The gov and Mrs. gov

I think it’s safe to say that Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana doesn’t like Real ID, a backdoor way for the government to impose and create a national ID card (with RFID chip which an unauthorized, knowledgeable techie can read) by requiring extensive documentation before you can get a drivers license. Here’s an interesting site devoted to the anti-side of the issue. And here’s what security expert Bruce Schneier thinks of the idea.

LISTEN to the governor explain why he thinks the Feds can shove their Real ID where… Well, you know where. I like this guy’s style!

Homeland Security, on the other hand, considers Real ID to be “pro-consumer.”

  1. Balbas says:

    If Obama wins election, might he Executive Order all this nonsense off the books?

  2. Bob says:

    The funny thing is tht ith the exception of the RFID this exists already. When on patrol we can already search out ID data with in car computers from almost any state. If you are paranoid about the national ID program why aren’t you paranoid about this system that already exists?

  3. Thomas says:

    It appears that you are making two different arguments with respect to the Real ID Act. The first relates to situations in which a person is required to show identification such as boarding an airplane. The second relates to the quality of the identification you present when requested. Only the later item really relates to the Real ID Act. The former item is a discussion that can be made regardless of the quality of identification cards or any standards with respect to that quality.

    Should you be required to show identification to board a plane? Certainly, history would suggest that the requirement is not unusual. For example, it has always been the case that passengers were required to show identification to fly internationally. In Europe, where international travel is common, showing identification to board aircraft has been common place since the inception of air travel.

    Your last paragraph actually makes an argument for the Real ID act. The problem is that there are situations where a person is required to prove they are who they say they are. Until now, some States such as CA and NY took the problem seriously and made efforts to prevent duplication of identification cards and driver’s licenses. Some States did not. The effect is that people would dupe licenses from these inept States and use them to subvert identification requirements (e.g. say the age for buying alcohol..or so I hear ;->) in States where the identification cards were harder to duplicate.

  4. Brett says:

    1984 all over again.

    And i can’t believe there are still people saying stuff like “oh damn you conspiracy nuts tinfoil hat wearing loons…”

  5. Reader11722 says:

    [Comment deleted - Violation of Posting Guidelines. - ed.]

  6. OmarTheAlien says:

    I think it’s anal retentive to the max to even want to track every single person on the planet. Some of us kinda sorta need to stay under the radar, and with the spin freaks in control any little thing on a record can be demonized and used to persecute an individual. Think glory hungry DA’s, reporters, politicians, etc.

  7. ECA says:


    The Gov, wants ALL the states to STANDARDIZE what IS ID. but it wont happen.
    States with international Tourism and Flights MIGHT get it, but NOT IDAHO, IOWA, and many others.

    the only way i can see it happening…AND it probably WILL, and HAS already started to BE DONE.
    Is to link you to a CARD, that ALSO is a credit debit card. You may be able to get AWAY from the gov and HIDE, but, credit corps will FIND you…

  8. TThor says:

    Gee…. for once, a smart politician – on this issue at least. he makes a lot of sense. What is it that the Homeland Security people don’t understand? the keep stepping into one mess after anther….

  9. BubbaRay says:

    What no one seems to realize is that almost all of the 9/11 terrorists would have qualified for this ID. Wow. That’s a big deterrent to terrorism. NOT!!

  10. MikeN says:

    This Real ID act is primarily passed not to deal with terrorism, but to deal with illegal immigration. I thought you guys were opposed to that. Having to show more documents makes it harder for illegals to sign up for a driver’s license. It also makes it harder for everyone else to sign up. It’s the illegal immigration issue that put it over the top. Chairman Sensenbrenner had to pull Real ID when he wanted it included with the intelligence bill, but got an agreement for a standalone vote.

  11. Thomas says:

    The Gov, wants ALL the states to STANDARDIZE what IS ID. but it wont happen.
    States with international Tourism and Flights MIGHT get it, but NOT IDAHO, IOWA, and many others.

    Indeed that is the point. If the Iowa government puts out licenses which are easy to dupe, then it makes it easy to subvert any State’s ID system since every State must recognize and accept Iowa’s IDs.

  12. Big M says:

    Every state legislature should tell the feds to go fuck themselves. There is no constitutional authority for any of this crap — PATRIOT Act, Military Tribunals Act, Real ID, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

    In fact, if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, the Constitution is legally binding on nobody in this country, which means that the entire federal apparatus is illegitimate. Think I’m nuts? Read No Treason — The Constitution of No Authority by Lysander Spooner. It’s time that everybody in this country realized that they are dealing with the Mafia on steroids when it comes to the federal government, and that nobody needs their system of “protection,” and that in fact, this country doesn’t need a federal government.

    If you woke up tomorrow and discovered that every person in DC had been shoved into a space capsule and shot into the Sun, what would you do? Would you wring your hands and sob, “Who’s going to tax and regulate me to death? Who’s going to throw all of my civil liberties into the shitter, under the pretense of some phony War OF Terror?”

    Or would you, like me, hope to God that there was at least one liquor store in a 50-mile radius that hadn’t run out of champagne?

    Sic semper tyrannis!!

  13. Sweamer says:

    Welcome to the ussa. Perhaps you americans might want to start waking up and taking your country back, otherwise one day it will be too late. Assuming it`s not too late already.

  14. karlkat says:

    Ya’ know there are two types of airports located in the united states.Private and then there are those that are owned by the Federal Government,locared on property ceded by the states, to the Federal Government. Take a look.
    49 CFR
    § 40110. General procurement authority
    (a) General.— In carrying out this part, the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration—
    (1) to the extent that amounts are available for obligation, may acquire services or, by condemnation or otherwise, an interest in property, including an interest in airspace immediately adjacent to and needed for airports and other air navigation facilities owned by the United States Government and operated by the Administrator;
    It’s only at these airports that the new identification will be required,and then only for newly admitted aliens, and federal employees.
    Soooo, all of Chertoff’s talk is a bluff.

  15. lucidologist says:

    The Government knows whats right for you. Go to bed America, nothing to see here.

  16. JOB ONE of 9/11 was Enemy Creation.

    JOB TWO of 9/11 was Homeland Creation.

  17. Princess says:

    There’s really a lot of information to be known. The Real ID is the precursor to many things, and really, if we don’t speak up now and honestly realize how this will affect us, movies like Enemy of the State will become reality. I know some of this already “in place,” if you will, but having Real ID just makes it all the easier to “flip the switch.” I’m sure many of you right now think–like my husband thought–”not in my lifetime.” But until I started showing him documentation of what the government has done over the last decade/century, he wouldn’t have believed it. Besides that, this is also the start of the dissolution of the states… which is the precursor for the dissolution of the United States, in order to for a more perfect union of North America… which is the precursor for the Global Community (A.K.A. NWO). There’s even discussion about including your financial information with Real ID/Verichip(RFID). For those of you who think this is nothing and it’s not true, do your homework! There are companies already requiring Verichip and 60 hospitals have volunteer to insert the Verichip. BTW, guess who’s developing the programs for Real ID and the Verichip(RFID)??? The same company that invented the Hollerith, the machine that identified Jews for the Holocaust in WWII!!!!!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!