Talk about perverse and creepy

Cloned cats glow red in the dark – Cat’s eyes are no longer the only things about them that glow in the dark, after scientists cloned a fluorescent feline.
South Korean Kong Il-Keun’s team cloned cats after modifying a gene to change their skin colour.
The two Turkish Angora cats now glow red when exposed to ultraviolet light. The scientists believe the process could be used to develop treatments for human genetic diseases and could help reproduce rare animals.
To clone the cats, Kong’s team used skin cells of the mother cat. They modified its genes to make them fluorescent by using a virus, which was transplanted into the ova. The ova were then implanted into the womb of the donor cat. Four kittens were born but two died during the caesarean section.

  1. Eden says:

    Verrrrryy interesting to say the least! Now I want my kitties to glow! lol. It is great to know that because of this research they may be able to help with some genetic diseases in humans as well as animals, and even keep animals from going extinct; but if it’s only going to happen by cloning animal after animal, they’re going to run into the problem of cellular breakdown and the fact they nature may have selected them for extinction. This could cause more diseases in the animals or even cause the current one to become stronger; that or as I was saying, the DNA could break down and we’d only be getting parts of animals.

    So I’m for the testing on finding genetic cures for humans….if the disease of the animal wouldn’t carry over to the human, but not so sure about cloning the animals. As I recall, cloning causes sterilization in them, so it’s only prolonging the inevitable.

  2. Improbus says:

    If I am going to pay an outrageous amount money for a cat I would rather have one of the new hypoallergenic cats. Getting a glow in the dark cat is just silly.

  3. tcc3 says:

    Hey this can be the plot twist in then next Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

    When it comes down to it this is useful. Cats like to lounge on the floor on the dark and then wonder why you step on them. Humans cant see when its this dark, cat!

  4. Phillep says:

    “DISCO CAT”!

    heheh, That’s weird. Too bad they publicised it, imagine how you could freak friends “under the influence”.

    Now to move the glow from the skin to the fur.

    Hmmm, “glow in the dark fox/coyote fur coat”?

  5. eyeofthetiger says:

    Cats are supreme hunters. This is just sad.

  6. Goldenhare22 says:

    Finally! A way to take some of their smug slink away…can’t trust those dang felines creepin’ round the dark, anyway. But seriously, What diseases? And what rare animals? Seems like something that would be more used in “the war against terror” on Unsuspecting fetus’s. Or to tell the “thems” from “us'”. Go back to school And learn something useful, Like some social skills. Or better yet responsability for the things that are already here. HA!, But seriously, GLOW IN THE DARK CAT? gives new meaning to sreaks -n- trails. Trip out, man! Groovy.

  7. Phillep says:

    Uh, Golden hare, I’m not sure what you are complaining about, but this was a “proof of concept” experiment to show that a genetically engineered cat could be cloned, not that the results of the experiment were expected to be of any use, this time.

    The usual genetic engineered clone test subjects are mice and there’s limitations on their utility.

  8. Improbus says:


    Best. Flash. Game. EVAR.

  9. A glowing pussy in the dark,,,hmmm
    This is why stem cell research is dangerous…

  10. Marilyn Manson says:

    I want that gene for my kids.

  11. Cinaedh says:

    #7 Jägermeister


    That kitten blowed up real good!

  12. Jägermeister says:


    The cat fling was awesome! 😀

    #9, #13

    Wonder if the next version will feature glow in the dark kittens…

  13. hhopper says:

    Hey guys, read the story. They only glow under ultraviolet light.

  14. gquaglia says:


  15. Angel H. Wong says:

    Does that mean the next 100 dollar bill with have cat blood as a counterfeit measure?

  16. Esteban says:

    And I thought the OLPC was a waste of money…

  17. ECA says:

    This goes with a comment in cage Match…

    CAN we do this with Bears, and can we feed them so the Scat glows in the dark…
    WE might prove that BEARS do S(P)IT in the forest.

  18. DrCox says:

    This really has absolutely no scientific relevance except for making neat looking cats. I do not really see why this make the from page of fox news and other sites.

  19. Brandon Bachman says:

    Ah, I got it.

    The newest way of body modification in the pre-fetal stage.

    Follow me on this. A punk rock man meets a fellow punk woman. They have lots of money. After they have sex, and make some sort of plan for their children, they discover that they could make their child glow in UV light.
    So, they look at the various chemical additives they could supply to the fetus, and they pick blue.

    The child gets “infected” with the poison of the parents’ picking, and they wait until the child is born.

    There could be an after-birth payment plan and an initial fee for inserting the virus, disease or whatnot inside the child, and hopefully it will be re-engineered so that the ONLY side-effect is a neat glow from the child’s skin.

    Think about it. We could be seeing the verge of a new industry. Probably a short-lived one, but… it just may happen.

    Then again, this may also be some convoluted theory I came up with in the dead of the night.

  20. Mister Catshit says:

    #19, ECA,

    Excellent idea, ha ha ha

    Only all the football stadiums would get out the black lights after Chicago played so see if there are any missing players.

  21. Mister Catshit says:

    #22, Bubba,

    Great idea. Do you think they could come out with a red and white striped paint?


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