The folks over at Time have a nice slideshow of the Antarctic, click on the picture to see more.

  1. Mark Derail says:

    Maybe the Argentinians should “buy” a sub from Russia . . .

  2. BubbaRay says:

    Thanks, Gasparrini — those superb photos are amazing. I have no knowledge of diving — the extreme cold must have been tough for the photographers.

    From the article: “Don’t Touch
    The helmet jelly[fish] is the most abundant scyphomedusa found in deep water.”

    And I can think of a few politicians I’d like to see wearing it. 🙂

  3. joshua says:

    Just amazing photo’s Gasparrini. While at the link a group of photo’s was offered about **what the world eats**….now that was some interesting photo’s as well.


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