1. jake says:

    Honest John,

    It seems like every post you put up these days is critical of democrats or progressives. Why not post a few critical things about republicans and McCain?

    Oh wait, is it that you can’t find anything critical about republicans and McCain?

    You know, this blog was so much better when you left the politics out of it. Everyone else who posts here adds something interesting. But your posts are just the same thing over and over and over again…..

    Go ahead and delete this comment after you’ve finished reading it. You’re such a weak little man who can’t ever take criticism. Just like most conservatives. What a shame.

  2. Bags4112 says:

    So… no one has ever said anything stupid on video? Does doing this make it impossible for Biden to do a great job that he’s been called upon to do? He’s a politician. What has he done to make him any worse than your senator? I am Canadian, and just an observer, so bring the…

    “#30 ………” comments on.

    Hell, I’m sure Dvorak has made comments he “embellished” and/or regrets. I do it daily. And I’m sure you have too.

    Bring it on.

    I have a much higher I.Q. than you.

  3. #30 – Mr. Green Jeans

    >>but it is certainly more than you seem
    >>to want to make it out to be.

    No one is minimizing the sacrifice that McBush made for his country.

    Does this qualify him to be POTUS, any more than the other hundreds of thousands of Americans who put themselves at the same risk, either because of the draft or voluntary enlistment? I think not.

    Sure, the guy’s not a chickenhawk like Dumbya, but “I’m not a coward” doesn’t really cut the mustard as a campaign slogan.

    The real question is “Do we want four more years of this”?

    It’s up to you to answer.

  4. orangedog says:

    #3 Jim

    Instead of telling us to leave the country, how about you man-up and try making some of us leave yourself?

  5. BillM says:

    Mr. Mustard
    Other than his mantra “Yes we can….” what does Barack H. Obama (I know how you hate when we use his middle name) bring to the table? Just what in his long stellar career qualifies him to be POTUS?

  6. #35 – M., Bill

    He brings a new honesty, integrity, and ability to the White House. Are you seriously suggesting that McBush would be even an acceptable (with lowered standards) POTUS?

    And hey. Feel free to use his middle name. The redneck bumf*cks who would be affected by that weren’t going to vote for him in the first place. Heck, he’s a knee-grow!!

    #31 – Jake

    >>But your posts are just the same thing
    >>over and over and over again…..

    What Jake said.

    As I said, Mr. C. Dvorak has a hardon for Obama. Any swiftboating nonsense that hits the internet, he’s all over it like stink on sh|t.

  7. Brock says:

    Isn’t Biden the guy who had plagerism of speeches down to a science. Wasn’t he shamed into dropping out of the presidential race?

    The tape looks 30 years old and from what I’ve seen on c-span lately, the years haven’t made him any less arrogant.

    Looks like the big “change” mandate, was nothing more than an paint job on a rehashed agenda of we are smarter than you. The problem is the do-nothing congress of 2008, swinging with the breeze of popular opinion, sounds good, but can’t deliver, just as it now appears BO and JB will be doing. So this is America in the 21st century. Embarassing.

  8. Hempman says:

    Having known Mr. Biden before his entry into politics, I can say that i know him as an intelligent man. A real big asshat, but a smart one. All that means is that he can rationalize his being an asshat, while McCain just is one, but does not know why.

    It is terrible reflection on how sad the state of America that every election has been reduced to the insignificant differences between a Beelzebub Obama and a Satan McCain.

  9. Sea Lawyer says:

    #31, 36

    Aww, does it make you sad to realize that not everybody is tripping over themselves in praise and support for Obama? Don’t worry though, at least Dvorak is wise enough to include numerous contributors here who represent many different points on the political yard stick.

  10. #38 – Pot Boy

    Try and minimize the differences as you may, the differences between President Obama and the “Old White Guy” are starker than the differences between day and night.

    Obama will take us to the dawning of a new age. McBush will drag us down into the pond scum that we’ve been swimming in for the past 8 years.

    I know it’s tempting to vote for someone to continue the Iraq debacle who is not a chickenhawk.

    Sadly, that’s not going to work.

  11. GregAllen says:

    >> The Pirate said,
    >> There is no choice.
    >> Vote no, they got to go!

    You can NOT vote but how do you vote “no” in a general election?

    I’m curious, who DO you support?

  12. GregAllen says:

    >> Paddy-O said,
    >> The guy can sure babble on about nothing… Good match for Obama.

    It’s McCain’s speeches that strike me as totally empty.

    For example, he wants to “surge the economy.”

    What the heck does THAT mean? He never said in the speech I heard. No details, whatsoever.

  13. Bob says:

    #40, Who is this McBush person you keep referring to? Is he related to the McDonald’s family somehow. Or maybe, its not a person but a company, perhaps you have some info about a merger between McDonald’s and Anheuser-Busch, with the new company becoming McBush. If so I really need to check my stocks, it might be time to invest in McDonald’s, Beer in a fast food store sounds like a winner to me.

    I guess you could be talking about McCain, but I know someone of your high intelligence wouldn’t be so stupid that you couldn’t even remember McCains’s name. Then again, I know liberals get confused by people if they are not in different interest groups, but somehow I don’t think that’s it.

    It could be a case that you are trying to make McCain and Bush sound like the same person, despite how many times they have disagreed on policy, then again that would be uninformed and petty, and I am sure an enlightened liberal like yourself would never fall prey to such childish behavior, would you?

  14. Greg Allen says:

    Is John nursing some sort of grudge against Biden?

    Dredging up a 20 year old video seems scrambly.

  15. Greg Allen says:

    >> Sea Lawyer said,
    >> Aww, does it make you sad to realize that not everybody is tripping over themselves in praise and support for Obama? Don’t worry though, at least Dvorak is wise enough…

    What media are YOU watching? Did you miss the month-long hammering of Obama for a sermon he never even preached?

    Or that hammering he’s getting now for a scandal he didn’t even do?

    Or the hammering he’s getting for a 60s radical group he didn’t even belonged to?

    Or the hammering he’s getting for the “black supremacism” he doesn’t even believe in?

    It’s McCain who makes screw-up after screw-up that the media gives him a pass on.

  16. bill says:

    WIll we get what we ‘DESERVE’ ?
    Probably! Ha!

    I’m still undecided.. we (me) shall wait and see what mayhem transpires in the next few months!


  17. Likes2LOL says:

    #23 – I don’t really care if somebody brags about being smart, I just want it to be true that the winning candidate is smart!

    In actuality, the electorate favors personality over intelligence. In the mid-1990s there was an article in Mensa magazine about a retrospective analysis done by a group of psychologists to determine their best-guess estimates of the IQs of all past presidents. It was judged that Americans did not elect presidents that were especially smart, and that the optimal IQ of a candidate was only 119.

    Judge for yourself what that portends for the 2008 election. 🙂

  18. eddie says:

    John, unless he called it off, bet several months ago McCain would win. I do not recall him saying he wanted McCain to win. Thinking something will happen does not mean you want it to happen. You gota admit the dems are best at eating there own. And they will do every thing they can to lose this election. O and I have a high IQ and a bunch of degrees so I am right. ;>)

  19. Cursor_ says:

    “Obama will take us to the dawning of a new age. McBush will drag us down into the pond scum that we’ve been swimming in for the past 8 years.”


    Neither side can bring change. They are the status quo.

    We need revolution, not election to change.

    Plutocrats will not change a plutocracy.

    Wake up.


  20. MikeN says:

    So now we have two candidates that copy their speeches.

  21. MikeN says:

    But he doesn’t claim to be articulate.

  22. MikeN says:

    So now we have a candidate who runs against 8 years of bad judgment and personality failures of the previous administration, claims to be the one who could transcend partisan differences in Washington, faces concerns about his misspent youth, is believed to have done hard drugs, and picks a vice president to reassure voters about experience on the ticket and foreign policy gravitas.

    Let’s call him Barack Dubya Obama

  23. #50 –

    >>We need revolution, not election to change.

    Oh, now THERE’S a practical suggestion. Perhaps we should find someone to channel Abbie Hoffman?

  24. Lou Minatti says:

    [Comment deleted – Violation of Posting Guidelines. – ed.]

  25. #55 – Mr. Minatti

    Makes no nevermind. The fact remains, Mr. C. Dvorak has a hardon for Obama. Any opportunity to get in a below-the-belt punch to Obie, he’s all over it like stink on sh|t.

  26. Paddy-O says:

    #56 – “Any opportunity to get in a below-the-belt punch to Obie,”

    Where are the “below the belt” posts by JCV?

  27. #57 – O’Furniture

    >>Where are the “below the belt” posts by JCV?

    Who is JCV?

    For a below the belt post, look at “Bald Biden in 1988 Bragging About his 3 Academic Degrees and High IQ”.

    “Bald”? wtf?? And a 20-year-old video of Biden when he’s hot under the collar?


  28. geofgibson says:

    #40 – Mustard, “Obama will take us to the dawning of a new age. McBush will drag us down into the pond scum that we’ve been swimming in for the past 8 years.”

    Seriously, what does Obama have, other than dark skin, that could possibly be new?

    Healthcare=more government.
    Economy=higher taxes, more federal spending.
    Energy=”alternative,” talk about a stale, overused word.
    Class warfare, more welfare, pandering to One World Government European elites.

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen all this before, and way too much of it.

    So what does B.H.O have that is new?

    Oh, and make no mistake, I am NOT meaning to imply in any way that McCain has anything new either.

  29. geofgibson says:

    #60 – bobbo – “No==nothing new, just an unshackling and hopefully a swing towards the middle.”

    I agree except I think it’ll go too far Left, so I won’t support it.


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