Rachel Maddow is doing Trumps Love Affair with Putin……for 100 Days
    (There is that much evidence out there all waiting to be collected…and collated.)

    Even the “real” (conservative) Republicans are already against Trump….eg, those calling for an investigation of the Russian Hacking. It will lead directly to Trump and his impeachment.

    then we are back to “deep gubment” under Pence. But the Pukes will be high on the adrenaline of the kill. Probably impeach Pence. The real reason will be the adrenaline and that Pence is not radical enough…but the stated reason will be……………? Haven’t heard anything illegal about Pence…. just what a religious wingnut he is. A real flat earth Jebus with the dinosaurs type of guy.

    What is it with America?


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