I’ve made progress and I’ve written a how to guide for curing cancer.

There isn’t any magic in the process. In fact, I’m using standard procedures that oncologists are already familiar with. The radiation protocol is the strangest part but it’s actually easier to configure than a standard treatment and is also safer. And it uses standard immunotherapy drugs.

The fact that I’m alive and healthy right now is anecdotal evidence that it might be working.

What I’m looking for is to get some attention on this process as a way of speeding up cancer solutions development. I am definitely onto something here and I encourage you to run this method past any oncologist to get their opinion. It will probably be year and a lot of testing before I’m certified cancer free, if I am cancer free. But I decided that whether or not it works for me isn’t the test if this is a great idea. So I’m publishing it now in the hopes it will catch on and be improved. Sort of an “Open Source” cancer solution. I need more brains working on this because some time in the future I might need the improved version.

If you have a friend or relative with terminal cancer and you have run out of options you might want to pass this on to them. With this method the worse off they are the more likely it is to work. Any oncologist should be able to follow this guide easily and conclude it’s worth a try.

But – I’m looking for people who want to write stories about this. I give great interviews. So feel free to contact me if you’re interested.

  1. Ah_Yea says:

    Good article, enjoyed reading it.

    Good points. It makes sense.

    Critique. GET TO THE POINT! You’ve got 5 seconds to keep someone reading, and this isn’t going to do it.

    First and foremost, put the definition and application of The Abscopal Effect starting at the first line, followed by how you apply it followed by what other doctors are doing -with citations! Make it short, 3 lines max.

    Get pics of your own biopsies and post them. Then include details. It took me way too long to get to the meat.

    All in all, I’m glad you’re still on the right side of the grass and I hope you stay there a good long time!

  2. Tatter says:

    Few comments: The Oncology treatement community has been aware of this potential action of activating the immune system since the early 70’s. Has worked ‘OK’ to skin cancers where cauterization of an aberrant brings activates the immune system; but it’s also been known to trigger MORE aggresive growth as well, or metastasis. If Dr.’s explain the procedure (AND the crap-shoot), then they open themselves to liability; a patient can sign ALL the acceptance of ‘liability’ that can be generated… and it means nothing when the ‘wrongful death suit’ is brought against the Dr./malpractice insurance carrier. Crap-shoot’s are not an acceptable practice; so many doctor’s carry it out, but under another ‘accepted’ procedural technique.
    Other issues plus and minus issues you should be aware of: Once a mass reaches approximately the size of a golf-ball, there is NO WAY an immune system can deal with the issue. Secondly, even in a mass in which the cells ‘appear’ transformed, the great majority are not, those that actually ‘are’ transfer information to normal cells to ‘go nuts’ as far as growth, but they need not be actually ‘transformed’- in absents of the communications from the truly transformed population, they will revert to ‘normal’ behavior. Sadly, there is no easy identification in vivo to know what this ‘ratio’ is, so for this reason alone, activating the immune system in the center of tumor mass is indeed a crap-shoot at best. Understand that the growth of tumor can be limited by the supply of capillaries to the area; inflaming the area may or may not facilitate increased blood, and therefore increased growth.

    • Jeff says:

      but he is a software and electronics engineer with google to supplement. How could that not transfer to the field of medicine?

  3. NewFormatSux says:

    Is it wrong to pray that Marc Perkel stays alive long enough to see Elon Musk’s vision destroyed and him taken to jail?

  4. NewFormatSux says:

    >he fact that I’m alive and healthy right now is anecdotal evidence that it might be working. It will probably be year and a lot of testing before I’m certified cancer free, if I am cancer free.

    Stop saying things like this. Partial recovery and tumor comes back stronger than ever is very common. Why tempt fate?

  5. Check OUT! says:

    With our ability to even read the crap on this blog in jeopardy, and still NOTHING about NET NEUTRALITY from the tech guru Dvorak. Do you (Blog owners) even CARE that the Internet is (once AGAIN) being assaulted by a “cancer” of a different kind?

    Seriously! WEEKS go by with this same story at the top of the page and THIS TIME only NINE posts! What’s next? More OFF TOPIC articles on how you claim to have cured ass cancer?

    • ± says:

      This is no longer the John C. Dvorak blog as the diminished(ing) habitues remaining knew it. Now it is just a “me too” blog.

      A preliminary (and inevitable) RIP to the John C. Dvorak blog.

    • MikeN says:

      Dvorak was wrong on net neutrality from the beginning. I had to set him straight that there was nothing being repealed. Makes it a lot harder to blame Republicans when they aren’t doing anything. Now we have a repeal of something that’s been in place for about two years, to the benefit of Google, NetFlix, and some other companies. FTC will still have regulatory authority over ISPs. The government just won’t have as tight a control, and there will be more money invested on network improvements since there will be money to made from it.


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