Sky News: Terrified Twiglet On Drugs — Cripes.

A cat has been prescribed anti-depressants because she’s being bullied by other felines.

Experts say 12-year-old Twiglet also needs anger-management treatment, as she keeps biting her owner in frustration.

And the grey short-haried tabby is becoming a massive moggy, with her weight soaring above a stone – because she is too frightened to go outside.

When owner Jackie Martin took her pet to the vet near her Brighton home, she was told Twiglet has anxiety issues and depression because she was being bullied by other cats.

  1. Oil Of Dog says:

    That is one fugly pitcher, aint it??

  2. Mark says:

    I know a certain Chinese restaraunt that would be willing to take her.

  3. Mark Derail says:

    #2 – Mark

    When I was 18, I worked one summer doing night deliveries for a Chinese restaurant, and put a Garfield on the roof and a 12v light.

    So that I could have something on my roof like the other delivery guys (pizza, chicken).

    The owners, a great big Chinese family, never understood the joke. I actually got extra tips from the laughs of customers.

    The other trick is to duct tape the driver side foot heat vent, so all pressure goes to the passenger side, where we put the bags.
    After over an hour in the car, I would deliver smoking hot paper bag(s) for a great customer reaction.

    Now You Know Too

  4. Aaron says:

    “Keeps biting”?! It should be “bit…then kitty got the long nap!

  5. Mark says:

    3. Its a little esoteric. Wouldve been funnier if you were delivering hookers.

  6. Mark Derail says:

    Esoteric – Hidden or deeper knowledge or teachings that are possessed or understood only by a few.
    Why thank you.

    Actually was reminiscing the crazy early years. That Garfield with the 4 suction cups was quite the thing, in the English community.

    However amongst the Quebec French, in that neighborhood, they didn’t even know of Garfield’s existence. Wasn’t translated until a few years those cartoons.

    My current three cats are much cuter, and my Sheltie keeps them in check. Fur throughout the house…
    …They don’t go outside, so no bullying, except by the dog…when the cats pretend the dog is in charge…

  7. Angel H. Wong says:

    The easiest thing to do to solve the bully cat problem is simple: lock down that kitty inside the house while you place some poisoned meat on strategic locations.

    The next day you’ll se the other cats dead and twisted in a HR Giger style.

  8. Mark says:

    Do you own Wongs Chinese Restaraunt by chance?

  9. Sundog says:

    I think Apple will use this cat as their new “Spokeskitty” for the upcoming new OS, LEOPARD.

    Or is it, Jaguar, or Calico, or……

  10. Mark Derail says:

    #8, funny. Nah, everyone would surely Wing the Wong phone number.

    At least we know that Angel H. Wong’s hate of Cats is greater than Macs followed closely by my Prius.

    Never underestimate how much money pet owners are willing to spend on their sick feline furballs.

    The fourth cat, 12yrs old, that I had put to sleep for 30$. The vet wanted 400$ for an operation to remove a piece of sowing string.

  11. Mark says:

    Hey, I like all animals, cats are very cool, If you raise them right. I treat mine like dogs when theyre young and they respond well to that. When I lived in the tropics, a cat was an absolute necessity. The fucking rats were huge, but the cats kept them under control. Unfortunately, they liked to bring in Igauanas (alive) from outside which didnt sit too well with the Mrs.

  12. Mark Derail says:

    #11, so in BVI they have lots of Iguana’s too?

    Last March was in Puerto Rico on business, stayed for a week. The Igs are all over the place, like our squirrels here, and people treat them in much the same way.

    When I was driving, ahead of me traffic stopped on both sides, when the light was green, because the biggest male green Iguana I’ve ever seen was crossing, asserting his dominance over the cars (they bob their heads).

    Nobody eats the Igs except the strays (dogs & cats). Apparently in Mexico & Brazil they (humans) eat Iguanas. It’s even part of a 80’s tune, “I’m listening to the Mexicain Radio” “Fried Iguana’

    At home we have a 2yr old male green. Started salamander size, now he’s 4 feet long. One of the three cats wants to eat him so very badly. The other two don’t care.

  13. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    “place some poisoned meat on strategic locations.

    The next day you’ll se the other cats dead and twisted in a HR Giger style.”

    Either that’s
    (a) an attempt at humor, in which case it’s rather piss-poor, to say the least, or
    (b) you’re serious, in which case I would be more than willing to suspend my lifelong philosophy of nonviolence for just long enough to club you to within a inch of your despicable, subhuman life.

    if (a), have a nice day
    if (b), a new, satisfying career path awaits you gassing helpless animals at your local pound – or maybe anally electrocuting mink… sociopaths can always find rewarding, enjoyable work.

  14. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    In south Florida there’s more cucarachas than you can shake the proverbial stick at, but an iguana in the house guarantees a roach-free lifestyle. Beats Hell outta the alternative, spraying noxious chemicals all over the place. Iguanas also are considerably cheaper and more decorative than endless cans of Raid…

  15. Greg Allen says:

    My cat is a head case.

    He is very affectionate with humans but he is absolutely obsessed with fighting other cats. His and indoor cat (and fixed) but when he has escaped, he’s found a cat within seconds and started to fight. I have no idea even how he finds a cat so fast — it’s remarkable.

  16. Mark says:

    14. My house is not that big, as Mark stated above Iguanas get about 4 feet long. My cat would only get them when they were young. But your right about the roaches, geckos all over the house to control them. Skeeters too.

  17. curmudgen says:

    Lauren, I choose the first B, you know, as in Bastard. I’ll furnish the club.

    Angel, You are one sad deranged Fuck!!

  18. Angel H. Wong says:


    Now that’s an “intelligent” move from your side to use a racist comment, I bet you and Michael Richards have fun trading racist jokes.


    Yep; it’s sick, SICK humour 😉 and you are shocked? *snort* And you call yourself a goth…

    There’s an alternate solution to the roach problem: KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN.


    Why thankyou, it’s pissing the squealing little ones that make life worth living.

  19. Mark Derail says:

    Angel – big LOL, glad to see you on the ball.

    Nah, not meaning to be racist, it’s the restaurant comment, my fav vegetarian food, your last name, and the radio station setting up two Chinese restaurants with third-party calling, all came to fruition in an irresistible one-liner. Nothing malicious intended.

    I’ve worked with actual Wong’s at the restaurant (doing deliveries for them) and as co-workers in IT. I now know how to order to good stuff thanks to a Wong I worked in IT with for a few years.

    But…why hate cats so much?

  20. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    “Yep; it’s sick, SICK humour and you are shocked? *snort*”

    I’ve been a lifelong aficionado of sick humor, among other types; the operative term there is ‘humor.’ Simply suggesting the slaughter of domestic mammals somehow lacks the requisite element of being amusing, making it too easy to read as a serious statement of sociopathic disregard for higher forms of life… so, omit smileys from such jests and you risk being taken for a protegé of John Wayne Gacy…

    “And you call yourself a goth”

    Huh?? pedro’s been sharing his meds again, it seems. I call myself a lot of things, but where did I ever indicate gothhood?

    Ghotis have gills, goths have pierced tongues – easy to tell ’em apart.

  21. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    Oh, yeah, and my sister-in-law’s maiden name is Wong – she thought it was amusing, didn’t get the “racist” bit at all.

  22. curmudgen says:


    Why thankyou, it’s pissing the squealing little ones that make life worth living.

    What does that mean?? You’re urinating “squealing little ones”

  23. Angel H. Wong says:

    #19 Ahhh things cleared are Okay.

    I’m just overly sensitive to those kind of things, considering that I’m a minority here, and everybody knows how minorities react.

    I don’t hate cats, in fact I grew up surrounded with more pussycats that hugh heffner would ever dreamed up 🙂

    But I’m a bit too rude and I would do anything it takes to protect my pets and if that means getting rid of the other cats so be it, I’m a psycho pet owner.

  24. Angel H. Wong says:

    #20 My apoligies, some users usually write their nicks/names and don’t finish them.

    I though you were a gothic white chick full of drama. Sorry

  25. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    No, Angel, I’m a hippie white of indeterminate gender.

    As to what I’m full of, a variety of opinions have been offered…


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