1. Mark Derail says:

    You guys all eat this bird, along with beef, just because it tastes good.
    Forget the cruelty angle.

    You are eating tainted food, and way too much of it. An American family in 1950 consumed 1/4 the meat intake of today.

    Since you’ll all be eating this meat anyways, no matter what I post, consider your plate. 1/4 of meat for 3/4 of salad, potatoes, green veggies. Instead of the opposite.

    Wasn’t that what you Mother/Grandmother served you when you were young?

    Would be interesting if half of the baby boomers (the worst meat eaters) cut back 50% their weekly meat, simply by eating more veggies.

    My theory is that it tastes too good, meat, and the baby boomers, with more money, and who gives a damn attitude, now eat a 12oz charbroiled steak w/baked potato, and the baked potato is hardly pecked at.
    Plus the wings entrée instead of a salad.

    Be more eco-conscious today.

  2. tallwookie says:

    #1 – stop smoking crack.

    HEY!! Are you *trying* to sow dissent in the ranks?!! Eating lots and lots of meat is the American way. Sure its wasteful, but thats who we are – and aint no one gonna change it… dont like it? move to a vegan-only country…. Like England, I hear their food is horrible, might be just the perfect fit for ya.

    And the cruelty angle? hah! plants can feel pain too, but because they arent truely mobile & dont have eyes and feet, or make audible noises when you slaughter them, you greens just ASSUME that its soooooo much better to eat plants.

    Go play in moving traffic and let the rest of us enjoy a happy turkey day.

  3. Mark Derail says:

    #2, nope !

    Here in Canada we already had our Thanksgiving.

    #2 You need a brain to feel pain….I think I’m unto something here…

  4. tallwookie says:

    #3 – canadians dont count… not until we absorb you and rape your country anyway.

    #3 – believe what you will.

  5. Jefthro says:

    Don’t let that moron speak for all canadians. And not only did we already have our thanksgiving, but our first one was like 80 years before the first american one – way to go stealing our tradition and claiming it as your own ;-). I eat lots of everything – who can resist potatoes and gravy, stuffing, pie, etc.

  6. McCullough says:

    I got a good laugh out of this one UD. As for #1, dont rain on my T’giving day parade.

  7. @#1: By all accepted scientific findings we, the Humans developed as the specific and intelligent species due to our ability to get and eat MORE meat. All vegetarian humanoids are extinct, as yet another clear scientific record. Hence, if one wants to follow the feeding strategy that have been proven as a failure, it is his right to be less intelligent and on the path to the extinction.
    I chose juicy turkey with some yummy pork rinds on the side.

  8. Mark Derail says:

    Which is why you need to be eco-conscious with your meat sources.

    Those On Sale Pork Chops at 0.89/lb?

    You Are What They Ate, think on that.

    #7, way back when, oh three decades ago, pigs raised for meat were well treated, ate good food, and Small Farm America existed.

    So since I like ALL OF YOU and want to continue having meaningful replies, think of what you buy.
    Where is it from? How was it raised? What did that animal eat?

    Encourage the small farms and your local butcher shop, that can actually prove to you where that beef/pork/chicken came from.

    Nowhere in my posts did I state I was against you guys, I never said not to eat meat.
    To practice moderation.

    It took me years to cut by 95% my meat intake.

    I just asked you to be 25% of your plate.

    You meatavores are such a sensitive lot. 🙂

  9. Joshua says:

    #5….actually our first Thanksgiving was in the late 1600’s….no one lived in Canada then except some Indians.

    I agree with you about reducing portion’s of meat Mark. But your way off on the healthfulness of todays meat versus 40 year’s ago. Pork then was much fatter and bad for your heart, now it’s so damn lean it’s like it was cooked to death. Beef, generally is healthier as well, much less fat than back then. The bad part is that these meat’s being leaner are less tasty.


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