Maybe I’m being harsh, but when I get flyers like this on the windshield of my car put there by what I think was some guy wearing a pony-tail I seriously think it’s time to leave the area. I have no idea what this means. Can a reader enlighten me?

Side one of flyer (click to enlarge)

Backside of flyer (click to enlarge)

I just do not get this one.

  1. K B says:

    What??? No address to send money??? Is he crazy???

    Well, at least we know he’s not Southern Baptist !

  2. Richard Huffman says:

    It makes about as much sense as some nonsensical rant suggesting that Apple is going to ditch their OS for Windows…

    Face it John, there are crazy people in this world with crazy ideas; no use trying to make sense of them.

  3. hvacmach says:

    I just tried to post this answer and was blocked for using a blind IP. So here it is again.

    Ok, here goes. . . don’t kill the messenger. Some people believe that the true word of God is actually hidden in the Bible these believers are actually more commonly found digging through the Torah then the King James as the later has been rewritten so many times. By using mathematical formula like the one here, these codes or true word of God can be found. Among the things these folks are looking for is the meaning of life and your guessed it when it all ends. As formula go this one is not bad although it is a rip form one of the more popular of these guys, and there are some good size holes left in the middle.

  4. Okay I think I *might* get what this flyer is saying.

    Basically the guy who made this flyer has watched the movie Pi too many times if you ask me. Probably while smoking a bowl as well, if not more then one.

    The whole flyer revolves around matrix mathmatics and how the numerology of these matricies add up in unique ways with each different matrix adding up to correspond to different aspect of christianity and other wierdo offshoot religions.

    I cant say that I see exactly how the numerology of these equation in this flyer adds up in any significant way however. You really should stop shopping as Rasputins for CDs when the hippies are out in force on the weekends John.

  5. John Urho Kemp says:

    Nah…it’s just a flyer for my new sub sandwich shop in the area. The ones that could figure it out got a free coupon, that’s all.

  6. Miguel says:

    You clearly need better than an HP41 to figure THAT one out…


  7. Hawkeye666 says:

    I beleive it is the trajectory calculation for the Absurdity bomb the god intends to fire at theh Earth from Pluto. After all he’s really pissed about this”not a planet thing.”

  8. Tim Harris says:

    It’s time to move out of there ! Here in Texas, we get to hear how god doesn’t love baby killers. Great stuff.

  9. Smartalix says:

    “Pi” is a great flick.

  10. Mark says:

    And the guy with the pony-tail walked away muttering about the short-haired neocon that took the flyer off the car window……

  11. 2xbob says:

    Look, its Berkeley, expect this stuff. I heard once that two major things come from berkeley, BSD and LSD and there is a good chance the two are related. Numerology is often a missing the message to insert one of your own.

  12. chad says:

    it’s the “homer theroy”
    -mathematical proof that god does not exist

  13. ProWinkle says:

    Its a Mac lover showing mathmatical proof that John C. Dvorak is the antichrist.

  14. woktiny says:

    Actually, I don’t see any evidence that the author believed in God, but merely the curious rabbit trail of a math student. plenty of seculars study the bible for this or that, its quite popular.

  15. god says:

    And his middle name is Finnish. Exchange student? The sharpest Finns tend to be either atheists or pagans.

  16. Domc says:

    These are the same people who believe nuclear war will start Sept 12th 2006.

    I received a flyer on my porch last week (Colorado) about these people. It was in newsletter form not like the mumbo jumbo above. This is really a cult. I can post a bunch of links about them but do a google search for Yahweh or Prophetic world.

    Where the cult is based the athorities are accusing the cult of making there followers sell there real estate because of the Sept 12th date and nuclear war.

    I am assuming this is the same people related to the flyer I recieved last week. Which had a similar saying.
    This is a little to scary to me. No I don’t believe them.

  17. J says:


    This guy works on the production crew for “LOST” 🙂

  18. Jim Dermitt says:

    Guy kills himself, son kills the boss and mother kills herself. It’s murder by numbers, it’s one two three and it’s as easy to learn as your ABC’s. Wasn’t that a song? You should not move because of one flyer. The nutballs are everywhere. In our area, they are into some sort of new age reverse aging bullshit. You are supposed to get old. Now it’s possible to not get old. Salvation from old age. The cult of eternal youth. The whole country is in a midlife crisis.

  19. Jim Dermitt says:

    It’s a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. You begin to twist facts to suit theories, instead of twisting theories to suit facts. At least they have data, the point of which is…well I don’t know what the point is. Maybe the only way to find out is by joining the group. I can’t picture you running around Berkeley plastering windshields with these, but that may be the only way to gain insights into the meaning of this flyer. Maybe it’s a fictional religion, as opposed to a factual religion. It looks like code. We are beyond math today. Researchers have developed quantum cryptography that uses lasers and physics instead of math to secure data. Math can’t explain everything. Using it to explain religion is just plain confusing.

  20. Anon says:

    This stuff could mean anything you want it to. Just like the bible.

  21. Jim Dermitt says:

    Yeah, check with Google. If they can’t figure it out, it can’t be figured out. The average blog reader is going to spend less than a minute on it and give up. Do a great Google ad test on your own and let’s see what kind of ads start appearing. It could contain code to get a whole bunch of clicks and lead to eternal AdWord wealth.

  22. J says:

    I’m telling you this guy works for the Hanso Foundation. 🙂

  23. J says:

    Jim Dermitt

    “We are beyond math today. Researchers have developed quantum cryptography that uses lasers and physics instead of math to secure data”

    Do you even know what you are saying? The foundation of cryptography is math. The same goes for Physics.

    Your comment make no sense.

  24. thought police says:

    it looks like a bagel without a hole…

  25. Jim Dermitt says:

    Here J.
    “Where traditional cryptography is based on complex mathematics, we instead use the laws of physics to guarantee communication security,” explains team leader Dr Ping Koy Lam

    “Although several groups around the world have quantum cryptographic technology, our group was one of the first in the world to demonstrate the transmission of a completely secret key via bright laser beams and common optics,” said Dr Thomas Symul.

    Interesting breakthrough. With unbreakable codes, we can do all sorts of new stuff. Forget about ID theft. It’s a bright idea.

  26. god says:

    “factual religion”?

    Well, at least you’ve moved from non sequitur to self-contradicting definitions.

  27. Jim Dermitt says:

    Our current security and crypto is all broken at various points. That’s what is slowing down progress. You have government snoops all over the place. Send the flyer to the NSA John. They can decode it. Maybe it’s connected with terrorism. Everything else seems to be from chapstick to your shoe soles.

  28. Chris says:

    I dunno man. Things like that are part of the charm of Berkeley to me.

  29. Jim Dermitt says:

    OOPS! I meant actual religion. One with big buildings and stuff. My mistake, my f-bomb.

  30. J says:

    Jim Dermitt

    I am well aware of what they are doing. I am just saying that it all includes math. So we are not beyond math and we are not using those technologies instead of math. They require math!


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