Spacex has finally done it. Today they reused a recovered rocket booster and sent it back to space a second time. Since the first stage is 2/3rds the cost of the rocker they just cut their launch costs to 1/3 of what it was.

  1. NewFormatSux says:

    “I can never respect someone whose hero is a criminal.”
    Field of Dreams

    Did you check to see if the first stage costs 10x as much?

  2. Mr Diesel - Nothing Pithy to Say Today says:

    I wonder why he doesn’t have designs for a re-usable re-entry vehicle like the shuttle.

    If it takes a little bit of a bullshit artist (Elon) to get us to Mars then I’m for it. I want people to go there before I die and if it were a one-way trip I’d like that as well.

  3. bobbo, never read the headlines says:

    Even if fresh built 2nd stage is 2/3rd the cost….the “cost” of re-using one is not……zero. Inspections, testing, replacing certain parts etc.

    I’ve always thought that “things” should be designed for repair. I know: not the American/Capitalist was what with designed obsolescence at the fore.

    I assume Elon did design the unit for re-use? Not everything you reuse…. is.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      Elon’s goal – very ambitious – is to be able to launch – land – and relaunch the same day. Right now he’s being very cautious with extreme testing but he wants to get it down to just fill it up and fly again.

      • bobbo, never read the headlines says:

        Same day relaunch? Well…..we did it with gas engines, then the jet. I don’t know why the technology couldn’t be “mastered” in the same way….although there have been many more cars and airplanes than rockets to spread the learning curve along.

        I’m guessing: the physics of weight vs reliability was more forgiving in gas and jets? Build something more robust for a rocket…and it must be heavier…. ergo more expensive to lauch…etc.

        Good example of the trade-offs and pro’s and con’s to all we do.

        I’ll say again: as a jet pilot myself: no interest in taking a rocket….anywhere. Would enjoy a high altitude balloon ride.


  4. Big Foot - Hide and Seek Champion says:

    I didn’t see it re-land. The video “froze”.

    Why don’t people believe in me?

  5. musketeer says:

    That is hilarious, they don’t show the landing on the barge. What a anticlimactic ending.
    Also it is strange that they had only one camera recording the landing and on very close shot making you don’t see around. SpaceX program is so pour they don’t afford to have more than one camera on sight? Do they know GoPro?
    They could have some drones on the barge waiting and ten minutes before the land, they would take off to capture the stage 1 landing.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      Sometimes the shaking from the thrusters causes a signal loss on the sat connection. But when they bring it in they might download video and post it.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      More than one camera means they can spot the saboteurs.


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