Security expert Robert Siciliano does an interview with Fox News where he just makes up stuff about cookies being able to track all your online behavior. By the way, he calls himself an “identity theft expert”. Best quotes:

“These types of cookies, they actually track the computer user’s behaviours, what they like, what they dislike, what they buy, websites they visit. These types of cookies can record usernames and passwords […].”

“Cookies’ closest cousin is spyware. Cookies aren’t spyware, but they are very close.”

Cookies don’t do any of that. They can just store a small piece of text in your browser that identifies you when you are on that website. It serves for remembering passwords and stuff like that, and it certaintly can’t spy on you.

  1. b. brooklyn says:

    I’m not a cookie expert by any means. But that fact that it is so easy to track what a person is doing or has done online these days is kind of scary. I’d like to hear it from people who are confirmed government website experts. You can’t believe everything you read.


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