An Arizona Highway Patrol officer who ran the Wienermobile’s plates as the vehicle traveled for a promotion briefly thought the giant hot dog on wheels was, well, hot.

The 27-foot-long, 11-foot-tall vehicle was in a construction zone in downtown Tucson Wednesday, slowing traffic. Officer Korey Lankow caught up to it and ran its “Y-U-M-M-Y” license plate to make sure it was street legal.

The plate came back as stolen. Lankow pulled over the Wienermobile, and two more officers arrived to help. It turns out someone had indeed stolen the “Y-U-M-M-Y” plate off the Wienermobile in Columbia, Missouri, back in February. Oscar Mayer officials reported the theft to police there, company spokeswoman Syd Lindner said. The company got a replacement YUMMY plate that same month and notified police in Missouri, Lindner said.

Garbage In is Garbage Out. Someone forgot to put a note in the file about the replacement plate.

  1. joel price says:

    I bet the cop fells like a weenie not that the facts came out. 🙂

  2. joel price says:

    I bet the cop fells like a weenie now that the facts came out. 🙂

  3. Joel Price says:

    next time I try to be funny I should learn how to spell.

  4. BubbaRay says:

    I would certainly love to drive that vehicle, just once!! I’d put new plates on it, but TX would never approve of my language.

    Were I a cop, I’d probably want to stop that cool mobile also, I just wonder if he found an ‘excuse’ to do so. 🙂

  5. hhopper says:

    That cop was a real hotdog.

  6. Frank IBC says:

    Back in 2002, the Weinermobile was pulled over for driving on a restricted roadway near the Pentagon. The photo was in the local news for days.

  7. RTaylor says:

    He just wanted one of those free wiener whistles the give away.

  8. Alex Killby says:

    If I was a cop, that vehicle would receive immunity.

  9. Frank IBC says:

    A HotPatriotEagleJesusDogMobile would be cool, too.

  10. Greymoon says:

    So the Weinermobile was pulled over by a Dudley-Do-Right because its y-u-m-m-y was stolen? And it turned out that the stolen y-u-m-m-y has been replaced with another y-u-m-m-y? I’m glad Officer Korey Lankow aka Dudley-Do-Right got right to the bottom of that crime and all is well in the world now. Really.

  11. John Paradox says:

    Now for all the other weenies on the road.


  12. James Hill says:

    Would now be a good time to point out that AZ cops love to pull over out of state cars… Especially those from Wisconsin, where a number of snow birds (and the WeinerMobile) come from?

  13. Tom says:

    [Message deleted – See Comment Guidelines. – ed.]

  14. Greymoon says:

    And the ‘Weiner of the Day Post’ award goes to ….. Tom!

  15. knights_templar700 says:

    What’s an upside-down Weinermobile called? (A hotdog with everything on it)

  16. Peter Rodwell says:

    I’d really like one of those as my next car!

  17. Fisherman says:

    Good catch there Barney Fife…

    He ran the plates to see if it was street legal? Yah, I’m sure no cop ever thought of that before, and Oscar Meyer’s legal department promotes flagrantly violating laws. What a freakin’ bonehead.

    On a related note, a cop ran my friend’s plate once for no reason. Friend had a warrant out, and got arrested. Friend took it to court, attorney and all, and got paid for invasion of privacy. Very cool!

  18. David says:

    Why is everyone giving the Cop the business. He ran the plates… they came back stolen… he pulled the car over. What else should he have done? Ignore the fact that the plates came back stolen?

    Mr. Lankow. You did the right thing.


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