THE ONLY successful Recording Industry Association of America conviction against a file-sharer will go to retrial despite the music industry’s best efforts.

The RIAA appealed an earlier decision to grant a retrial of the copyright infringement case against Jammie Thomas.
But the RIAA really does not want another trial, particularly if the Judge is going to tell the jury that making a copyrighted file available is not infringement. The RIAA has already admitted that proving that songs have been downloaded from services like Kazaa is nearly impossible.

The music industry stands to lose countless cases if it loses this particularly high profile one.

  1. TVAddict says:

    ha ha ha! Die bloodsuckers die!

  2. jd7 says:

    hahaha! payback can be painful.

  3. DhanuShan says:

    Music to my ears! :o)

  4. Mr. Fusion says:

    Is The RIAA’s Record About To Be Smashed To Bits?

    We can only hope.

    I don’t have a problem with an owner trying to retain possession and control of their property. The RIAA has gone too far past this point though to legitimately claim they are doing it for the artists, producers, engineers, and writers.

  5. soundwash says:

    YES!! music to my ears indeed..

    -these bastards fudged the piracy data back in 2003-4 or so claiming 45% loses to get congress to get laws rammed through to start the fiasco in the first place..

    -then after the laws went through, admitted to a calculating error stating that it was only 10%-15% losses, as well as not disclosing with clarity, the methods which they used to get the numbers in the first place..

    dig through archives for all the news blurbs..

    whatever organization is funding the legal counsel against the RIAA should provide a donate button.. i’d throw’em a few bucks to see this elephant put down..


  6. Mark Derail says:

    Full 360 contract with music artists is the way to go.

    Not just with music, but it should happen with movies and TV shows.

    Produce with the Web, not against it.

    Proof: more people BitTorrent “Heroes” and “Dexter” than actually watch it on TV.
    If it was released to the web, say 24 hrs later, in full HD and some commercials, using website legally, people would actually use it.

    Going through multiple torrent sites, like or, with weird naming conventions, AVI not always available, etc.

    Get it from a reputable source, fast download, HD, and I won’t mind commercials!

    Imagine having Toyota or Honda sponsering a TV show for a complete season.
    “This HD torrent brought to you by…”

    Personally I hate HULU, because I can’t use it here in Canada. Or watch The Daily Show / Colbert Report. The Canadian site does a horrible popup in 320×200 pixels.

  7. GetSmart says:

    Artists should get paid for their work. Distributors should make a small profit off distributing their work. Artist’s grand kids shouldn’t still be getting paid unless grandpaw was savvy enough to make good investments with his dough and leave to his posterity versus shoving it up his nose. And it sure as hell should not interfere with what is essentially the new printing press, soapbox, postal system, communication and purveyor of a global first amendment right of everyone else on the #&%@?*!! planet.

  8. John E. Quantum says:

    Really idiotic artist abusers
    Rectally insert another album
    Reason is also abandoned
    Right. I’m also aggravated.

  9. Glenn E. says:

    “The music industry stands to lose countless cases if it loses this particularly high profile one.”

    Well if huge profits are at stake, then of course the peoples’ rights must be trampled. It only makes sense if you live in a corporate kiss-up nation such as the US. Corporate rights always out-trump individual rights, because the lobbying dollars are just to overwhelming for any elected politicians to ignore. What do you think they are, anyway? SAINTS?! Those measly automatic 3% pay raises aren’t enough of an incentive for them to think about sticking up for you or me. It takes millions of “get reelected” dollars, to
    grab their attention. What we need is a trillion dollar taxpayer funded lobbyist firm to out power all the rest. If that make any sense. Or just shoot all the other lobbyists.
    Obviously, I’m being satirical.

    Ya know, patents have a life limit (it use to be only one year!). And copyrights, ought to have a limit too, that’s NOT decades long, and renewable at every whim. Art become part of our collective culture, after a time. And keeping a restrictive copyright, on our culture is like living under some commercial dictatorship. Forms of expression can be suppressed, without any justifiable, unconstitutional, reasons. Other than it now violates the copyright holders’ wishes. Well excuse the holy crap out of me for want to say something that treads on some dumbasses song!!!

    If they didn’t want to become part of our culture, they shouldn’t have published it so openly, from the beginning. It should have come of stated restrictions, like… The song you are about to hear is protected from use by anyone other than the right holder. Yeah, that would really put a buzz-kill on hearing the Star Wars theme in the Malls at Christmas time.

    Let’s face it, the corporations that really own all this junk, have enjoyed all kinds of free (taxpayer paid) protection from theft and transgression. But they shouldn’t expect it to be a permanently granted protection. And the people should expect to get something in return. Like this stuff failing into the public domain, within a generation (NOT AFTER THREE!!). There are statutes of limitations on everything else you or I might contest. Put apparently, if you’re wealthy enough you can bribe Congress and the world governments to look out for your stuff forever more.

  10. Stu says:

    Industry groups (RIAA and similar) have taught the public and legislators their twisted version of copyright and patent law.
    Unless there is a thorough and ever ongoing effort to (re)educate the public, any legal victories will be temporary.

  11. sargasso says:

    Overlooked point, the RIAA are an international organization which lobbies foreign governments and where necessary threatens US trade sanctions and trade embargoes against tiny, defenseless economies. When the USA is “tearing it a new one”, it thrives in foreign jurisdictions. In New Zealand and Australia, it’s influence permeates all levels of academia, government and commerce.

  12. MikeN says:

    Wow love your song. What do you mean I have to pay for it?


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