Italians Loving This Wicked Day More and More … BwaaHahahahaha

A Catholic priest known for his crusades against prostitution has blasted Halloween for being a satanic rite which undermines the principles of religion .

According to Father Oreste Benzi, head of the Pope John XXII community, Halloween “has been imposed by an esoteric- satanic culture which induces the community to perform rituals of witchcraft, spiritualism and satanism which can even lead to ritual sacrifices and violence” .

“Christian parents and all those who believe in the values of life should know that Halloween is the adoration of Satan which has been disguised through games and parties for young people,” he warned .

The popularity of Halloween has soared in recent years, to rival Italy’s traditional fun-loving post-winter Carnival, and now generates an estimated 250 million euros in business .

Let’s see, he’s known for his crusades against prostitution, and now he’s blasting Halloween. This demands level heads and compromise. How about we ban Halloween and legalize prostitution? :-)

Come out! Come out! Thou foul demon spirits!

  1. Oil Of Dog says:

    I never was an Esoteric Satanist or a witch, I just dress up as one on Halloween.

  2. moss says:

    All we really have to worry about, today — like any other day — is the kreeps who tell us, “do this, do that, behave this way, don’t think bad thoughts, obey, stay in line!”

  3. John Paradox says:

    Hallow e’en mean ‘evening before All Soul’s Day’ (or is it All Saints Day? I can never keep it right). Never have figured that out as an ‘evil’ day.


  4. Angel H. Wong says:

    *sigh* one more ignorant religious nut.

  5. 99.99% of stuff that I’ve seen go on during Halloween is still less horrific then many parts of the old testament.

    People like this should just drop the old testament and embrace the message of love in the new testament.

  6. WokTiny says:

    #4… and you are the enlightened one?

    #5… the OT contains a lot of violent *history*, yes, but the main message was still Love and Compassion.

    anyway, maybe this guy’s father was a dentist?

  7. sdf says:

    What, no Harry Potter book burnings this year? A little something to rally the base.

  8. FRAGaLOT says:

    It’s very common for Christians to label EVERYTHING that isn’t Christian as Satanic. Keep in mind Satan was invented by the Christians in the first place as a scapegoat for all “bad things” to be focused and blamed on. They have been doing this for eons labeling old-earth religions (which existed long before Christ) as “satanists” to scare people into converting to Christianity.

    Christians want everyone to believe that God/Christ and Satan have existed since the beginning of time. They never did, nor has any other religion for that matter, but MANY more religions have been around before Judo-Christians came about.

  9. WokTiny says:

    #8 BS the notion of a devil, or tempter, or evil one predates Christ.


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