I do not expect this to remain up for long.

Found by Bruce Lee.

  1. Paul not Saul says:

    Hmmm…where’d you find this?

  2. Greg Allen says:

    When you vaccinate 45 million people, there will be break-outs of number of disorders at any given time. More than a few die. This happens when they DON’T vaccinate, too.

    This happens every time India does a vaccination campaign. For example, they give out a few million polio drops and, of course, a few thousand people immediately get sick or die. Naturally, they blame the polio drops and attack public health officials in the press.

    Ironically, nobody gets blamed for polio.

  3. Will says:

    Wow, just, wow. No swine flue vaccine for me!

  4. The Outlaw says:

    “Get the flu shot comrades” I said sarcastically. Take a shot that’s only been tested…oh wait it hasn’t. Don’t be fooled by needing the shot you don’t need it.

  5. navgate says:

    Did anybody notice In the first clip when the doctor is injecting people with the same needle gun. Aww.. ignorance is bliss.

  6. Nom de Guerre says:

    #3 and #4 before you jump to an immediate decision, consider that it’s not as straightforward as that.

    NY Times article on Guillain-Barré

    and a more scientific view

  7. andrewj says:

    If I gain a lot of weight I might get the shot.

  8. Alex says:

    You guys got it all wrong, you need to scam the system. Take out a huge insurance policy covering all this stuff…then take the swine flu shot. Your family will live in luxury the rest of their lives (even though you get crippled).

  9. Abe Vigoda says:

    I’m sure glad the government and the butt-covering politicians have my individual interests and protection in mind. Give me more government, now! Thank God for Obama, he’ll save us.

  10. Shot today says:

    Shoot up the very virus you don’t want to catch up in your veins so that you are protected from it. Yea sure that makes a lot of sense. How can people be so stupid. Hitler did this kind of crap. How about go crash your car into a light pole in order to protect your self from car crashes. Hit yourself in the head to protect yourself from hits. Shoot up viruses in your veins, what a concept. Don’t even start with me on “they don’t use live virus”, all viruses are not-living already.

  11. Stars & Bars says:

    Here is the full interview in one piece.
    CBS “60 MINUTES” segment regarding The Swine Flu epidemic of 1976 in the U.S. It aired once.

    Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda


    Post # 78 http://tinyurl.com/llxjyj

  12. Stars & Bars says:

    Vaccines, The Benefits, The Risk, The Choices
    by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny


  13. Stars & Bars says:

    Vaccines are not safe nor are they effective.

    They are not the reason disease rates are low today.

    The assumptions upon which immunization theory and practice are based are unproved or have been proven false in their application

    Dangers of childhood diseases are greatly exaggerated in order to scare parents into compliance with a questionable but highly profitable procedure.

    The polio vaccine temporarily reversed disease declines that were underway before the vaccine was introduced; this fact was deliberately covered up by health authorities. In Europe, polio declined in countries that both embraced and rejected the vaccine.

    The long term adverse effects of vaccinations have been ignored in spite of compelling correlations with many serious chronic conditions. Doctors can’t explain the dramatic rise in many of these diseases.


  14. Stars & Bars says:

    Are Vaccines Safe
    by Mary Tocco


  15. Stars & Bars says:

    Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries

    And why a global pandemic is only a matter of time


  16. sargasso says:

    An untested vaccine had ill effects in a small percentage of the population? Doctors swapped the tested vaccine strain with another one which had failed clinical trials? The CDC covered it’s butt and ran for federal protection? After all this, all I can say is how utterly hot, Mary Tyler Moore was in the 70’s.

  17. #5 that wasn’t a needle gun…it was a device they used to use when i was a kid..it was a very high pressure jet. If you accidentally pulled away from it the jet would rip up your arm. You had to make sure to lean into the thing.

  18. CrankyGrump says:

    None of you people have any idea what you’re talking about. None of you.

  19. Ah_Yea says:

    #9, game the system by buying stock in the company which makes the vaccine!

    The one thing the video didn’t address, which I would have found most interesting, is who made all the money.

    Here is how I bet it all happened.

    Someone gets sick with a new flu.

    Vaccine producer gets the ear of a politician, and politician raises the alarm that this could be the next pandemic.

    The Government purchases untold millions of shots from the vaccine producer.

    Vaccine producer therefore makes money. A lot of money.

    Politicians Political Action Committees receives a huge donation.

    And on it goes…

  20. hhopper says:

    I thought Bruce Lee was dead.

  21. gooddebate says:

    Please, please, please, please, please, please, Oh please put that guy or someone like him in charge of my healthcare so I don’t have to worry ever again!!!!

  22. nethound says:

    Didn’t we just see a story on Americans not understanding science?

    I usually get a flu shot, however it they try to make it mandatory I may object just on principle. I can make my own decisions about my health, thank you very much gov’ment.

  23. This_site_lies says:

    This was not ‘suppressed’ it aired on national TV in 1977.

  24. ECA says:

    everyone needs to be reminded of the past..
    About 1 time every 20 years.

  25. deowll says:

    #19 has it. We don’t know what we are talking about so it’s like politics. You pick somebody you trust and natural selection removes the losers who believed the wrong person.

    I take flue shots and haven’t had the flue in decades. There may not even be a connection.

  26. dcphill says:

    Do not get an inoculation unless it is personnaly prescribed by a person who is licensed to practice medicine. Be skeptical of assertions
    that this is for your own good. If your doctor
    can’t give you a straight answer about efficacy
    or adverse effects then seek advice from someone who is competent to first do no harm.
    Our government is not licensed to practice medicine!!

  27. poopsushi says:

    Oh yeah…this is also when they went ahead and introduced HIV in the United States as well.

  28. chuck says:

    In Canada there was an similar hysterical reaction from the government.

    Marc Lalonde, who as federal health minister in 1976 ordered some 10 million doses of vaccine.

    “Ah, mon Dieu, that was the time I threw away $10-million,”

  29. noname says:

    Some things just never change. They had butt-covering bureaucrats and politicians then too.

  30. JOe says:

    There was an illegal immigrant posing as a doctor in Houston 2 years ago and charged people 20 bucks for a “flu shot” that was water and sugar. He convinced a major company there that he could do the shots for it’s workers and they let him do it and he got busted. But since Houston is a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants….he disappeared with the money to Mexico after he posted “bond”. He made about $200,000 U.S. in a week and split.


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