Tesla started delivering its Model 3 cars last night. I really like the clean interior look. This is their $35000 car which actually costs more than that in the real world but you would expect that. Still waiting to actually drive one. I was one of those who put $1000 down on the first day but not quite as much of a cult follower to say if I’m going to actually buy the car, resell it, or get my deposit back.

Elon’s delivery event was disappointing, poorly done with little information. He could use a new webmaster too as the online delivery was a disaster. However – some new information was revealed.

My configuration would be as follows:

Car: $35000

Destination Charge: $1200

Big Battery: $9000

Color other than black: $1000

Full Self Driving: $8000

Sales Tax: $5000

Registration / Home Charger / Other : $2000

Fed Tax Credit: -$7500

California Tax Credit: -$2500

Total: $51200

I would much rather have a hatchback than a trunk. And wondering about mounting my cell phone as I still want functionality that the screen isn’t going to give me like text, email, and other Android apps.

  1. Ah_Yea says:

    I’m very interested in a real hands-on evaluation.

    I hope your delivery comes soon and Musk isn’t drowned by delivery delays or the competition.

  2. Ah_Yea says:

    Looking at the interior again, I’m concerned.

    I would like my speed and battery life where I don’t have to take my eyes off the road. How hard would a HUD be?

    Style over substance. A big mistake.

  3. bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

    I ditto the need for analogue instrument display. In advanced fighters..they have multiple digital displays ….ie: not a single tablet. Pilots do “instruments sweeps” and cannot be fiddling with selecting any right display.

    I don’t see any need at all for HUD for battery life. Like gas…. you check it at the beginning of the trip and determine if you need to gas up or not.

    Ha, ha………..designed by people who don’t “love” cars.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      Being an electric car you don’t need and oil pressure gauge, charging gauge, engine temperature, tachometer, etc. Really all you need to see is remaining charge and speedometer. So it will be interesting to get in one and see if looking at nothing but road is cool.

      • Ah_Yea says:

        Looking at nothing but road would be cool. Retro 1930’s roadster/Model T dashboard cool.

        Google Model T dashboard images. Hope you are sitting down. The similarities are striking.

        Those who don’t learn from History are doomed to repeat it.

      • bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

        That is a twist on what has been traditionally “need to know” information. No water temp, no rpm, no oil pressure…etc. So…right you are…what “IS” there to know?

        Ha, ha…….OK……. on “my” HUD, I want speed…time/miles to selected destination, temperature, ……………… carbon footprint???

        Fun to think about. How about some porno?

  4. MikeN says:

    >not quite as much of a cult follower


    So the others are 112% supporters?

  5. MikeN says:

    Marc, you will not get the $7500 tax credit. The credit will run out during the deliveries. While you are not at the base model, I think you need to be spending even more to get the tax credit spot in line.
    It is possible Felon Musk will game the system to deliver even beyond the federal level of 200,000 cars, by delivering 199,999 at the end of one quarter, but you will still be stuck.

    • Marc Perkel says:

      You don’t understand the rules on the tax credit. They don’t just end at 200k. It ends 6 months after they hit 200k. And, I got in on day 1 and I’m 40 miles from the plant. So I will definitely get in on the tax credit.

      • Ah_Yea says:

        I am so glad I can help supplement you on buying your car even if I can’t afford one myself.

      • MikeN says:

        I thought they ended the quarter after they hit 200k. If that means they stay in place for the next quarter, then I see how you can get 6 months. It doesn’t matter if you got in on Day 1. They are prioritizing by purchase price. Your car might not be quite expensive enough to get in the first 200k, which applies to all models.

  6. Mr Diesel - Libertarian says:

    At the rate I heard that he is producing it will be 2037 before he hits 200k.

    • Ah_Yea says:

      He’ll be out of business long before then.

      • MikeN says:

        No, California will keep him afloat. Every Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or pickup truck sold in the state, part of the purchase price goes to Felon Musk.

  7. buy essays cheap says:

    Who on the earth can afford buying it? But sure, it cool it will be available soon.


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