Rep. Nick Lampson, says that Federal Emergency Management Agency tried to control the outcome of a scientific study on formaldehyde in trailers used to house victims of Hurricane Katrina.

“Someone from one of the agencies, the CDC, came to our committee and reported that he had information that indicated that good science wasn’t followed when a decision was made to allow people to live in basically travel trailers that were not designed to be lived in,” said Lampson…

The committee recently obtained internal CDC e-mail which showed that “despite the efforts of CDC professionals to bring these health risks to the public’s attention, those concerns were thwarted by CDC leadership for roughly eight months,” Rep. Bennie Thompson said…

“Any and all allegations that FEMA ignored or manipulated formaldehyde-related research are unfounded and false. Such activities are completely contrary to our mission and our commitment to the victims of disaster,” said Carlos Castillo, FEMA’s assistant administrator for disaster assistance…

You’re doing a heck of a job, Carlos.

  1. j says:

    [Message deleted – Violation of Posting Guidelines. – ed.]

  2. GigG says:

    Just because “Someone” said it doesn’t make it true. I can find plenty of people that think Hillary had Vince Foster whacked and probably more than a few that think she did it herself.

    ” live in basically travel trailers that were not designed to be lived in”

    And what the hell does this mean. I’ve never noticed a warning notice that you should spend more than X nights in one of these things.

  3. j says:

    Oh pedro you silly goose.

  4. keane-o says:

    Someone else please explain to dunce #2 the details of building code exemptions for part-time use vehicles – like travel trailers – and a dwelling where a family gets to live for years.

  5. ECA says:

    “we did it BECAUSE??”

    They did WHAT on purpose?

  6. the answer says:

    We’re slashing our overhead cost, and giving the savings right to you!

  7. Angel H. Wong says:

    Those were some well preserved victims.

  8. BillM says:

    ….family gets to live for years.
    I thought these trailers were a place to live until they got their life back on track. Or is the government supposed to put their life back together for them, too?

  9. Phillep says:

    Formaldehyde is bad shit. I’d have trouble for a year after someone replaced the carpet or partitions somewhere in the building back when I was stuck in a cubicle farm, and someone was always replacing or remodeling, so I was sick most of the time.

    Also, most of the metal was painted with a paint using tung oil (“japan dryer”) (it activates viruses) and the new chairs contained both formaldehyde and tung oil.

    People who don’t have trouble just don’t believe how much a problem those two can be. Give me mold in the ventilators any time over those two.

  10. Lou Bix says:

    One thing after another with W’s team.

  11. eyeofthetiger says:

    Mold will kill humans faster.

  12. jlm says:

    government entity not doing a good job? NOW THATS NEWS!

  13. Li says:

    So, we;

    don’t provide aid at the critical moment, killing hundreds of people;
    ship people to the middle of nowhere to the fema camp;
    then put them behind a barbed wire fence in these formaldehyde trailers; then have only one bus into and out of town each day, preventing them from starting over in any way.

    What Hitler did to the Jews with malice, we are doing to these people with incompetence and CYA. There will be many tens of thousands more victims of Katrina down the road, due to the cancers caused by formaldehyde, and none of these people are going to get their lives together because the government is more concerned with keeping them separate from society than they are for getting their lives together, for some reason.

  14. Phillep says:

    Eye, not always. There must be thousands of species and strains of mold (and they are nearly impossible to tell apart without a lab).

    Some types of mold are close to harmless, others are a serious problem for the average person. Locals have little problem with the types of mold around here, in a rainforest.

  15. j says:


    Why was my post deleted? If you know anything about the show Red Dwarf you would know the term is not vulgar and in fact was a substitute word for just that purpose. They used it to replace all vulgar words so it wasn’t censored.


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