…Most astrobiologists seem comfortable with the premise that life might be widespread. But their optimism doesn’t always extend to complex, intelligent life.

It’s possible that we inhabit a universe whose occupants are mostly pond scum. After decades of seeing semi-humanoid aliens strut across the silver screen, it would be more than a little disappointing to think that the actual cosmic bestiary largely consists of plants and animals that are microscopic, or at best, no smarter than cane toads.

That situation would make humans very special, a circumstance that seems at odds with the enormous amount of real estate available for life, as well as the billions of years since the Big Bang during which intelligence could arise.

So, could there be a plausible explanation for why the universe seems so short on keen-witted company?

RTFA for reflection upon our species, the known universe and such.

  1. RR says:

    Who says the known universe is so short on life? Only someone who doesn’t grasp the size of the known universe and the time it would take any kind of signal or actual travel to cross even a small part of it.


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