There is a sort of inevitability to the conclusion. I mean, given that he had the opportunity, why would he not have ridden dinosaurs?

Thanks, K B

  1. KD Martin says:

    # 11 hhopper said, “Hey, maybe dinosaurs built the pyramids!”

    Well, by golly, that just explains it all! I’m gonna have to buy some more Legos…

  2. ECA says:


    Go away this is my play ground ROWRSSS…

  3. dvdchris says:

    Fools! Everyone knows the flood killed the dinosaurs!

  4. KD Martin says:

    #32, ECA, You’ll just have to buy your own Legos. Darn, those things aren’t cheap anymore!

  5. ECA says:

    In my life, they never were cheap.

  6. Deep-Thought says:

    Mental Child Abuse

  7. ZZman says:

    I know what my cousin in Israel would say: “Jesus will be very angry one day when he comes on earth and sees that picture. We have to make sure he understands that it’s depicting the Jesus that was fabricated by the Westerners”.

  8. RMVX says:

    Lol, that’s a cute pic 🙂

    I know I’d ride one if I chance

  9. jimbo says:

    is this an ACTUAL colouring book affiliated with religion? Or is it some sort of joke about creationists…

    It’s been quite hard to differentiate between the two in the past few months.

    I take it that the religious institutions are falling and need to become more integrated with science.,it all started with that damn Explore Evolution bs…

    Anyone care to help me along my path of discovery on this topic?

  10. Mr. Fusion says:

    #11, Hopper,

    Hey, maybe dinosaurs built the pyramids!

    Naaa, if they did, with arms like that, they would have been pretty small pyramids.

  11. Glenn E. says:

    Maybe all the largest egg laying animals just showed up at the Ark, and left their offspring there to hatch after 40 days. That way, Noah didn’t have to feed them, or clean up after them. Just keep them warm.

  12. Mr. Fusion says:

    #17, JimR,

    It appears that he has substituted “Sunblock Caucasian” for it.

    I’m relatively certain that Sunblock Caucasian wasn’t marketed until sometime after the Visigoths sacked Rome. That and “Color Your Roots Dark” hair dye were marketed about the same time.

  13. smartalix says:

    Since Jesus was a pacifist, shouldn’t he be riding a herbivore?

  14. Alex says:

    Dudes, the color scheme is awesome. “Leviathan green”, “Behemoth Blue”… “Omnipotent yellow?” Holy fucking Christ on a Raptor. That is awesome.

  15. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    Next week will be so much fun. We get to color a picture of Jesus riding in a UFO. I can’t wait — Jesus is so cool!

  16. Sinn_Fein says:

    Its JESUS, he can ride any beasty he wants. Although, this, for kid’s coloring book, is way beyond silly.

  17. The0ne says:

    Not joking here but many kids attending church would believe in this. I dare you guys to go to church and present this picture to get an answer. You wouldn’t, or wouldn’t depending on your stance, be surprise.

    The picture is funny. I would absolutely love to to ride a dino 🙂

  18. Paul Camp says:

    I’m confused — where’s Reagan?

  19. Rick Cain says:

    Jesus only rode Brontosaurus. Whoever drew that comic is an idiot. Just like in the bedrock mines that Fred Flintstone worked at.

  20. All wrong says:

    The only time JC did any riding in the bible was when he said “Get ye behind me Satan”

  21. youfoolishpeople says:

    Don’t you folks watch NOVA?!
    Just a few weeks ago they had a show about multiple universes. They claimed that anything
    that can physically happen already has.
    They actually showed a dinosaur walking
    in a modern living room as an example!
    So Christ on a raptor DID happen!

    Oh yea of little faith.

  22. exileguy says:

    intelligent design is neither


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