An Israeli MP has blamed parliament’s tolerance of gays for earthquakes that have rocked the Holy Land recently.

Shlomo Benizri, of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Shas Party, said the tremors had been caused by lawmaking that gave “legitimacy to sodomy”.

Israel decriminalised homosexuality in 1988 and has since passed several laws recognising gay rights.

Two earthquakes shook the region last week and a further four struck in November and December…

He called on lawmakers to stop “passing legislation on how to encourage homosexual activity in the state of Israel, which anyway brings about earthquakes”.

His sentence construction reminds me of good old Senator Ted in Alaska. Or what’s-is-name in the White House.

  1. eaze says:

    Maybe its God tryna shake those Jews outta Palestine.

  2. JPV says:

    [Comment deleted – Violation of Posting Guidelines. – ed.]

  3. bp says:

    tis true!

    you can’t spell earthquake with out the word ‘queer’


  4. Dallas says:

    Robertson also said the widespread practice of homosexuality “will bring about terrorist bombs, it’ll bring earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor.”

    Israel sits on TWO fault lines and us gays did not put them there. It is not our fault (pun intended)

  5. Improbus says:

    Who knew that Fred Phelps had a Jewish brother?

  6. julieb says:

    It’s not the gays that cause earthquakes, it’s their disco music!

    But seriously, it’s another case of how religion creeps in and poisons peoples minds.

  7. the Three-Headed Cat™ says:


    I wonder if anyone is gonna take the time to point out to this Brainiac:

    – All the countries which also tolerate gays, yet lack earthquakes, and

    – all those which DON’T tolerate gays, yet have quakes anyway?

  8. bobbo says:

    Just read how some group has donated $4Million to study why/how man becomes religious.

    I’d kinda like to know if as #8 says “religion creeps in and poisons peoples minds” or if as I suspect its more like “people with poisonous minds are attracted to religion—and then yes it gets shaped to that religious flavor.”

    Still, there is much wisdom to that saying that religion is good for good people and bad for bad people.

    Would violence/hatred really be reduced if religion fell from favor or would it only be replaced by some other issue(s)? — probably racial or geographic?

  9. John Paradox says:

    Did the earth move for you?


  10. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    It’s so comforting to know that in an age of vast scientifically accumulated knowledge, some people can still find a little extra room in their minds for superstition. I’m guessing that Benizri is a Pisces, although I can’t rule out Capricorn 😉

  11. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    oy gay

  12. JimD says:

    I guess the Ultra-Orthodox Jews are ignorant of this new science called GEOLOGY !!! If it is not in the Talmud, they haven’t read it !!!

  13. morram says:

    Aren’t most jews gay or do they just acting like it?
    Heck I always thought the Jesus and his thirteen Boys was one of the first gay jew boy bands.

  14. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    #15 Mister Uncle Ben, that’s very perceptive, although I dismissed the admittedly appalling lack of proof because it’s common knowledge that homosexuality is the cause of fire and brimstone, not earthquakes!

    We don’t need no stinking study! 😉

  15. MrBloedumpSpladderschitt says:

    #15, 17 – Ya know, you guys have given me a great idea. If I were to write up a grant proposal to study how gay caused earthquakes increase global warming, I bet I could get some funding….

  16. ECA says:

    Can I Blame it on:
    Religious Zealots

  17. Ron Larson says:

    Awwww… Israel’s own little Pat Robertson.


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