Do You Want to Join the 62-mile-high Club?

The world may be ready for many new adventures in space, but is the world ready for sex in space? This is a question stakeholders within space tourism industry readily need to discuss as space travel becomes the next vacation of choice for the affluent and maybe even average vacation consumer.

Sex is easily facilitated on a romantic sandy beach or in a great big hotel bed with 300-count sheets. But the entire ease of process changes significantly when you add the gravity-free factor and confined space requirements to the overall equation.

For those wishing to create a boudoir inside their more-than-mile-high club accommodations, they will need to consider the physical demands associated with sex in space. The lack of gravity means the more you try to “come together” will mean the more you will “bounce apart”, giving a whole new meaning to “creative positions”!

  1. RTaylor says:

    bungee cords

  2. Mac Guy says:

    Bondage freaks will have no problem with this. Restraints aren’t just implied, they’re mandated!

  3. Palomar Jack says:

    Why is this important? Shouldn’t people be trying to figure out some way to make use of space for things like energy supply, mining and other endeavers? The tourism will fallow. After all, how many tourists demanding places to satisfy their urges showed up on the American Frontier before the miners and farmers.

    Let’s see, that would be… what… none?

    We better get on with it before all of the solar system gets made into another ANWR by the Global Warming and Animal Rights Nazies on the Left and no one will have access to it for anything but whore-houses.

  4. James Hill says:

    We’ve been getting fucked in regard to space exploration for years.

    Then again, space nookie may be the tipping point for getting people to go to space… frequently.

  5. Palomar Jack says:

    “We’ve been getting f….d in regard to space exploration for years.”

    That is probably very true. Two things propagated this. Social programs consuming huge amounts of tax money just to buy votes from the welfare community to keep incumbents in office, instead of being used for things like space exploration. And, the morons at NASA who couldn’t “Market” their way out of a wet paper bag. If not for those, we’d have colonies on the Moon and Mars. In the bargain, we wouldn’t have these dumb-ass articles regarding sex in zero-G.

    Fix the first two problems and the “All important” “Sex in Space” problem will fix itself.

  6. Floyd says:

    It was rumored years ago that one of the space stations or a Shuttle has already been used for this purpose, by a husband and wife astronaut or cosmonaut couple.

  7. James Messick says:

    Yeah, seems I saw a “research” paper that had been leaked onto the internet. Very authentic looking. It DID mention that the most satisfying results were obtained when the partners were linked together by some sort of elastic bands. I think doggy style worked well. It always worked well for me.

  8. James Hill says:

    #6 – If that answers the first question, the second question is “Was it filmed?” and the third question is “Where is it on YouTube?”

  9. Angel H. Wong says:

    People, people, you all have to forget one important thing, in Zero G everything floats, including bodily fluids and I’m sure many of you DO mind about get splashed on the face by a gob of semen.

  10. Mark Derail says:

    Well, at least some women are desperate to get into space!

    A NASA astronaut is being held without bail after police say she attacked her rival for another astronaut’s attention at Orlando International Airport Monday.

    Smartalix I want to be able to insert IMG tags too!!!

  11. Shreyas Vaidya says:

    It’s a matter of great pride for us Indians that she’s up there in space in the fiorst place! The fact that she’s set a record for herself in space walking is the cherry on the cake! I have heard that some Gujaratis are going to light up their areas and wave lanterns when her space shuttle passes over the state. Hope it passes over Mumbai too, coz a lantern will be waiting for her at my window too.

  12. TJGeezer says:

    #12 – If I recall correctly, India’s on the fast track to have its own space program soon. Maybe Sunita Williams will have an opportunity to apply her experience to space exploration in a home-grown space transport before much longer.

    I hope Google or someone gets a satellite pic of a lit-up region of India when she passes over it, if that lit-lanterns event really comes off.

  13. catbeller says:

    What’s amazing is that we’ve had husband/wife teams up in the Shuttle before, and Russia had women on their space station for years, but nobody has claimed the “first sex in orbit” trophy. Americans and Russians are brothers in prudery. SOMEone did it. Step forward!

  14. Anonymous Coward says:

    There is a bright side to this. When that cute little woman that you marry starts to age and her ass blows up the size of a school bus – in outter space she’ll be “weightless.”


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