NASA also says the drunken Astronauts were never drunk. Microsoft again in the news for — can I use the word — bribes! I look at the definition of bribe.

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  1. Mark Derail says:

    …people don’t know how to do music stores…

    John, I’ll one up that, corporate America doesn’t know how to write good software. Rather broadly.

    The best software I’ve seen has always been non-corporate. Some eventually becomes corporate, and of course, degrades into a mess. Symantec comes to mind.

    Why would Apple software be different? Perhaps they listen more to the end user.

    Same thing for the fancy websites & stores. Simplicity is what works best, and getting your users to participate.

    I’ve been around other music stores, and of course use Mp3Sparks (soon to become again AllOfMp3), but what if the user interface was lousy, real lousy?

    Why redesign something that works? Just get permission to use the code, change the skin & logo, and voila.

    On that subject, that Vizu Vote Thingy on the top right, pops up pretty often:
    What is your favorite source for digital music.

    Who’s behind that? The #1 is ripping from CD’s which is perfectly legal, easy, and names yours English songs correctly.
    My #2 source isn’t even mentioned.

  2. James Armstrong says:

    What with Ballmer’s bogus patent FUD against Linux, I’d be happy to see ALL the state AG’s go back to the well. By tampering with Linux’s rightful competitive position, M$ is doing incalculable financial harm to Linux users and Windows users as well. It would be fun to watch the AG’s attempt to calculate that harm. I’m sure some fair per-seat fine can be arrived at.

  3. GregA says:


    Didn’t you say a few years ago that apple was gonna get in the car business, and you were laughing stock on Slashdot… for a couple of years.. because of that??? Am I remembering that correctly?

    Also, I think it is especially funny now that it is becoming really apparent even to the most ardent doubters, that the Linux Foundation has become more evil than sco and Microsoft ever were.

    Oh well… Nothing surprises me anymore.

  4. GregA says:


    I wasn’t gonna say anything, but I have been feeling punchy for the last 48 hours…

    But you are detached from the reality of the situation buddy. You need to investigate the issue. The Linux Foudation is claiming they own the SMB protocol after they blatantly stole it from microsoft, and microsoft said nothing… for years.

    Now, just about every linux distro, and OSX as well, PIRATE smb and all microsoft is saying is, we designed SMB, so no matter what GPL v3 says, you can’t lock us out.

    OMG, you are clueless…

  5. Gasparrini says:

    Hearing the comments about giving a bribe to a beggar reminds me of an automated message I sometimes hear when riding the train, indicating that passengers should not encourage beggars that board the train by giving them money.

  6. Lauren the Ghoti says:

    #3 – pedro

    “ALL the online music stores suck, even oy!Tunes. Why? THEY SELL MP3’s!!!!!!!!!”

    Totally wrong yet again, pedro. Quitcherbitchin’

  7. James Armstrong says:


    “SMB was originally invented by Barry Feigenbaum at IBM…”

    I guess you’ll be going after Wikipedia next you cheap bought-and-paid for hack.


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