I’m guessing this sells for one dollar

Only 244 copies of Genuine Windows Vista sold in China – Newlaunches.com — Hey doesn’t this put the USA at a competitive disadvantage if China gets Windows free? Meanwhile the Americans are hounded by the BSA.

And don’t let them kid you. This stuff is out in the open.

Microsoft spent millions of dollars advertising its next generation OS Windows Vista in China, in fact the IT juggernaut threw up the biggest Vista Ad on the 421 meter high Jin Mao tower in Shanghai China. However after 2 weeks Jan 19 to Feb 2 from launch Microsoft managed to sell a mere 244 copies of Windows Vista. Software piracy is rampant in the middle kingdom and a pirated version of Vista sells for a mere $1 on the streets. The following numbers are quoted by Windows Vista chief distributor in Bejing.

found by William Taylor

  1. Mike says:

    Is that Mickey Mouse on the top there?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just received a DVD with *all* versions of Vista, plus a CD with some cracking program. Apparently the crack doesn’t remove the 30 day trial limit warning, but Vista keeps on ticking. It updates fine in MS update, according to my source.

    It cost me 0 national currency units 🙂

    I’m not in China.

    I’m not sure if I want to try Vista out, anyway…….

    Wake up, Vista Ultimate is more expensive than many budget PCs… It’s not meant to be sold, it’s meant to be pirated.

  3. James Hill says:

    I think those 244 were bought by the company I work for, too.

  4. B. Dog says:

    Draft Bill G. to be the War Tzar. He can do China after he mops up in those other places.

  5. MikeN says:

    We’re at a competitive disadvantage, so MS had better give there software away for free. We should make it legal to pirate in fact. We should also set price controls on all other software, of about $10 or so, $20 if you have a manual. This should include consulting software as well.

  6. tallwookie says:

    HAHAHA Vista sucks hard

  7. BubbaRay says:

    Wonder how many “real” Vista copies have sold in Malaysia?

  8. Pfkad says:

    That’s 244 more copies than I’m going to buy.

  9. Mark Derail says:

    #2, your IP address,, has been logged and we’re in the process of contacting your ISP for credentials, which will be forwarded to piracy@microsoft.com.

    The Blog must observe a Strict Conduct Code concerning Piracy of any sort, especially since this site’s server runs under Windows, and Windows software is used to maintain various components of this site.

    You should have read the Posting Guidelines, located at the top of Every Page before posting, which clearly states that all information obtained, used, posted, may be used / held against you.

    Regards, The Staff

    /////// Meant to be funny /////////

  10. Dallas says:

    At least they spelled “WIndows Vista” correctly on the box.

    I would have expected “Windows Wista Ulmate”

  11. Angel H. Wong says:

    it makes me wonder how many PCs are sold with OSX86 “preinstalled” are there.

  12. JT says:

    Intellectual property is one of the few things we have left to export and trade with the world. We’re in BIG freakin’ trouble!

  13. B. Dog says:

    Hey, I’m sorry about joking about attacking China. It seems that Bill G. has a much different approach to China. He’ll sell a package including Windows XP Starter Edition, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, as well as other educational software for 3 bucks a pop.

    That doesn’t mean that he likes Americans less.

  14. stew says:

    In the 80s and90s it was common practice to let your software be pirated. it got it out to a interested user group fast. hopefully they would buy it. I would dare say photoshop became popular this way. the old running joke in the 90s was there was six times the books out about photoshop for every one legal copy of the software. Look out china it is like a good drug they give it away then you are hooked.

  15. sheva says:

    piracy is not a bad thing for microsoft, and vista is a good product so why not pirate it?

  16. stew says:

    Bill wants a billion more customers. Evan if he only gets actually get 10% he will do OK. Sometimes it is more important to be on the desktop then have a paid copy. Those legal million want to talk to those illegal billion.

  17. Ironic says:

    This is what I like:

    The USA produces software, which is easily copied, and tries to sell it to the world.

    China, Malaysia, etc., produce coffee cups, coffee makers, pot holders, TVs, cell phones, batteries, DVD players, HD DVD players, Blu-Ray players, iPods, pots and pans, silverware, drinking glasses, umbrellas, inflatable pools, all manner of clothing, all kinds of food (yummy tainted food for Rover and Miss Kitty), lamps, lightbulbs, hinges, doorknobs, door stops, ……….

    You get the idea — they sell stuff you can’t copy. REAL stuff. Software isn’t real stuff, it’s conceptual arrangement of ONES and ZEROS.

    Intellectual property became a stupid idea to me at the age 10. It happened when I saw my buddy’s real Rubik’s cube, and I got a cloned Chinese version a few months later. I learned that if you have a great idea, and it can be copied and re-produced cheaply, you have a limited time to sell it before your profits are pulled out from under you, and there’s NOTHING you could do about it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    #9 LOL!!! LOL, LOL, LOL!

    You sure got my heart racing for a few seconds! 🙂

    Then I remembered I wrote that comment (and this one) connected to someone else’s WiFi LAN. The SSID is ‘linksys’, BTW 😀

    Actual question – is the MAC Address also logged? Can that be spoofed?

  19. jz says:

    244? Yeesh, I am surprised it is that many. Vista runs slower than XP on comprable hardware, and I have not been given one decent reason to upgrade. And if a techie like me is not upgrading, why would anyone in a land where wages are 50 cents an hour?

    John, you mentioned that Windows 2000 was the best OS microsoft ever made and since then, I have been fiddling around with the one PC I have that runs it. The verdict: I love 2000!! It does everything XP does for me but does it faster and it runs much more smoothly. 2000 is the most underrated OS ever while Vista will battle with the PS3 for the most overhyped POS of the decade.

  20. FRAGaLOT says:

    Windows 2000 is indeed very good, especially if you have a lower end system and don’t want to deal with flaky windows 98. Win2k has a much smaller foot print, you can install it on a small hard drive (under 4gigs, XP uses 4gigs!!) Runs on a Pentium okay, but get your self a Pentium II or better at about 500mhz, full it with ram (which is about 512m I think is all a P2 can handle.. depends on mobo.)

    If you have an old junk PC.. and you really don’t want to get your hands dirty dealing with Linux, use Windows 2000 on it, and extend it’s life.


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