applefanboy.jpg I have no idea who this kid is or why this picture is being shopped all over the net, but there are elements of it that are disgusting since it is obvious that he has something of an erection in this outfit. I’m sure the story behind this picture will emerge eventually, but right now it is being passed around derisive email circles. Based on the wall outlet I believe this picture comes from Europe.

found by Aric Mackey

  1. joseph1949 says:

    [Message deleted – Violation of Posting Guidelines. – ed.]

  2. Bob Moore says:

    1] John, if you find this disgusting, why are you posting it?

    2] Why do you find an erection disgusting? Most of us feel that an erection is good, or exciting, or normal.

  3. Angel H. Wong says:


    He lives in SF *grin*

  4. the rooney'o says:

    Do we really need this kind of post… me thinks not!!!

  5. TIHZ_HO says:

    #37 the rooney’o

    Did you see the link in #24?


  6. TIHZ_HO says:

    Pedro LOL! 😆

    Maybe that’s what comes in the box as a free gift from Apple.


  7. Chief Twitter says:

    Lucky the picture of me in the leotard has been deleted forever.


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