Unlike some of the junk Trek moves by J.J. – this is real Star Trek.

  1. Hmeyers says:

    I started watching this a few hours ago.

    Star Trek Continues is very faithful to the original Star Trek.

  2. Mike D. says:

    I’ve watched a few episodes- Star Trek Continues is surprisingly good.

  3. bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

    Ugg. Jim sounds and looks gay………………THEY ALL DO!

    I assume thats what following the Prime Directive will do to you.

    Opening dialogue was PURE crap. Don’t know if the plot got any better.

  4. McCullough says:

    Wow, I’m not a fan but that was irredeemably bad.

    Or to quote Leonard Pinth-Garnell…..”There now — that wasn’t very good, was it?”

    • bobbo, we think with words and flower with ideas says:

      Ha, ha…………I can just hear him saying that.

      Seems like on every subject that “fans” are really …… whats the word?………….deplorable????

      • McCullough says:

        Actually I watched most of it late last night. It really was a lot like the original TV version, (which was pretty awful). But I like B sci-fi from the 50’s and 60’s.

        I’d like to see MST 3000 take a crack at it.

  5. NewFormatSux says:

    Do they have to make Spock so dumb? 27% of the population is of a different skin color, he declares them aliens.

    Then Spock says, “these individuals are unquestionably of a race not native to Hyalinus.”

    This is not logical. He just said they are there, and that they have a common ancestor.

  6. NewFormatSux says:

    These people may look similar, but the Abrams cast is much better at playing the characters. Not surprising, because they are real actors. These folks aren’t acting Star Trek, they are acting acting Star Trek, just comedy all around. The Dukes of Hazzard remakes suffered from the same problem.

    Only other way they are like Trek is the music and low budget cheesiness. Not having these is what made people object to Star Trek Enterprise, which was better than those other sequels.

    • NewFormatSux says:

      They say it is based on Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry, but Roddenberry was not responsible for the Star Trek it is based on. Not well known is that Gene was exiled, and all the good episodes were written by others, particularly Gene Coon, while Roddenberry’s were the worst of the batch.

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