Talk about perverse and creepy

Cloned cats glow red in the dark – Cat’s eyes are no longer the only things about them that glow in the dark, after scientists cloned a fluorescent feline.
South Korean Kong Il-Keun’s team cloned cats after modifying a gene to change their skin colour.
The two Turkish Angora cats now glow red when exposed to ultraviolet light. The scientists believe the process could be used to develop treatments for human genetic diseases and could help reproduce rare animals.
To clone the cats, Kong’s team used skin cells of the mother cat. They modified its genes to make them fluorescent by using a virus, which was transplanted into the ova. The ova were then implanted into the womb of the donor cat. Four kittens were born but two died during the caesarean section.

  1. Brandon Bachman says:

    Ah, I got it.

    The newest way of body modification in the pre-fetal stage.

    Follow me on this. A punk rock man meets a fellow punk woman. They have lots of money. After they have sex, and make some sort of plan for their children, they discover that they could make their child glow in UV light.
    So, they look at the various chemical additives they could supply to the fetus, and they pick blue.

    The child gets “infected” with the poison of the parents’ picking, and they wait until the child is born.

    There could be an after-birth payment plan and an initial fee for inserting the virus, disease or whatnot inside the child, and hopefully it will be re-engineered so that the ONLY side-effect is a neat glow from the child’s skin.

    Think about it. We could be seeing the verge of a new industry. Probably a short-lived one, but… it just may happen.

    Then again, this may also be some convoluted theory I came up with in the dead of the night.

  2. Mister Catshit says:

    #19, ECA,

    Excellent idea, ha ha ha

    Only all the football stadiums would get out the black lights after Chicago played so see if there are any missing players.

  3. Mister Catshit says:

    #22, Bubba,

    Great idea. Do you think they could come out with a red and white striped paint?