How do you think Trumpcare will affect you? Looks like it will cost me 2 1/2 times for less coverage. Share your opinions and be respectful.

  1. Thom says:

    Fuck Obama and Fuck Obamacare. The Dems screwed up health care….period. All I want is a decent policy that doesnt cost me and the wife (we’re healthy and rarely go to a doctor BTW) $2400/mth.

    But I’m certain whatever Trump does with this, it will be rejected by partisans, and doomed to fail on that premise.

    Good luck America, the left has screwed you and will blame it on the Pukes.

    Assholes, all of you partisans.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      If the pukes change it – they own it.

      • Thom says:

        Thats fine, you Liberals need to own the disaster that Obama created, or STFU.

        Obama created thus problem, end of story.

        • Tuck Frump says:

          Not the “End Of Story” The Conservatives hated Obama Care from the beginning. They had Eight fucking years to come up with a “Better” Medical plan, and this “Plan” is all they can come up with? Now they want to ram this pathetic rushed “Trump care” plan down the throats of the American People! Trump threatening “They are going to lose seats if they vote against it” This plan only hurts the poor, which is probably why he wants it in place anyways. Look at the revenue he will have to pay for the wall. Medicaid cut. Elderly benefits cut..What a fool he is..

      • Brian says:

        So Liberals have no hand in this, no responsibility?


    • ECA says:

      Whats funny is 1/2 of what you HEAR on the good parts, is WHAT was in the original 300 pages Obama sent in…
      After the 2 parties got done with his bill…it was 3000 pages..
      Go read..

  2. Matt says:

    All I know is my rates went up 40% since the Affordable Care Act was enacted. I needed to negotiate a raise just to pay for it.

  3. ECA says:

    Working I had no coverage for Eyes or Dental..
    On the streets, the STATE PAID for dental and Eye care..
    On Medicare/Medicaid…NO DENTAL, NO EYE CARE..

  4. NewFormatSux says:

    This bill has some good items, but it doesn’t have any TrumpCare in it. There is no buying insurance across state lines. I see nothing that would cause premiums to drop. There is the elimination of the individual mandate and employer mandates, which is good for hiring, but this will make insurance even more expensive than ObamaCare, as it will accelerate the death spiral.
    Only sick people will think buying insurance is a good deal, and the premiums go up, and then only sicker people will buy insurance. This had already happened in several states when they tried the same ‘charge everyone the same amount’ plan.

    The only counter they have done is making it a little harder for people to wait until they get sick before signing up.

    I think I’ll research the short term health insurance plans that are available. You have to keep changing from plan to plan, but you have to do that anyway with ObamaCare. My premiums went up from about $200 a month to over $1000 with ObamaCare, and if they repealed it it would go back down.

  5. spsffan says:

    Funny how many folks had premiums skyrocket under Obamacare. I get my coverage through work, so I don’t pay directly, but I see the premiums the company pays. The price has remained more or less stable. Some of the things like deductibles have increased some, and the drug co-pays went up for some drugs.

    But, more regular stuff like vaccinations and physicals are covered, which were not before. I’m pretty healthy and don’t go to the doctor much, but I’d say my coverage is overall better than before.

    Note that before Obamacare, 25% annual increases in premiums were not uncommon. Heck, our company has gotten refunds a couple of times in the past few years, and we have had people with terminal and non-terminal cancer plus a generally older staff. Our youngest is well over 40.

    So, I guess there is some luck of the draw in the thing.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      The plan under ObamaCare is that the company policies would steadily get taxed more and more, and companies would gradually dump people onto the exchanges.

  6. Flipped Off says:

    … be respectful.


    With a clearly one-sided DIS -respectful “likeness” of the current President, an image designed to poke fun at the intelligence of anyone who may AGREE with “The Donald,” you want us (me) to be “respectful”?!


    Here’s the deal. Obamacare is going to KILL US FINANCIALLY if something isn’t done about it. I won’t even go into the boring old crap about how the Obamacare individual mandate VIOLATES CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! It’s pretty clear you liberal assholes don’t give a crap about people’s rights unless you get to pick and choose which rights those people are allowed to have. (Pssst! This attitude is how DICTATORS are born. Not that YOU have anything to worry about. Right?!)

    Point is, the clown in charge is dead on correct. Obamacare is a disaster. And instead of whining about it the clown is trying — I repeat TRYING — to do something about it. So what do you do? You finger wag at us to “be respectful.” It’s so typical of the arrogant liberal MORONS to do everything they do in such a backhanded manner. And if you’re one of them, the ONLY thing I can say to you that you will understand is, fuck you!

    • Fair is fair says:

      At least he could have made Obama’s ears true-to-scale (3x bigger)!

  7. Substance Abuse says:


    “Looks like it will cost me 2 1/2 times for less coverage.”

    Please share some math and substance to support your statement.

    Your not just being snarky, right?

    • Marc Perkel says:

      Right now my premium is capped at 3x the cost of young people. Under Trumpcare it goes to 5x. And I also lose about 10k in tax credits.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      Hard to believe with his language, but Marc Perkel’s age is close to 7 digits in binary. He is getting subsidized by all the young people forced to buy coverage or pay a fine.

  8. ± says:

    The employees at my company of 50- people have been fucked up the ass by Obama care. Premiums have doubled in the aggregate over the last 6 years. Their benefits are now less and they pay more than double (since I had to raise the copay). Obamacare was a tax on white people born in this country. It is a “fuck you” to the salt-of-the earth people. Period.

    Now the Republicans are going to fuck it up even more, but probably not since it is my belief that if every Senator and every Congressman was a Republican along with the president, it still wouldn’t be repealed. But certainly, they would not replace it with what it should be replaced with.

    • eca says:

      Can I suggest 1 little thing..
      Every Senator and congressman, and SATE Made changes to the bill..
      a 300 page bill went to 3000…Why not go see WHO ADDED WHAT..then think about this fact..
      EACH state is being treated different, according to the BACKDOORS, inserted by YOUR representatives….

  9. kerpow says:

    We can’t afford Obamacare as it is so this will have little effect on me or my family. We’d be out almost $20k before Obamacare would kick in. No thanks, we’ll just pay out of pocket.

    On a side not. How come all thats ever talked about it health insurance and not health CARE? I mean, fuck insurance. Lower the cost of health care and you wouldn’t need it.

  10. NGL says:

    The press and Hollywood need to step off the Obama train ASAP.
    Repeal the whole thing and go back to the way it was before the democrats railroaded hard working people into paying for something they didn’t want or need. The country survived for over 200+ years without mandatory healthcare.


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