1. Joey says:

    Bill could not only sing the anthem on key, but he could also eat a pizza, correspond with heads of state, ponder social legislation, and go spelunking with a cigar – all at the same time. Hillary is no Bill Clinton.

  2. TheGlobalWarmer says:

    Hillary is more manly than Bill though.

  3. Neil says:

    Hmm. Lets here Dvorak sing the anthem and see how he does.

  4. RTaylor says:

    Tone deaf, lets talk Willie Nelson into running. We need a few years of mellowing out. 😉

  5. cheese says:

    She sings like my Mom.

  6. Mark Derail says:

    Why wouldn’t a female president be a good thing?
    Doesn’t the population of the US have more females than males?

    I can only judge on what politicians do, not what they promise.

    Up here, the Liberal, NDP and the Bloc parties are blasting the Conservatives for doing very little on climate change.
    Yet when the Liberals where in power, they did very little.

    What about the fact that Hillary is married to a great motivation speaker?

  7. TheGlobalWarmer says:


    There’s some doubt that Hillary is female. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with a female President. There’s a LOT wrong with Hillary as President.

    I don’t have time to write a 1200 page novel, but it suffices to say that the kindest thing you can say about Hillary is that she is the Antichrist.

  8. STOZ says:

    I’m surprise no one has yet commented that Billary didnt even sing the correct words!!

    its “Oh say does THAT Star spangled”
    Not “Oh say does OUR

  9. Tom says:

    Have to disagree. I think Hillary would make a VERY good president.
    Certainly equal to or better than anyone else currently running on either side. Whether or not she is electable is another matter.

  10. Gig says:

    GlobalWarmer, I could not agree with you more. I grew up in Arkansas under the Clinton regime. The ways they screwed thing up here wouldn’t fit in a 1200 page book.

    Tom, I have to ask, what do you think qualifies her to be President? She has never held any type of executive office, not in the private or public sector.

  11. Charbax says:

    Some funky DJ should make Hillary Clinton sound good with a funky remix like this one Bloody Sunday Bush mix:


  12. Dallas says:

    Attacking her singing is kinda lame but it’s a start.

    I’m sure the GOP asked Fox News to come up with something interesting. Heck, they made Obama’s elementary school attendance as him in a secret terrorist training camp.

  13. Scott Tobkes says:

    Like her or not, this is bogus…an overdubbed reproduction.

  14. Mark says:

    Sounded like cats fucking, or fighting (Is there a difference)? But seriously, I would like to see her on American Idol, its the only thing that could get me to watch that show.

  15. Gregory says:

    Honestly… I think Obama would be better all round. I prefer his politics too.

  16. snifner says:

    Hillary’s campaing slogan is “Let the conversation begin”. What the hell does that mean?

  17. Smartalix says:

    What this really means is that she really does care, as she is singing the anthem for its own sake, not an audience’s. That people can take an innocent event that shows her patriotism and twist it is both amusing and saddening.

  18. Sundog says:

    18. Ah yes, but when it comes to politicians, we need to be able to laugh, or else we will end up on that tower one day, with the sniper rifle….Thank God for men like John Stewart.

  19. Awake says:

    Ahhh… the fabulous intelligence and wisdom of the American voter… starting to choose the leader of the only standing world superpower by looking into her singing voice. What a bunch of putzes.

  20. Bill R. says:

    Where’s Roseanne when you need her? 🙂

  21. Thomas says:

    [violation of posting guidelines]

  22. Mr. Fusion says:

    #20 Awake, very perceptive. To which I might add, next they will be complaining she doesn’t show enough cleavage.

    The thing I find so funny is how Clinton brings out the hate in the right wing nut crowd. No reason given, just hate. In November there were several lawn signs saying something like “A Vote For A Democrat Is A Vote For Hillary” over top of her picture. Needless to say, our normally Republican country went total Democrat except for the County Coroner and U.S. Senator. (yes, the Dems didn’t oppose Sen. Lugar in Indiana)

  23. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    If another effing Republican gets sent to the White House in ’08, I’m leaving the country.

    I have to admit that Bill Clinton, even though a pal of Big Bidniss, gave the majority of Americans a welcome 8-year respite from the relentless Republican effort to turn the country into a theo-plutocracy – but Hilary is clearly an amoral opportunistic corporatist. So she’s a Dem and a lawyer from the ‘New South’ and she makes a big show of kissing minorities’ asses – BFD; the exact same things can be said about Mike Nifong. And to tell the truth I think they have disturbingly similar morals and motivations, which is to say, ‘none’ and ‘lust for power,’ respectively.

    No, this is one liberal who wouldn’t touch Hilary with a 3-meter pole. Imagine America run by Mike Nifong in drag… As Hobson responded when Arthur asked “How about a pitcher of Martinis?” I say “No, thank you”

  24. The Canuck says:

    That’s what you Americans get for having such a difficult anthem.

  25. Barking Biddle says:

    #7 “the kindest thing you can say about Hillary is that she is the Antichrist.”

    Oh, Jesus!!

  26. Mark says:

    This might be a stupid question, but I am serious. Is it possible legally for Bill to run as Vice Presidential running mate. If so than he could be Hillarys Dick Cheney and with that much experience, it could work nicely.

    Just wondering.

  27. Terry says:

    #24 (and others of similar opinion) – I’ve heard many people (celebrities mainly) say much the same thing over the past few elections. Funny though, it was always Democrat supporters saying that they would leave if the Republican candidate won. I’ve not heard that sentiment from the other point of view, i.e. “If a Democrat gets in again, I’m outa here!”.

    Any ideas why this particular dichotomy?

  28. Adam says:

    Good God… The audio operator either sucks…or is really smart to have not had her mic hotter than the music.


  29. Mr. Fusion says:

    #25, OK, good one. How many Canadians know their own anthem? Besides just the chorus?


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