A 56-foot, 60-ton sperm whale died on a beach in Taiwan in January, 2004. Researchers wanted the carcass to perform an autopsy and for research, so they loaded the whale onto a tractor-trailer and set out through the city of Tainan, heading for the Shi-Tsau Natural Preserve. It took 13 hours, three cranes and 50 workers to get the whale loaded on the truck. Unfortunately, on the way through the city, gasses built up to a critical level in the whale and it exploded, spewing whale guts in the street, on the cars and over pedestrians. According to witnesses, the smell was pretty bad. Residents and shop owners put on masks and tried to clean up the mess.

Found by Dylan Newstead.

  1. Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection says:

    Tonight Special!
    Creme of Sum Yung Whale.
    Rearry good!

  2. That video in comment 6 is one of the funniest things I have ever seen and the reporter’s straight delivery is hysterical.

  3. Mr. Fusion says:

    Whale, the other white meat.

  4. Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection says:

    It looks like Alfredone had an accident in the pool.

  5. pecker says:

    The stuff on the road can’t possibly be its guts, it came out from a tear in it’s back. More likely to be blood-vessels IMHO.
    Sperm whales have large groups of blood-vessels around their spines to store oxygen for long dives. There are huge pools of blood and what looks like congealed blood. Also, diameter of tubes seems very small compared to size of creature.

  6. Timuchin says:

    I’ve laughed about this story occasionally for years! It’s always good.

    The other story is the teenager who tried to steal gas from a mobile home. Instead of sucking on the hose to get gas, he accidentally put the hose in the septic tank. See if you can find that one.

  7. Mr. Fusion says:

    #36, Timmy,

    he accidentally put the hose in the septic tank.

    Ya, those crazy Christians will suck on anything. Especially when the outlet on mobile home septic tanks slope downwards and have a valve and threaded pipe.

  8. BdgBill says:

    I have been to Taiwan…30 tons of rotten whale guts probaby did not change the smell of the neighborhood much.


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