Maybe I’m being harsh, but when I get flyers like this on the windshield of my car put there by what I think was some guy wearing a pony-tail I seriously think it’s time to leave the area. I have no idea what this means. Can a reader enlighten me?

Side one of flyer (click to enlarge)

Backside of flyer (click to enlarge)

I just do not get this one.

  1. Here is what I think would be wild. A guy goes to his car and finds this thing on the windshield. He looks at it for a minute and shouts, “Holy crap! They’ve figured it out!!” Then he runs off.

    I did not see that happeneing.

  2. Mark T. says:

    Ah, you gotta love the Land of Nuts and Flakes!

    But honestly, is the view in San Francisco worth living amongst these types of weirdos?

  3. J says:

    John and everybody else

    This is basically a “mathematical proof” (not really because some of the math is wrong) using bible passages of what happens when you die and are prepared for heaven. The three stages of death. Good people go through 3 Evil people only 2.

    I could elaborate but it could be a very long explanation!

    See what happens when unstable people get exposed to religion?

  4. J says:

    And I’m telling ya it is a publicity stunt for the T.V. Show “LOST”

  5. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    #33But honestly, is the view in San Francisco worth living amongst these types of weirdos?

    Comment by Mark T. — 8/25/2006 @ 12:41 pm


  6. Jim Dermitt says:

    I guess we can’t get to far away from math. If numbers become any more important than they already are, we could be in trouble.

    You can bet that people aren’t going to spend much time sorting the thing out. Maybe it’s a warning and you should move out of the area. A big earthquake is going to dump California into the ocean and this flyer could be proof of it. After the earthquake, you’ll have somebody in Las Vegas saying we told you so. We even put flyers on cars in Berkeley!

  7. syngensmyth says:

    Well, it didn’t blow up … so probably not Islamic.

  8. J says:

    oops! Ignore #34

    I wasn’t thinking correctly. It is still a mathematical proof but it is about End of Days!

    I can’t believe i am even interested in this madness!

  9. Jim Dermitt says:

    John Dvorak has a way of making madness interesting. Get out of California. Run for your lives.

  10. BillQ says:

    This looks to me like a cry for attention. The author of this item may be overstimulated by fears or concerns that great suffering will come toward him or toward his world. I would be very surprised if it was a female author.

    He seems to be an intelligent person who has had a fairly strong religious influence in his past. Christian based religions instill a lot of fear in children during their sunday school years. A sensitive, intelligent person who has emotional struggles, abandoment experiences or possibly one too many drug experiences can sometimes get their wires crossed internally, leading to a need for recognition or help.

    He is likely an introvert, too shy to ask for support directly, and too confused to know that he needs it.

    It is also possible that he is having an unguided kundalini awakening, from intense exposure to heavy amounts of deep spiritual/religious research. In this case, he may be temporarily very confused, as he is trying to make sense out of it mentally.

    If a mathematically smart man also goes on an intense religious quest, he can find many ways to interpret the intense language in the bible, particularly the book of Revelation, as a coded math puzzle that, once solved, will reveal all the secrets of man, god, the devil and the universe.

    This can become doubly confusing, because many spiritual texts do have sacred numbering systems, and at certain layers of understanding these numbers have meaning. For example, the Bhagavad Gita has 18 discourses, which some commentators break down into 2 x 9 or 2 x 3 x 3. Three is important in christianity, father, son, holy ghost. Three is important in hinduism, Create – Sustain – Dissolve: Brahma – Vishnu – Shiva.

    If the universe is, at some layer divine and harmonious, the mathematical and physical dynamics underlying its observable actions would make sublime sense, and interconnect somehow, as this man is attempting to show on these pages. In a heightened, but unstable state of mind, he may be intuiting this, but I hope for his sake, that he eventually gets through this and is able to have a stable experience.

    Kind of reminds me of “A Beautiful Mind” with Russell Crowe.

  11. Jim Dermitt says:

    Great analysis and post by BillQ. I was reminded of the DaVinci Code. This weird theory could be turned into a book, a movie and internet marketing effort. It could bring in millions of dollars with the right talent and a little Hollywood backing.

  12. GregAllen says:

    This seems likely to be schizophrenia. Those guys can make some “logical” connections that are very personal.

    This guy seems to have latched on to the bible and numerology.

    If you talk long enough with schizophrenia sufferers you can start to get how their logic works.

    For example, in this case, he may have attached religious meaning to specific digits or number combinations. (like 777 or 666, for instance.) So, when he starts adding up math from the bible, key numbers will inevitably pop up and have great meaning to him and seem like messages from God.

  13. Jim Dermitt says:

    It’s just John pointing to religious nutballs in the final analysis. I’ve given up on religion for the most part myself. It’s like politics, except all the top leaders are dead instead of just dead stupid. It has entertainment value and that is what John showed by publishing it here on his blog. When John writes can a reader enlighten me, he’s calling out for help. It’s the Dvorak Code and very well done. You’ll need an ever popular Dvorak keyboard to solve the Dvorak Code. Dvorak is the greatest showman in blogging today.

  14. Paul Stewart says:

    Well, at first glance I can tell you someone is using Gematria trying to discover the “codes” hidden in the “Book of Revelations” from the bible.

    Basically Gemotria is a kind of numerology that builds associations between words that have the same numarical value. In Hebrew, the language and numbers share a common symbol, there are no seperate letters and numbers. That said, each word in Hebrew is also a number.

    Maybe the person has seen “Pi” too many times, but there are problems other than some group drilling this kind of math into/out of the brains of students. The biggest problem is “the game of telephone” affect. Transcription and translation differences alter the outcomes implicitly.

    To our day-to-day world this stuff will always seem like mumbo jumbo, which is why Rabis(teachers) caution students who wish to study Kabbalah to wait until later in life, (their 40s or 50s.) Building associations we know can be risky.

    Pot leads to heroin.
    Rock and roll leads to drugs and sex.
    Lack of family structure leads to gang proliferation.
    Occult study leads to Devil worship.
    Electoral college leads to corrupt political parties.
    Thinking of Israel as a litteral (land based) place has lead to most of the conflicts we see in the mideast since the formation of the Nation State.

    We can be wrong for all the right reasons sometimes.

  15. Ron Larson says:

    In the words of Doctor Frankensteen… “The non-sensical ravings of a lunatic mind”

    (From “Young Frankenstein”)

  16. richard ericksen says:

    up up down down left right left right B A start


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