I do not expect this to remain up for long.

Found by Bruce Lee.

  1. Timuchin says:

    Here’s a story by Salon about the Thimerasol they use in many vaccines including influenza:

  2. Brendal says:

    Excuse me whilst I take this chip out of the back of my neck…

  3. Rick Cain says:

    This doesn’t mean flu shots are bad, its just that corporations and governments are corrupt.

  4. kellstr says:

    I have no problem with getting flu shots. I am usually the first to recommend them to friends. But in this case the public was lied to about the vaccine given out. If there is a similar campaign for the current flu I will not get it.

  5. seriously? says:

    Can I just say that by buying into conspiracy theories and scare-mongering and doing the “trendy” thing by refusing to have your vaccines, it’s not only your own health (or your childrens) that you put at risk… The whole population suffers..
    In a way, it’s fair enough to play so fast and loose with your own health if you are so inclined, but when you’re risking the health of the population (and therefore the health of my children), it’s difficult to just roll my eyes and dismiss you..
    Number 11’s comment is just beyond comprehension in my eyes.. As difficult as it was to single out one exceedingly ill-informed comment to correct in that rant, I would just like to clarify one point.. Yes, viruses are non-living entities (in that they need a living host to reproduce).. The vaccines that are commercially available are either killed (meaning that they are rendered safe by inactivation) or simply consist of the important bits for immune recognition (meaning that there is no actual virus there)..
    In reply to Number 14, polio was on the decline anyway when the vaccine was introduced, due to better sanitation practices.. Being a disease which is transmitted by ingestion of sewage, as society evolved and sewage treatment got better, it naturally declined.. The polio vaccine has saved countless people from death and disfigurement..
    If vaccines are so dreadful for our health and completely ineffective, then why has there been a huge increase in cases of measles and mumps since people were terrified by the media’s portrayal of the MMR scare and started refusing their children the jab (the underlying “research”, by the way, was based on almost nothing… but that’s another rant altogether..)
    For everyone out there, I would tentatively suggest sourcing your information from peer-reviewed medical studies, rather than a celebrity, hearsay or a natural health newsletter… It’s the only way to get yourself fairly informed with no bias..
    Sometimes things don’t work, but independent researchers don’t lie.. If you are really concerned, learn something about evidence based medicine and critically appraise the studies yourself… Don’t listen to anyone uncritically; even me.. Find out for yourself and make your own informed choices…

  6. TwoToTheHead says:

    “Can I just say that by buying into conspiracy theories and scare-mongering”

    Yeah, because 60 Minutes has stayed on the air for 40 years pretty much by perpetuating ‘conspiracy therories’ and ‘scare-mongering.’

    Question Authority.

  7. wesuydam says:

    That whole segment of the show is available here. Unfortunately, the new swine flu vaccine(s) look to be as bad as the 1976 version. The new vaccines are just as hastily produced and contain thimerosal and risky, non-FDA-approved adjuvants.

    So it’s a crap shoot. If you don’t get the shot, you might get the flu and there’s a chance if you do that it will be severe, even fatal.

    If you do get the shot, all the above apply, plus the shot itself could cripple or kill you. I’ll take a chance with the flu, personally.


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