It’s just too weird having Comey testify about whether Russians hacked the election for Trump when Comey himself hacked the election for Trump. If not for Comey Trump would not be president. But will they ask him the question? I doubt it. All part of the big lie.

Ultimately Trump’s win was Hillary’s fault. But Comey put him over the top, and now he’s testifying about if the Russians did it. This is weird no matter what your political bent is.

  1. Optimism Sucks says:

    Don’t you get it?!

    It’s not so much that Trump won. It’s that the Dems “choose” just about the worst possible candidate. And I say that with tongue in cheek because you’d have to be a moron to forget how the Dems rigged their own convention to ace Bernie out. Either way, we’d probably be having the exact same conversation right now — who rigged what?

    Therefore, I say, fuck it. Let’s see just how bad it can get with a clown in charge. Personally, I don’t think it can get any worse than if a bunch of corrupt know-it-all’s were still running the show — pretty much the same people who have demonstrated time and time again that they really don’t know jack shit.

  2. NewFormatSux says:

    Comey twisted the law like a pretzel to recommend against prosecuting Hillary for her crimes, because he didn’t want to be seen as interfering with the election. I don’t like it, but there have been previous exceptions of not too dissimilar a situation like Petraeus and CIA director Deutsch.

  3. bobbo, the truth has a liberal bias says:

    Yep. All comes down to:

    G U I L T F E E L I N G S.

    First, he rigged the election by NOT bringing charges aga Hilary, then tried to save his last chance to get into heaven by giving an meaningless update.

    Two Wrongs: don’t correct anything. Just show, you are in over your head where trying to have your cake and eat it too just doesn’t work out.

    “Sometimes” ….. especially in law enforcement land, you have to do what you know is right, and then suffer the consequences.

    Reality…….. is a bitch. Much like Hillary…. just totally different.

    • Hmeyers says:

      I agree.

      I thought Comey was trying to get on Hillary’s good side by clearing her since the consensus at the time is that she was easily going to win.

      (Except it backfired.)

      Not worth examining because the actual election was so closed any small thing could have changed the result, but one problem was the consensus that Hillary was going to win was so strong that it may have reduced turnout for her.

      Hillary, Bill and Chelsea were drinking champagne and celebrating the victory on election night.

      It wasn’t until around 10:30 PM on election night that anyone even doubted Clinton would win.

      Election Night 9:15 PM (Detroit Free Press) – “Democrat Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of Michigan in the race for president”

      Election Night 10:00 PM (FiveThirtyEight) “Trump wins Montana. Our model now gives him a 27 percent chance of winning the election.”

      Election Night 10:12 PM (FiveThirtyEight) “Clinton wins New Mexico. Our model now gives her a 60 percent chance of winning the election.”

      Election Night 10:25 PM (FiveThirtyEight) “Trump wins Ohio. Our model now gives him a 55 percent chance of winning the election.”

      Election Night 11:00 PM (FiveThirtyEight) “Trump wins Idaho. Our model now gives him a 49 percent chance of winning the election.”

      Election Night 11:35 PM (FiveThirtyEight) “Clinton wins Washington. Our model now gives her a 21 percent chance of winning the election.”

      • bobbo, the truth has a liberal bias says:

        One of the biggest lies from both parties: “We were elected on this or that issue, and now we are going to deliver.” /// except “the people” voted for hillary. NOT Trump, and NOT the Republicans.

        Trump was NOT ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. He was elected by the Electoral college. Totally different “in fact” but not in effect.

        I’m actually kinda surprisec at the backlash the Pukes are getting. Shows what happens when you only get elecged by 30% of the voters?

        But yeah….I’ve heard as few as 70K votes in 3 states is what gave Trump the College. Doesn’t matter: he is legitimately the President….but more than any I can remember: he is only representing those who elected him. fun to watch play out.

        Trumps wildest wild card?===>I don’t think he would run for a second term. Hes done the deed. Why take the hassle? So…he can do what he really thinks is “right” in the next four years. Does he really think after what he said no less, that poor people and old people need their health care taken away so the billionaires can get lower taxes?

        Really???? …………………. Yes ………… and they call it: “Freedom.” Really quite the “joke.”

        • NewFormatSux says:

          I also don’t think he will run again…except to spite people like Playdoh raging in the streets against him. Every hero needs a villain, and if there is no land left to conquer, he will leave.

      • NewFormatSux says:

        Are you sure you have that right? How could it get worse between 10:25 and 11? Wisconsin was called for Trump by FoxNews around then, which should have boosted him to 90%, with just Arizona and a district in Maine remaining. I see now one person at Fox said it means he won, but everyone else there ignored it.

  4. NewFormatSux says:

    If Comey recommends prosecution, the Dems could still vote in Bernie as the nominee, since this was on July 4th, and the convention was at the end of the month. Of course we know the likely result is they would have given it to someone else.

  5. ECA says:


    We cant make a machine/computer that CANT be hacked??
    We cant find a person/GROUP that cant be bought??
    We cant find a person/group that KNOWS that the NET ISNT the best place to put PUBLIC knowledge and services??

    We live in a sociaty that has 2 Major groups, that created a BUNCH of subgroups to thin out the Crazy’s and nutballs, but Someone OPENED the hatch and let them out..

    30% of the nation is registered, Democrat or republican..
    But every election seems to have OVER 50% voting?? BARELY.
    The Idea that an election isnt VALID unless >50% vote.

    Whats interesting, is the separation…15% democrat, 15% republican, and 20+ % OTHER.. THAT 20% could vote ANY WAY they want..for ANY person they want..and WIN..

    It comes down to TV/NEWS. WHO gets their FACE in front of the people the MOST..we only consider WHO we see and THINK are running. Over 1000 candidates were running.. we only saw 2 groups. If those OTHER groups(over 40 of them) could GET together, they could WIN every election..

    THE BIG part of this is also in the the lower levels are being Covered/over ridden with the SAME problems.

    HOW can you select, if all you see are the main 2 groups, and others dont have a chance..

  6. NewFormatSux says:

    Before Comey talked, Democrats just made their case that Trump was colluding with the Russians.

    1) Softened the plank on Russia in the Republican platform.
    2) Demanded NATO pay up.

    How is 2 even helping the Russians? It’s one thing if NATO dissolves, but to have NATO members spending more on defense, particularly the Baltics? This is doing Russia’s bidding?

    As for 1), this comes from a single story in the Washington Post, when actually the opposite happened. The Republican platform is tougher on Ukraine and Russia than the Democratic one, and tougher than the first draft which was allegedly ‘watered down’.

  7. NewFormatSux says:

    The liberal wall is breaking. What even the Republican media outlets wouldn’t do has appeared in a liberal outlet. They are starting to acknowledge that Obama is lying about his authorship of his books.

    • bobbo, the truth has a liberal bias says:

      Yes, because we all know Obama is an inarticulate fool.

      You should at least try to be wrong about a relevant issue?

      As to the Russkie/Trump connection: ITS ALL OVER THE PLACE. Yes….watch Madcow on Youtube for her week of in detail coverage. Russian billionaires in their airplanes at the same locations of Trump for months during the election campaign. Lots of Russian money being laundered through Trump foreign business.

      When you think FRAUD: Think Proxies.

  8. Animal Mother says:

    Don’t blame me. I voted for Gary Johnson.

    That said, I’m still ecstatic that Hillary lost and appalled that Trump won. Not sure what do, what with being pulled in two opposing directions.

    • ± says:

      Dittos on how I voted and your perfect explanation of feelings toward Hillary losing and Trump winning.

  9. bobbo, the truth has a liberal bias says:

    Trevor Noah had a good comment, also noted by other bobbling heads: Its totally ironic that in a Senate Hearing regarding Trump creating LYING TWEETS….Trump trolls the hearing with another LYING TWEET.

    So….. whats the current over/under bet on Trump getting his ass so deservedly impeached?

    There is already enough evidence/facts on the table and so far, no action. He’ll get impeached when his base evaporates and anything he touches turns to Pedro. “Amending Obama Care” should do it….but Dumb Trump Supporters is just a synonym for deplorable. It might take more than one major whack against the head for those stupido’s to get the message.

    Reality sucks for so many.

  10. NewFormatSux says:

    When will we find out why Marc Perkel hacked the election for Trump? He never posted a followup about Hillary’s server that might have ended her campaign before Trump even got to say ‘Crooked Hillary’. He could have appeared on Fox News talking about something other than flag burning. Instead he sulked like Achilles in his tent, with posts like “We’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”

    • bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

      Achilles? Did you mean such a compliment?

      Personally, I would have chosen anonymity ….. but we are each free ………. to strive.

  11. Jetfire70 says:

    Comey Had no choice but to tell congress about the new e-mails. It was going to leak out if he didn’t. He shot himself in the foot with him publicly not recommending prosecution. He should have just stayed quiet then so he could have stayed quiet when the new stuff came out. He should have let the Justice Department handled the public stuff and the heat from it.

  12. deowll says:

    Comey didn’t rig the election for Trump. Clinton, the DNC, and the media rigged it for Trump.


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