— Meanwhile I get a Neonode N2. This is the conversation starter of the week. Listen to today’s report.

Click to listen:

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  1. Zargon says:

    I enjoy these shorts.

    On a sidenote, the sponsor, bodog.tv seems to not exist. At least for the last couple of days.

  2. B. Dog says:

    The Neonode N2 doesn’t use as touchscreen, but rather a grid of LEDs and light sensors for its GUI input. Do things like taco fixings, pocket lint, gold dust and suchlike interfere with that system?

    The Neonode N2 uses some fancy Associative Array Processing technology from Neomagic for video playback. Does that lead to outstanding battery life? Your readers want to know these things.

  3. B. Dog says:

    Correction: It should read “Associative Processing Array.”

  4. Mark Derail says:



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