The Himalayan Times — Alien clone? Hmmm. Is there a hidden message here?

Things may not be going too well, as far as Britney Spears music career is concerned, but her latest party hopping ways and hook ups may get her a role in the next series of Dr Who.

Russell T Davies, writer of the series has targeted the pop princess as a desirable guest star to feature in the next series of the science fiction show.

As befitting Spears star status, the American gal, who recently split up with hubby Kevin Federline, would not just play a single character.

Instead she would play a whole race of sex-loving alien clones on the show, which stars David Tennant as Doctor Who and Freema Agyeman as his new assistant.

  1. Joey says:

    This project sounds like a pretext for the author to get into her pantyless pants, like how musicians ask hot starlets to “act” in their videos.

  2. Mark Derail says:

    The scar on her tummy is where the cybernetic trans-dimensional tracer is implanted on all clones.

    // Doctor Who fan

  3. tkane says:

    I don’t think this is a pretext for doing the double backed monster – I believe Mr. Davies is gay. Besides, if he weren’t, you’d think he would go after something/someone better. I’d rather have Jessica Simpson myself, if you’re going after the dumb-blonde type.

    Mr. Davies has been doing a reasonably good job with the series up to now, so hopefully there’s some value in this choice. I’ll be watching!

  4. Dan F. says:

    One of things I love about this blog is that you present a wide-range of topics. You keep it informative and fun. Thanks!

  5. John Paradox says:

    You mean she ISN”T an alien clone?

    Oh, drat!

    (BTW – the previous Doctor is now appearing on NBC’s HEROES, as the ‘invisible man’)


  6. GigG says:

    The Himalayan Times… First in celebrity news!

  7. Les says:

    What level of hell is that considered?

  8. JT says:

    This could be right up her alley. As British bimbos go, at least Britney has nice teeth.

  9. Mr.Newton says:

    to #8–if i was to say that was so true on many levels,would anyone get it?

  10. gquaglia says:

    No talent ass clown. Who cares.

  11. Jägermeister says:

    Why doesn’t she just go away…

  12. curmudgen says:

    Fourth Circle. Those whose concern is for material goods Etc.

  13. Neumann says:

    I’m actually annoyed I didn’t think of it, that’s a potentially funny idea…, particularly if we see a queen mother type that’s like the giant spider woman or so forth (think all of Ridley’s failed clones COMBINED), And yeah, they could shoot a lot of it on a soundstage in LA cause they shoot the whole series at once, they just shoot the Tardis stuff earlier. Actually kind of reminds me of the kind of outfit that Lady Cassandra would have set up, so you could TOTALLY tie that all in.

  14. Peter Rodwell says:

    If they want to clone somebody, it should be me! The world would be a far better place with 50,000,000 copies of me.

  15. Greg Allen says:

    >> No talent ass clown. Who cares.

    I like Spears and I’m honest enough to admit it. I think her pop songs are fun and she looks great.

    Don’t get me wrong … I’m no groupie and I don’t own any of her music but I know talent when I hear it. And she is alented.

    As for the “outrage” at her up-skirt shots — that is all fake.

    Nobody was really scandalized or even bothered — not after all the other crap we’ve all seen by now. Furthermore, no guys mind seeing that sort of thing.

  16. Ballenger says:

    Does this mean the name of the show will change to Dr. Who-ters?

  17. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    #12 – Fourth Circle. Those whose concern is for material goods Etc.

    Comment by curmudgen — 1/31/2007 @ 8:24 pm

    Bwahahahaha – WOW – You actually knew that 🙂

    #15 – I like Spears and I’m honest enough to admit it. I think her pop songs are fun and she looks great.

    Don’t get me wrong … I’m no groupie and I don’t own any of her music but I know talent when I hear it. And she is alented.

    Subjective debates are pretty damn stupid, BUT how do you know talent? Because I know talent and she is most assuredly not any more talented than the lead in the “Insert small midwestern town here” High School version of Guys and Dolls.

    She’s an over exposed mousekateer who sometimes looks good in a bikini.

    There are hundred of musicians with talent. In the realm of female vocalist, there is…

    Hope Sandoval
    Kate Bush
    Aretha Franklin
    Martha David
    Ani DiFranco
    Liz Phair
    Lauryn Hill
    Wendy O. Williams
    Joan Osborne
    Nina Simone
    Annie Lennox
    Kim Gordon
    Kim Deal
    Joni Mitchell
    Fiona Apple
    Chrissie Hynde
    Patti Smith
    Melissa Etheridge

    It’s all subjective, and you might not think (for example) that say Wendy O Williams is particularly talented, but she had a powerful stage pressence and made not only a lasting impact on the punk genre but also influenced the artistic direction of future musicians.

    Brittney, on the other hand is a puppet for producers, choreographers, and executives. She has no particular vision, no style of her own, and much of her early work was penned by Max Martin.

    Maybe I am a snob, but a musician creates music and a pop singer is just a voice to be used by others in the creation of forgettable, lackluster, candy pop to be sold to teen girls.

    Brittney is nothing but a face, but since this is a mysogenistic site, her image ends up here far too often. I imagine that someone here has a thing for her image as a nubile sex tart – but in reality she’s just airbrushed better than the the average Girl Gone Wild model.

  18. Mark says:

    OFTLO- seriously, Wendy O. Williams? Theres now way you can be a snob, then. And PLEASE add Bonnie Raitt and K.D. Lang to that list.

  19. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    #19 – Consider Raitt and Lang added. No problem at all. I’ll even throw in Lucinda Williams too.

    Wendy O is one of those artists who defy conventional wisdom about music, but to deny the Plasmatics their rightful place in the Kingdom of Punk would be a shame.

  20. Greg Allen says:

    # #17 She’s an over exposed mousekateer who sometimes looks good in a bikini.

    You mixed economics and subjective opinion.

    IThe high pay of entertainers and sports figures reflects our screw-up priorities of a society — but within those priorities, it’s hard to say she’s overpaid.

    She’s paid as much as her agent could negotiate from people willing to pay. That’s free market, baby!

    Her “Baby One..” album went 14X Platnum and generated millions of dollars, no doubt. It’s not overpaid to get a hefty slice of that.

    Her main “talent” is making pop music — and she obviously is very talented at that as the hard numbers prove.

    As for her looking good in a bikini — I can’t say since I havent’ seen, but I’ll take your word for it!
    As for you list — you’ve got good taste. At one-time-or-the-other I’ve been a little obsessed with most of those! I absolutely ADORE Nina Simone — RIP. I’m seeing Crissy Hynde live in a couple weeks here in Dubai. Yeah!

    These days I’m listening a lot to Neko Case’s “Blacklisted.” … what a voice!

    But I have a very different take on pop music — I believe it is HARDER to make a good pop song than, let’s say, a singer-songwriter ballad or a jazz song.

    And yes it’s almost always a major collaboration to create a pop hit: from the singer to the producers to the promoters… but to dismiss the singer in a pop song is like dismissing the quarter back on a pro football team. Neither could do it on their own but both roles are essential to success.

    My favorite female pop artists these days is Shakira .

  21. OhForTheLoveOf says:

    #21 – You mixed economics and subjective opinion.

    It’s zero dark thirty in the AM so I’ll not address the whole post (which was thoughtful and salient) – I can’t even explain why I’m up this late 🙂 …. But I should point out that i never said she was overpaid… I said she was overexposed…

    Also… I know its all subjective opinion, but its my subjective opinion… and if I believe it, I should treat it like fact… 🙂

    Competent singers are a dime a dozen. Look at American Idol.
    Good musicians are somewhat rarer. Look at American Idol.

    That crowd pleasing panderfest has yet to produce a single worthwhile contribution to the pop music scene. Simon couldn’t find talent if Elvis Costello kicked him in the balls.

    Oh and Mmmmmm… Neko Case 🙂

  22. James Hill says:

    You just can’t help but sound like a dumb ass, can you OFTLO?

  23. OhForTheLoveOf says:


    I love you too.


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